Colan Council October Minutes 2019

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 30th October 2019


Those present:, Derek Luscombe, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Jane Combes, Suzanne Featherstone, Marc Dummett, Steve Lean, Maurice O’Gara, Cllr John Fitter

 Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the Chair.


  1. Police Report:

There were 15 crimes reported in Colan Parish during the period 25-09-19 to 25-10-19.There has been a burglary carried out during the day at a weekend and we were given good advice on how to protect ourselves from these criminals. The report is attached to these minutes.


  1. Public Speaking:

Tim Hall spoke regarding his application for planning permission at Trethiggey Crescent and asked the Council to reconsider its objections.He feels that the plot size is more that suitable to take this extension and he still has 2 parking spaces.The councillors were asked if they wish to reconsider, however it was agreed that Mr Hall would have to go through the usual channels to appeal the decision made by the Planning Department.

Jennifer Card spoke requesting the use of our car park at the recreation field for a conference being organised at Nansledan School next year.This would be used as overflow parking as they are expecting a high turnout for this conference.Agenda item no 22 has been allocated so that the Parish Council can discuss this further.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

Persimmon has now obtained quotes for the road improvement at the Goldings development and work should start within the next few weeks.

The Colan Boundary review will be discussed next Monday with a vote being taken in December.

A meeting has been held regarding traffic calming at Nansledan – the average reported speed was 31/32 mph, although some traffic was recorded at speeds of 38/39mph. The Police feel that there could be some improvement and will check again following the road improvement work currently underway.During this work there will also be a lay-by created for Police vehicles.

Cornwall Council has been briefed on the development of the Space port.

There have been some flooding issues at Treisaac which Cormac have now resolved.A bus stop has also been installed at the lay-by at Treisaac.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Any declarations of interest will be declared prior to discussion of any agenda item involved.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Kath Waters and Louis Gardner

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct and signed by Derek.


  1. Matters Arising:

Alistair McKenna is interested in joining the Parish Council – however he is unable to attend tonight due to family issues.


  1. Planning Applications:

PA19/07614 – Solar Panels at Tregoose – supported by all.


PA19/09303 – Extension to property at Willow Close – supported by all


  1. Action Group Against the Proposed Holiday Development at Bejowan:

No further action at present


  1. Devolution of Playing Field to Colan Parish Council:

The Parish Council would like to apply to for the devolution of this land to them, however it was discussed and decided to wait until the lease has been ratified before making an application.  The second phase has not started yet, so we have plenty of time to submit this application.


  1. Footpath adjacent to allotments

The accumulation of water at the railway end of this lane has now been resolved by the team from the Duchy.


  1. Accounts:

CWC – weedkilling throughout the Parish - £320.00 + VAT – Acceptance proposed by Pat, seconded by Maurice and approved by all

NMS – Strimming of fenced area - £120.00 – Acceptance proposed by Pat, seconded by Maurice and approved by all.

Jane Combes – WIX website cost £74.20 inc VAT – acceptance proposed by Maurice , seconded by Steve  and approved by all.  Jane was asked if she can arrange to have Colan Parish Council mentioned on the invoice in future.

PFK Littlejohn - Audit cost - £200.00 + VAT – Acceptance proposed by Brian, seconded by Steve and approved by all.  The cost of producing copies of the accounts should they be required was discussed and agreed to be set at £1.00 per copy.


  1. Recreation Field/Hedgecutting/Grass Cutting/Tennis Courts:

The new lease for the car park area of the recreation field has now been received from our Solicitor.  Derek will read through it to make sure all is ok, the Clerk will then respond to our Solicitor.

Colan Recreation Field account – the signatories have now been updated.  Derek suggested that we transfer the bulk of the money into the Parish Council account to cover the overspend created by the delay in receiving the grant for resurfacing the car park.   This would amount to £2000.00 – the remainder will be left in the account in case we need to apply for grants via this funding.  Brian proposed acceptance of this idea, this was seconded by Jane and supported by all.

We have received a letter from a resident of North Way who is concerned about the safety of the large fir trees on the edge of the recreation field.  Marc and Derek agreed to assess the situation and report back to the next meeting – with a quote for resolving the issue if necessary.


  1. Village Green Status:

Unfortunately Kath is unable to attend tonight, so this will be taken forward to the next meeting in November.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

Suzanne has spoken to Ali so that we keep the Goldings Estate involved in this.  Work is ongoing and she will report again at the next meeting.  It was suggested that maybe the Church could get involved with the plan, but the Parish Church Boundaries are not the same as the Parish Council so it was thought that this was not necessary.


  1. Governance Review:

Our final letter has now been submitted to the review team.  Councillors asked for a copy of this to be sent out to everyone – Suzanne agreed to send a copy out.

Our final letter stated that Colan Parish Council did not want any changes to the current boundaries.

We await the response from the Boundary Commission.


  1. Quintrell Downs Roundabout

We have had two offers from local businesses (Newquay Garden Centre and Dairyland) to maintain this roundabout.  NIB have been maintaining this for us since the Parish Council purchased the plants a few years ago.  The Clerk has written to NIB, but so far has not received a response.  Pat suggested contacting Barbara Hannan – he can provide contact details. The Clerk will chase up for next month.


  1. Lane from A392 Sunnyside

Our local Police representative has asked for this to be included in the agenda as there have been complaints from some residents.  Cllr Fitter stated that this is a tarmac bridleway which is acceptable for vehicular traffic so that residents can access their properties.  Cornwall Council has no responsibility for this lane.


  1. Grantscape funding:

The clerk is continuing to monitor the site for the new application forms.


  1. Parish Notice board:

Various options were handed out for the Councillors to look at.  Finally it was agreed to ask Bob Scott for a quote to supply the new notice board,  remove the old one and fit the new one.


  1. Website/Wifi/Website Accessibilty:

The router has still not been moved.  Jane is still trying to get a result from BT regarding our signal – hopefully we will have a response by the next meeting.  There is a new standard for website accessibility with which the Council will have to conform - the Clerk will print out and bring to the next meeting.


  1. Car Parking Area at the Recreation Field:

Following an appeal from Jennifer Card earlier in the meeting the Parish Councillors discussed allowing the use of the car parking area for additional parking for the conference to be held at Nansledan School.It would be on 14th February 2020 from 0830 to 1215hrs, then 1315 to 16.45 hrs.Pat said that there would have to be a notice apologising for the inconvenience, but apart from that did not see a problem.This was discussed further and all the Councillors agreed that this should be allowed.


  1. Letters/Notices:

Tour of Britain 2020 – Flyer received regarding this event which will be passing through our Parish. 

Bus stops – Should be some 106 money available from Cornwall Council for bus stop improvements, agenda item for next month as we should have further information by this date.

Poppy Appeal – letter received following our wreath order thanking us for our donation.


  1. Any Other Business

Brian mentioned the hedge cutting at Trevemper which has still not been done satisfactorily. Claire Stocker rang him, but was not very helpful.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 27th November at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 7/11/19

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