Minutes JULY 2016

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 27th July 2016


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Roger March, Jane Coombs, Pat Lambshead, Helen Curgenven, Brian Killingback,  John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

The Police report is attached to these minutes.A total of 18 crimes were committed in the Parish during the period 27/6/16 to 27/7/16.


  1.  Public Speaking:

Bob Scott has been asked by some residents who are responsible for the lane from Quintrell Gardens to East Road.  This has been investigated in the past and it is a right of way for Bejowan Farm, it is not known who actually owns the land.  Residents can cut down the weeds and grass to make the lane more accessible.  The gate over the railway line has been locked with the permission of the owners of Bejowan.

Litter bins at the new bus shelters – to be discussed as an agenda item

There are lots of children playing on the new “Village” estate – would it be possible to have some signage warning that there are children playing.

The new play equipment on the recreation field is very good and has been well used.  The only problem is that the older children are now playing in the toddlers’ area.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

The overgrown footpath at Gypsy corner has been logged for a programme of works and will be done shortly – John will chase.

The Police will be carrying out a speed check on South Road as vehicles are speeding out of the village – especially in the mornings and evenings.

Public Right of Way – complainants will have to do their own remedials.

John has received an email from Cornwall Parking Reviews following a request from residents to make Gannel View Close a residents’ parking zone.They will then need to pay to park there – agenda item for next month, John will ask residents to email their views to the Clerk.

Prow Park – half is in Colan Parish and half in Newquay.The Parish Council have agreed to disagree with the outline planning permission submitted.

Boardmasters – RAF St Mawgan have agreed to allow construction traffic to access the site via their land.Council are to ensure that no construction traffic is allowed to pass through Quintrell Downs.

Sunnyside – the planning application continue, the latest one has been withdrawn and will be submitted as a separate issue.

Vyvyan Drive Play Area – Section 106 money was never used for this area – it is owned by Ideal Homes Ltd.The 106 money is supposed to have gone towards a play area on Willow Close – but this was never constructed, some went towards the Curgenven Room.20K was put by for the play area – John to investigate what happened to this.

The gateway that has been installed leading from The Village to the Eustice fields was never on the original plans; it is a local agreement between Eustice and Kier.This is currently being investigated.


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Apologies:

Steve Lean, Andy Ormshaw both due to work commitments.

Pat apologised retrospectively for missing the last meeting.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors


  1. Matters Arising:

Kath stated that she represented the Parish Council at the Strategic Planning hearing for the development at Lower Trevilley.  It was very hot and long winded but planning approval was finally granted.


7a) Parish Councillor Vacancy:

An application has been received from Louis Gardner who seems to be very keen to join the Council.  He is a serving officer in the armed forces – Clerk to check with CALC that it is ok for him to serve on the Parish Council.  Subject to confirmation he will be offered the post.

Post Meeting Note:  Confirmation received from CALC that there is no problem with him serving on the Council and vacancy offered to and accepted by Louis.


  1. Accounts:

Abbey Maintenance - Recreation Field post - £288.00.  Acceptance proposed by Roger and seconded by Maurice - all agreed.


Cornwall Council – Recreation Field rent - £150.00 – Acceptance proposed by Roger and seconded by Kath – all agreed.


Outdoor Play People – Final invoice for play equipment – £8398.20 – Councillors queried how this equipment will be maintained.  Derek would like Councillors to have a look at the new equipment before we pay the final bill.  A meeting was arranged for 9.00am Friday, Roger, Kathy and Maurice agreed to attend.  To be discussed again at the next meeting.


Quotation received for a basketball backboard and hoop - £175.00.  Acceptance proposed by Roger and seconded by Helen, supported by all.


  1. Planning Applications


PA16/02486 – Prow Park: After much discussion there was a unanimous decision to object to this application for the following reasons:

  1. No inspections of work when the buildings were installed.

  2. It is not suitable to have residential properties and industry in such close proximity

  3. The approach road has not been adopted

  4. It is contrary to the Restormel local saved plan

  5. Not compatible with the ambience of a business park


PA16/06111 – Mount Joy Chapel: Conversion from holiday use to residential.Approved by all.


