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Minutes October

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 28th October 2015

Those present: Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Steve Lean, Jane Combes, Andy Ormshaw, Roger March, Helen Curgenven, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett.

In the absence of Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters was in the chair.

1. Police Report:
Emailed report received from the police – attached to these minutes. 7 crimes were reported in total from10/7/15 to 9/1015. There is also some advice on dog safety for parents and schools.

2. Public Speaking:

Bob Scott raised huge concerns regarding additional traffic passing through our Village – which will only increase once all the additional houses are occupied. He feels that the air quality must be very close to the limit and queried the response when we do reach the limit. Response by John Fitter during his report below.

Speaking as the treasurer of the Village Hall committee, Bob stated that the Parish had been offered a Christmas Tree to be erected by the Village Hall, the donors have been told that there is no problem with putting one up, however the village hall committee have not been approached about this and need to ensure that there are no health and safety implications. He wondered if it could be placed elsewhere in the village.

Malcolm Green asked about the progress on the level crossing – John Fitter informed him that the money is now available and planning is in progress.

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

John apologised for being slightly late.

Community Air – At present Quintrell Downs fails the air quality test for only two months of the year – in order to get any action, it will need to fail every month. Highways are aware of air quality issues in the village – several discussions have taken place – including the siting of a bus pull in opposite The Oaks so that the traffic flow is not stopped while passengers embark and disembark. This will prevent pollutants from stationary vehicles.

Two meetings are to be held at the beginning of November one to finalise the details of the pedestrian crossing and the work should be carried out in 2016. The other will address the re-routing of traffic at Halloon to take vehicles travelling to Newquay away from Quintrell Downs.

The Solar farm agreement has now been accepted by St Mawgan Parish Council and the final agreement should be received shortly.

Wind Farm at Denzil Downs – four turbines are now in place and should be generating power before the end of the year.

It has now been agreed by Cornwall Council to remove the £5 development charge for passengers at Newquay Airport.

4. Declaration of Interest:


5. Apologies:

Brian – following an operation – Brian is doing well and hopes to be able to attend next month. Derek – on holiday

6. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Kathy.

7. Matters Arising:

No matters arising from the previous minutes.

8. Planning Discussions:

Planning Applications received from:
PA15/09474 – Brambles Treisaac: Supported by all

PA15/08250 – Trevithick Manor: There was a lot of discussion regarding this application – following the vote, 2 councillors approved this application – Pat stating that he was disappointed that there was no longer a car showroom included. The remaining 5 Councillors rejected this application on the grounds that it would be an overdevelopment of the area, access was not acceptable and they felt that there was already a Pub close by, so no call for a further one within this development.

The Council has also responded to an application for the land behind Treloggan Business Park where it seems that some of the containers are being inhabited by film crew. This would appear to be a way in to apply for planning permission. The Parish Council strongly objected to this – John also said that Newquay Town Council have also rejected this application. This now looks as if permission will be refused and an enforcement case will follow.

Andy gave a presentation on an Airspace change proposal by Newquay Airport to allow for the development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. These would be monitored at all times and would bring more business into Cornwall. There will be a 4 month consultation period. The Parish Council agreed to support this and the feedback form will be returned to Andy by the Clerk.

9. Accounts

Abbey Maintenance - £165.00 for sign replacement and repairs. Proposed by Roger and seconded by Helen – all supported this payment.

Helen Curgenven - £79.03 for expenses in setting up the website – Proposed by Andy, seconded by Maurice – unanimously supported.

10. Solar Farm Agreement:

We await the final copy of the agreement for signature.

11. Weedkilling:

We will tender the weedkilling around the village in time for the next growing season.

12. Recreation Field:

Kath has spoken to Outdoor Play Equipment who have provided various matting solutions – the decision needs to be taken as to which one we will choose. The recreation field committee will meet to decide the way forward. It was agreed by all Councillors that we would ask Abbey Maintenance to carry out the enabling works – a quote of £2600.00 has been supplied.

13. Road Sign – Welcome to Quintrell Downs:

Highways to be contacted regarding the supply of a sign on East Road.

14. Noticeboards:

The notice boards in the village are in need of some refurbishment to make them look more inviting – Helen and Roger volunteered to look into this and find what action can be taken.

15. Allotments

The solicitor we will use for our agreement with the Duchy will be Doug Sidebotham of Ralph & Co, Newquay. Several Councillors met with Tim Gray recently – the final position for the allotments is now decided – there will be 30 allotments, a communal shed, car park and water supply.
Post meeting note – the clerk received the plan from Tim and it is now displayed in the Parish Council Notice board.

