Council Sub Committees


Along with our usual council duties & meetings, we also have Sub-Committees for specific areas and activities within the Parish.



This committee comprises 6 members and we try to have at least 5 present each time. Members: Derek Luscombe, Kathy Waters, Steve Lean, Jane Combes, Maurice O'Gara

Reserves: Louis Gardner & Helen Curgenven

Village Hall


All things to do with the use and upkeep of the Village Hall.

Members: Steve Lean & Derek Luscombe


Recreation Field


All things relating to use and upkeep of the Recreation Field.

Members: Kath Waters, Derek Luscombe, Brian Killingbeck, Maurice O'Gara & Louis Gardner

Newquay Airport Committee

Patrick Lambshead

Police Liaison


Member: Andy Ormshaw

Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator


Member: To be confirmed if still required by the Police.


Trees, Countryside & Footpaths


Condtion and accessibility.

Members: Kath Waters & Jane Combes

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