PA16/06364 – Hendra Paul Farm – Certificate of lawfulness existing use of land for residential caravan:

Pat stated that he does not agree with retrospective applications, while Derek replied that this caravan has been there for 14 years without a problem.4 Councillors supported this, 2 abstained and 1 objected – supported by the majority.


PA16/06366 – Hendra Paul Farm – Chalet – This is another dwelling occupied since 2005, same situation as the caravan above.4 Councillors supported this, 2 Objected and 1 abstained – supported by the majority.


PA16/06348 – Hendra Holiday Park – proposed first floor extension to Admin Office: Unanimously supported.


PA16/04092 – Agricultural Machinery Store, Tregenna Hill: Unanimously supported.


  1. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting:

Apologies have been received from Cormac for the missed cuts – a reduction will be made on the next invoice.

The grass needs cutting in the new play area – to be checked on Friday morning.

The picnic benches are right up against the fence – these will moved out on Friday morning.

The protective covering on the support chain has worn – also to be checked Friday morning.


  1. Play Park, Vyvyan Drive:

Esther Richmond responded to our investigations – this is owned by Ideal Homes Ltd.  Clerk to write to them to see if we can take over this area.


  1. Litter Bins:

Now that there are two new bus shelters in Quintrell Downs, we need to investigate the cost of providing litter bins – Clerk to write to Cory to request costs for bins and emptying.


  1. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Helen will try to get started on this as soon as possible.   Anew padlock has been purchased and Helen and Di now have keys.


  1. Allotments

A plan has been received for the proposed shed, which all Councillors liked.However Jane & Kathy will arrange to discuss this at a future meeting of interested allotment holders to be arranged as soon as possible.


  1. Website:

Helen requested photos of the new play equipment to add to the website.


  1. Letter/Notices:

Nigel Dilley – Trewarne Lane – Stating that the PC does not own the land between the lane and the railway line, however Derek has the plans showing the areas of demarcation – between Cornwall Council and Parish Council.The surface of Trewarne Lane requires attention, but this is for the residents to clear.


Kath received a text from Pete Butterly of Newquay Football Club regarding a meeting on 28/7/16 re 106 money.


  1. Any Other Business:

Jane – will try and arrange a meeting with the Allotment Association of Tretherras and Fairpark to get some advice on what we need to provide. 


Kathy – The weeds at Kestle Mill are growing over the pavement – Derek will look into this.


Brian – The village signs are overgrown and need trimming – hopefully this will be done shortly.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 31st August 2016 at 7.30pm. 


Di Willett  15/8/16

Minutes August

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 31st August 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Roger March, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Louis Gardner, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair and welcomed our new Councillor - Louis Gardner.

1. Police Report:
The Police report is attached to these minutes. A total of 17 crimes were committed in the Parish during the period 24/7/16 – 24/8/16

2. Public Speaking:

Sue Ansell spoke on the development at Sunnyside – she feels very strongly that this development should not get approval and highlighted several reasons why she felt this way including: vehicles using the bridleway causing a danger to pedestrians, access/egress from the bridleway to the main road

Bob Scott raised two points:
Rubbish bins in the bus shelters – this will be discussed in an agenda item later in the meeting.
Lane from East Road to Sunnyside – Still prone to flooding after heavy rain – clerk to request John Fitter to take further action.

Steven Pott spoke in support of Sunnyside development. - Stating that the plans had been amended and resubmitted to Cornwall Council. He highlighted several reasons for approving this application including sustainability and the provision of low cost homes.

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

No report this month as John is on holiday.

4. Declaration of Interest:


5. Apologies:

Steve Lean, Helen Curgenven due to work commitments. Jane Coombs due to holiday
John Fitter – due to holiday

6. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors

7. Matters Arising:


8. Accounts:

Quotation received from Newquay Mowing Services to cut the new play area and remove arisings - £30.00 per cut. All agreed to accept this. Clerk to notify NMS.

Cormac Solutions – a reduced bill of £352.56 + VAT was accepted by all Councillors.

Outdoor Play People – 30 mtrs of safety matting not laid – clerk to contact them to see if it is an oversight. Hold payment for the time being.


9. Planning Applications

PA16/07483 – Trevilley Farm Lane – two dwellings – All approved this application as forms part of a larger development.