16. Website:

The website is now live – address: Helen has uploaded the previous minutes and details of Parish Councillors. There is also a “contact us” page - she still requires old photos of the Parish.

17. Letters

Local bus companies have been sent a letter informing them that they should not be approaching Tretherras and Treviglas schools via Trencreek. Any further problems should be reported back and further action will be taken.

BACS payment received for paperless planning applications - £700.00

18. Any Other Business

Jane stated that the 30mph sign in to Quintrell Downs from Kestle Mill needs trimming back as it is becoming obscured by hedge growth – John will take this forward.

Roger commented that the bus shelter at Lane crossroads has been covered in graffiti again – Bob will investigate and report back to the Council.

Kathy said that once the bidding process starts for the properties to be built opposite the Kings Head – local people who live in our Parish will be given preference for the first 28 days. Devon and Cornwall Housing will advertise this on their website and we should put a notice in the Colan Companion. John will investigate and send further details though.

The traffic lights at the crossing on Henver road have been reported as out of sync which could cause an accident. John will report this to the appropriate authority.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 25th November at 19.30 hours. Meeting closed at 20.45
Di Willett 9/11/15 



Minutes November

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 25th November 2015

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Jane Combes, Andy Ormshaw, Roger March, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

1. Police Report:
Emailed report received from the police – attached to these minutes. 18 crimes were reported in total from 25/10/15 to 25/11/15. Seems to be high this month mainly due to drugs warrant and damage to cars in a supermarket, also some crimes occurred at camp sites.

2. Public Speaking:

Malcolm Green mentioned the accumulation of water by the bus stop on South Way. There was a stream about 1m wide running down the road. It appears to be running from the undeveloped Keir site – John Fitter will sort this out.
Steven Knight raised concerns over the closure of the level crossing at Chapel – their animals have to be taken over the railway line to access their fields. He felt that locked gates would not work for them as they have to give National Rail too much warning when they wish to use the crossing. There is also concerns from residents of Chapel about the traffic which would have to turn round in the farm yard to get back to the main road.

Bob Scott has been working at the recreation field and stated that there were a lot of people up there, all of whom are very excited about the new play equipment. He also suggested that the basketball hoop is well used, but is currently at the wrong height – if the slab was extended slightly it could form half a basketball court.

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:
John has received concerns from Sue Ansell regarding the application for the development at Sunnyside. There have been several people who have increased their frontages without permission and the bridle path has been e-surfaced and widened – this should be discussed at a future meeting. Cornwall Council have been involved in this in the past.
Paul Isherwood – Prow Park development: John has directed him towards the Planning Officer for discussion. John is concerned that this development is already ongoing without Planning Permission. Derek has also had a telephone conversation with Mr Isherwood who indicated in his communication with John that Derek supported this development. Derek stated that this is not the case and he did not give his support as suggested by Mr Isherwood. This is currently with the Planning Department.

There have been 8 separate studies done on the pedestrian crossing on East Road. The final decision is that a pedestrian crossing would not be suitable as it would cause traffic to come to a standstill and create worse air quality. There is to be a pinch point created to narrow the width of the road to reduce vehicle speeds- this will establish a crossing point. Councillors were not happy with this solution – the pinch points constructed on Trevenson Road had to be taken away because vehicles kept hitting them. Derek stated that we have been trying to get a pedestrian crossing at this point for 25years – if we reject this solution now the residents of Quintrell Gardens will still have no way of accessing the rest of the village. John stated that Cornwall Council considers that this will be the best solution and as they are minor works there does not have to be a public consultation. Pat stated that he thought it was an accident waiting to happen.


John also said that the council is trying to downgrade the main road through the village by directing traffic from Halloon roundabout via RAF St Mawgan to get into Newquay. New signage is to be erected – final decision to be made in January.

The road past the cemetery will be closed from the junction of the new strategic route to Henver Road – access will only be permitted from Henver Road. There have been comments that the new strategic route does not seem to be as wide as it should be – apparently it is the standard width. John challenged Tim Grey from the Duchy on this matter and was assured that this is the case. John does not want to see any further development of the Duchy land until the rest of the strategic route has been completed.

Chapel crossing – there is an informal consultation currently in progress and John will update us at the next meeting.

Should Fortdown get permission for further development of their site, a bus lay by will be constructed along West Road.

Cornwall Council will be reviewing their boundaries in preparation for 2017 – consultations will be ongoing and completed in 2016.

