Colan Parish Minutes November 28th 2018

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 28th November 2018


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Pat Lambshead, Jane Combes , Maurice O’Gara, Kathy Waters, Brian Killingback,  Andy Ormshaw , Cllr John Fitter. Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

There were fourteen crimes reported in the Parish for the period 26/10/18 to 26/11/18. There are still reports of vehicle thefts – mainly when parked on home drives.We were reminded not to leave any valuable items in our vehicles. Some private and large building sites are being targeted for theft.

The report is attached to the minutes.


  1. Public Speaking:

Simon Wagemakers from Persimmon Homes gave us some information on the diversion of the public footpath on the Persimmon site stating that it will be a tarmacced road gated at both ends following a road safety assessment. Several comments were made by Councillors regarding this proposed diversion and the failure of Persimmon to carry out road safety work at the Morrison roundabout.This will be discussed further in agenda item 8 – Planning Applications.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John noted that the refuge has now been completed on East Road and is lit by solar panels.There is still an 8m pole to be erected to illuminate the whole area.Western Power is currently awaiting delivery of the pole.

In January Cornwall Councillors Dick Cole and Malcolm Brown are instigating a review of Parish Boundaries.Colan Council should be aware that Newquay Town Council may be making a bid to change to change the boundary between Newquay and Colan – Colan should be ready to offer a land swap so that they do not lose any CIL money due.John stated that Colan Council should be represented at the Network Area meetings otherwise they will lose their vote.

John suggested that Colan Council should reconsider putting a Neighbourhood Plan in place – this will increase any CIL payments due from 15% to 25%.There are consultants available to help with this.

It has been reported to John that the no. 90 Bus Route has been taken away and routes 91 & 21 both travel down East Road.This leaves South Road without any service.This will be discussed later in the agenda as the Council has received a letter from a Parishioner regarding this.

The tarmac has been cleared at the bus shelter at Mountjoy and the hedge is now cut at Trevemper.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

If there are any declarations the will be declared when the agenda item is discussed.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Steve Lean and Gareth Wright


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  1. Matters Arising:

Bus shelters – Although the maintenance and repairs will be carried out by Cornwall Council, the Parish Councillors have some reservations about the new bus shelters –they feel that the current one provides more protection and is less likely to be vandalised.  Derek voted to accept the new shelter but was overruled by the other Councillors.  Clerk to ask if the old bus shelter could be retained and the maintenance and real time information could be carried out on this instead of replacing it with a new shelter.


  1. Planning Applications:

PA18/100371 – Walker Development, Trevemper: Mark Scoot – Planning agent for this development stated that interceptors will be installed to prevent flooding and the ponds will be adopted and managed by Cornwall Council.Outline Planning permission has already been granted. Prior to any further discussion, the agents were asked to leave the meeting by the Chairman as it was felt that full discussion could not take place while they were in the room.

Pat stated that there were a lot of three and four storey dwellings proposed for this site – he feels that these should not be allowed in this area as it is outside the town.It is out of character for this area.


Pat proposed that we object to this application due to the height of the dwellings – it is an overdevelopment of the site, which overlooks a SSSI.A more attractive frontage is required as it on the main entrance to Newquay.All the Councillors agreed with this proposal and the Clerk will submit our objection to the council.


Proposed diversion of footpath:Cornwall Council want to grant this proposal, however following much discussion, the Parish Councillors still wanted to object to the diversion, as it will change the footpath from a rural path to an urban path, and will share the road with vehicles instead of being dedicated to pedestrians only.We have seen no documents form Ramblers Association or CPRE approving this diversion.


  1. Parish Councillor Vacancy:

We still have once vacancy so will continue to advertise in the Colan Companion.


  1. Defibrillator/Village Hall Wifi

Unfortunately due to confusion over the date – the Defibrillator training did not take place.  A new date will be arranged.  In the meantime there are two daytime sessions at the business park on 4th December.


  1. Accounts:



  1. Precept/Clerks Salary Review

The Clerk left the room while her future salary was discussed.

On her return the budgets were discussed for next financial year.  The clerk has put together proposed spending for next year and this was taken into account.  Clerk’s salary was increased to £2900.00 per year due to the extra workload now involved in the job.  Following discussion it was decided to ask for £10300.00 precept to cover our increased costs.


  1. Recreation Field and Hedge Cutting

We are still unable to get landlords consent for the improvements to the car park.  Following a meeting with Cornwall Council representative, it seems that the area concerned has been missed form the lease when the Borough Council transferred to County Council.  The additional cost for the new lease is at least £1900.00.  As this appears to be a mistake by Cornwall Council we will ask them to deal with it – John has already been in touch with Edwina Hannaford and we await a response.  Once the lease is sorted out it may be possible to transfer the ownership of the land from Cornwall Council to Colan Parish Council.  Esther Richmond will take this forward for us.


  1. Quintrell Downs Seats

As discussed some of the windfarm money could be used for this.An assessment of the current seating will be required.To be left on the agenda for the next meeting.


  1. Maintenance of the lane to Sunnyside

The current owners of Sunnyside want to undertake the maintenance of this lane, however although the Parish Council would be happy for them to do this, we cannot approve this as it is not our land.


  1. Weedkilling

There are two additional area which require weedkilling next year – the footpath by the allotments and the footpath from East Road to Willow Close. Clerk to get an updated quote from Alun Jones.


  1. Vyvyan Drive Play Area

No further action at this time


  1. Website

Jane has dealt with both queries received this month


  1. Letters

The standing orders for Parish Council have been slightly amended to allow more input from the Public at Parish Council Meetings.Clerk to email the amended documents to all Councillors and put this on the agenda for next month.

An email has been received from a Parishioner regarding a change in the Bus route through Quintrell Downs leaving those who live on the South Way area without any buses.Clerk to contact the Bus company to find out why the route have changed and ask to be informed of any changes in the future.


  1. Any Other Business

Derek – The Parish Council now needs to be thinking about forming a Neighbourhood Plan.He will make some enquiries as to how we go about his.

Kathy – New trees have been planted at the new crossing to replace those that had to be taken down.

Jane – We need to have a scheme for next year to present to Newquay and St Column Community Council to enable the Parish to receive some of the £50K funding available to the five Parishes.

Derek asked for volunteers for a sub committee to take this forward:

The sub committee will consist of Derek, Kathy, Brian and Andy.Derek will look into new seating.


Next Meeting:

As the next meeting will fall on Boxing Day, the next meeting will be delayed until 30th January at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 09/12/18

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