PA16/06144 – Bullpen Cottage, Lower Trewince Farm for permanent accommodation. Supported as set out subject to 106/CIL agreements – All agreed.

PA16/07051 and 07050 – Sunnyside Development:
After much discussion the Parish Council all voted to support this application subject to:

  1. 1  All dwellings are restricted to residents of over 50 years old

  2. 2  Bridleway and drainage improvements are carried out by the applicants

  3. 3  Access/egress is to the satisfaction of the highway authority

  4. 4  The safety of pedestrians is considered eg speed limits put in place


10. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting:

The protective cover on the support chains is wearing – Derek and Bob to discuss alternative coverings – Councillors agreed to accept the decision.

Grass cutting now appears to be carried out regularly.

11. Play Park, Vyvyan Drive:

No response from the original letter – Clerk to chase.

12. Gannel Parking Zone:

The residents that Kath has spoken to don’t want this – Clerk to email Cllr Fitter.

13. Litter Bins:

Emptying costs for litter bins is£185.00 per site, per year. The cost of buying and installing the bins varies with the size of bins required. Clerk to write to Kier to see if they will contribute.

13a Dog Fouling Bins

There is a lot of dog fouling along the footpath from the railway line to Gypsy Corner and the streetlights are being obscured by the hedges – they need strimming and topping. Clerk to ask John Fitter if anything can be done about this. Dog fouling bins to be researched on line.

14. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Update to be given at the next meeting.

15. Allotments

There was a meeting with the Chairman of Tretherras Allotment Society, John Young, who explained the next move to setting up the allotments. An allotment society needs to be set up who will be responsible for everything associated with the allotments. Clerk to invite John to attend a meeting with Parish Councillors to explain the questions he raised in his email. Clerk to set up a meeting at Kath Water’s house.

16. Website:

No update this time.

17. Letter/Notices:

Letter regarding the transparency fund – clerk to see if we need anything.
BT – Public Payphone Boxes - Letter asking if we wish to adopt them or remove them.

Adopt – Roger proposed, seconded by Louis – no further support Remove – Andy proposed, seconded by Kath – 4 supported in total.

Playground inspection – Letter from Schoolsafe SW concerning inspections of Playground equipment – Clerk to check procedure with CALC and check if our insurance covers this.

18. Any Other Business:

Kathy – There are still concerns regarding grass cutting throughout the Parish. – agenda item for next month.

Maurice – Footpath to St Columb Minor has not been cut and is still overgrown with weeds. Clerk to email Jon Fitter.

Brian – The new footpath from Kings Head to Morrisons roundabout is not complete – Derek will speak to Persimmon to see if it can be sorted out.

Louis – Also concerned with grass cutting and overgrown signage on the approach to Quintrell Downs. Clerk to contact Highways regarding the signage.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 28th September 2016 at 7.30pm. Di Willett 15/9/16 



     Minutes Sept 2016

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 28th September 2016


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Roger March, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Louis Gardner, Steve Lean, Helen Curgenven, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

The Police report is attached to these minutes.A total of 10 crimes were committed in the Parish during the period 28/8/16 – 28/9/16.There was a reminder about a mobile phone scam which is currently ongoing.


  1.  Public Speaking:

Bob Scott asked about signage for the children’s play area on Figgy Road and who is responsible for erecting signs to warn of children playing.


He also mentioned the rubbish bins at the new bus shelters – which will be discussed later in the agenda.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

John has emailed to seek clarification about who is responsible for removing the weeds which are overgrowing the path from Gypsy Corner and making it difficult for those with pushchairs etc to walk along.

John and Kathy met regarding the concern over the flooding on the bridleway past Two Clomes.

John has also asked for an update when safety work will start at Trencreek Crossing and for a timetable for the safety work on East Road.

An Application will be submitted for the redevelopment of the remainder of the Fort Down site,The landowners will now take this forward as Kier no longer have an interest in further development at this site.The landowners have promised that a bus pull in point will be provided once this development starts.Outline planning permission has already been granted and the new application will be based on this.John has also raised the question as to how much affordable housing will be available – no more than 30%.

Pat queried the amendments to the Kier Development as various buildings like shops and the Care Home now seem to have been removed from the development.