4. Declaration of Interest:


5. Apologies:

Brian – due to ill health Steve – Work commitments Helen – Family commitments

6. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

7. Matters Arising:

Pedestrian Crossing – Lots of concerns raised by Councillors who feel that pinch points are not addressing the problem and will cause congestion. John stated that this has been designed by experts and we cannot object to the decision made as they are deemed to be the experts. Highways say that they have looked at all the options and this is the only way we will get any form of crossing point. Derek suggested that we accept this resolution, however Councillors were divided on this matter.

Andy and Pat wanted to refuse this solution while Roger, Maurice and Jane would accept the decision but were not happy with the resolution. Kath abstained.

8. Planning Discussions:

Planning Applications received from:
PA15/10448 and PA15/10449 – Rialton Mill alterations and listed building consent – Pat stated that he felt that it was out of keeping with the development that is already there. Derek disagreed. There was one abstention, but the application was supported on a majority decision.

9. Accounts

Cory Environmental – 6 months bin emptying - £123.12 – Approved by all.

Cormac – Grass cutting £431.58. There was general discussion about this invoice in that we were promised a rebate by Cormac due to the missed cuts during the summer. Clerk to write to Cormac and await response before payment is made.

Abbey Maintenance – Enabling works for new play equipment - £2850.00. We have already agreed to pay this – however Bob was advised that we are currently trying to transfer funds into our current account and the cheque will be issued next week.

10. Precept/Clerks Salary Review:

The forecast expenditure spreadsheet was issued to the Council. The weedkilling expenditure was thought to be too high and will be reduced by £1000.00. The clerk’s salary is to be increased to £2200.00 which was agreed by all Councillors.

Roger proposed that we ask for a precept of £9000.00, Jane seconded this and all agreed.

11. Christmas Tree

Derek stated that this is not the responsibility of the Parish Council and should be dealt with by the Village Hall Committee.

12. Solar Farm:

The agreement has now been signed by both St Mawgan and Colan Parish Council – it is now back with Victoria Meldrum. Once money is received it should be put in a separate account so that it does not become part of our day to day expenditure.

13. Weedkilling:

Cormac have quoted £772.80 + VAT which would include two sprays. The subcommittee is to check the extent of weed killing required and obtain three quotes for this work.

14. Recreation Field:

Roger stated that we need to get quotes for the grass cutting next year – Derek will speak to John Harris.

The first invoice has been received from Outdoor Play People and the Clerk will now claim some of the money allocated to us.

15. Quotations for Work:

It was agreed that in future any work which will cost more than £300.00 will require three quotes so that we are seen to be getting the best value for money. The only time when this will not apply is when there is a threat to safety when the work will be undertaken immediately.
All agreed to this proposal.

16. Parish Council Transparency Fund:

We have received an application form for the above fund. Derek and Di will get together to decide if there is any money we can claim from this fund. All agreed to this.

17. Issuing Council Documents by email

The Clerk has received forms for Councillors to sign agreeing to have information sent to them by email. All agreed to do this and the forms were duly signed.

18. Waste Incentive Scheme:

Having read through this document it was felt that no further action should be taken.

19. Road Sign – Welcome to Quintrell Downs

Kath will look into this on behalf of the Council

20. Parish Council Notice Board:

Helen has some ideas and will bring them to the next meeting.

21. Allotments;

The size and plan of the allotments has now been agreed and is displayed in the Parish Council notice board.

22. Website:

Helen will update at the next meeting

23. Letters/Notices:

Chapel Level Crossing Closure – Discussions took place regarding the closure of this level crossing. If it were closed, vehicles will have no option but to turn in the farm entrance which will cause problems to the farmer.
Also the farmer has fields on the other side of the crossing – if it is closed they will have to give Network Rail several hours notice by phone that they want to bring their animals across.
There were general concerns about safety of residents and road users. This application will be considered when the formal application is presented.

24. Any Other Business

Jane asked if the installation of average speed cameras was a justifiable expense.
Sunnyside Development- the road has been widened by 1/3rd for which Cornwall Council paid £5K – John is investigation this at present.
Maurice asked if the future expenditure could be sent out with the next minutes – and also include the income. Di will do this.

Next Meeting:

As the next meeting falls within Christmas week it was agreed that we will miss the December meeting and the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 21.10 Di Willett 14/12/15 

Minutes December
As the next meeting fell within Christmas week it was agreed that we would miss the December meeting and the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 7.30pm


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