The work at Hendra is due to complete by the end of September.

There have been complaints about the state of the Aerohub – there has been no maintenance carried out since it was completed and the weeds are now taking over.Newquay Airport has agreed to tidy this up and Cormac will be employed to do this work.

Roger Old has met with the highways department and agreed to alter the entrance to his proposed development – the application will now be resubmitted.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Will be declared under the appropriate agenda item.


  1. Apologies:

Jane Coombs, Maurice O’Gara, Andy Ormshaw


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors


  1. Matters Arising:

The footpath near the Morrisons roundabout which does not join up with the Persimmon development footpath was considered to be a highways responsibility by the developers. Derek and John to discuss and Derek to follow up.


  1. Accounts:

Clerks Salary and expenses - £575.67 – All in favour of payment.

Abbey Maintenance – Basketball backboard and hoop £175.00 – proposed by Roger and seconded by Brian – Approved by all.

Outdoor Play People - £8398.20 inc VAT which is the remainder of the cost of the Play Equipment.  Approved by all. 

Grant Thornton – Audit cost £100.00 + VAT – All Approved.


  1. Planning Applications

PA16/06314 – Newquay Holiday Park – additional 59 static caravans:

The site has been extended gradually over the years, but in spite of requesting improved access/egress nothing has been done to upgrade this.After further discussion all Councillors agreed unanimously to object to this application for the following reasons:

Overdevelopment of the site

Dangerous access/egress

Future problems once the NSR is open and traffic will approach/leave Newquay via the A3059


PA16/00798 – Bejowan Barns Holiday Cottages:

All agreed to support this application as it is in keeping with the existing development.


PA16/08288 – Steve Lean – House extension at Dunleys:

Steve left the meeting at this stage while this application was discussed.

This is a re-submission of a previously approved application and as such the Council has no objections as it was supported first time round.All agreed.


Steve now rejoined the meeting.


  1. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting:

Grass cutting now appears to be carried out regularly.  Derek stated that he would like to be present when the flailing is carried out – Clerk to notify Cormac and pass on Derek’s telephone number.

New protective tubes have now been installed over the supporting chains on the wall.

It was noted that the grass verges around the Parish are being cut after the bank holidays, Councillors felt that as Quintrell Downs is the gateway to Newquay, it would be better if they were cut at the same time as those around Newquay – Cllr Fitter was asked to investigate this.

The entrance to the Business Park on West Road is looking untidy – however the developers have stated that nothing can be done until the flowers have died.  The developers have agreed to tidy up and relay the bed as soon as possible.

The hedges on the roadside from Morrisons roundabout to Trevemper are also overgrown – Brian has reported this several times due to the signs being obscured  John agreed to look into this.


  1. Play Park, Vyvyan Drive:

Despite chasing Ideal Homes, the Clerk has received no response.  Clerk to write to CALC  to find out the legal position and see if we can take this on any other way.


  1. Litter Bins:

Emptying costs for litter bins is£185.00 per site, per year.  Roger proposed that we purchase two litter bins, which Kathy seconded. All approved – Clerk to organise.


  1. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Update to be given at the next meeting.


  1. Allotments

A meeting was held and a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were nominated, The Parish Council agreed to help out with expenses required in setting these allotments up.Since this meeting, both the secretary and Treasurer have resigned.It was noted that the Parish Council will support the allotment Society, but will not run it.Louis stated that no paths are in place, so this is one thing that will need to be undertaken.


Kath agreed to convene another meeting to elect a new treasurer and secretary.


The water supply will be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. Website:

No update this time.


  1. Letter/Notices:

Tesco Community Grant:There is money available from Tesco Community Grant for open spaces – perhaps this could be used for the Play Park at Vyvyan Drive.Maybe a nature walk could be constructed through the Downs – agenda item for the next meeting


Cornwall Council – Flyering – does not affect our Parish.


  1. Any Other Business:

Kathy – Strategic planning meeting was held regarding Prow Park  - the outcome was 8-6 in favour of refusing permission for these live/work units.


Brian – The Gypsies have now returned to Salmons Farm.   It was stated that Cornwall Council has a procedure for dealing with this.



Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 26th October 2016 at 7.30pm. 


Di Willett  15/10/16

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