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Colan Parish Council Meeting  - Wednesday 29th July 2015

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Steve Lean, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Kath Waters, Brian Killingack, Andy Ormshaw,  Roger March, Clerk – Di Willett.


  • Police Report:

No Police report this month


  • Public Speaking:

No members of the public chose to speak this month

  • Cornwall Councillors Report:

John sent his apologies as he is away on holiday this month.  He sent the following report:

Concerns were raised last month that the footpath on North Way is to be closed – he confirmed that this was not the case; the one to be closed temporarily is further down across the fields.

John reported that Cornwall Council have now stopped spraying the weeds on their pavements and footpaths due to budget cuts.

There is a problem with the funding for the play equipment – however John will sort this out and there should be £10,000 – £11,000 pounds available.

John has raise concerns over the delay in the solar farm money – it should now be progressing through the legal department

John has a meeting with highways later in the month regarding the pedestrian crossing on East Road and also what will happen to the stretch of Rialton Road which has now been by-passed.

Money has been granted from John’s Community fund for an electric mat roller for the bowls club – he has further funding available for any relevant projects.


  • Declaration of Interests:



  • Apologies:

Jane – due to ill health

Helen – due to family illness

John – due to annual holiday


  • Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  • Matters Arising:

No matters arising from the previous minutes.


  • Bejowan Level Crossing

No further news


  • Planning Discussions:

Helen has put forward some points that could be considered when discussing planning applications:


1.       Village Strategy: What does the village want? What does it like, what doesn’t it like? With the population burgeoning, what should we be moving towards? Where is our proactivity?

2.       Is the new property at least 3m away from the boundary? (Permitted Development rules say extensions must be at least 2m from any boundary) – this should be included in the planning application

3.       Does the applicant property have its own entrance? E.g. With ‘garden-grabbing’ or ‘infill’ any property must have its own entrance or an entrance which provides a minimum distance from the driveway to the original property, say 3m  - unfortunately the precedence has now been set as we have already had several infill developments approved however we should try to encourage entrances not to be accessed directly from main roads.

4.       Sheltered housing. Can we prioritise/demand sheltered housing (like we already do with affordable housing)? E.g. a small development small, warden supported properties (like Alms houses). – As a Parish Council we cannot influence this.

5.       In a village setting such as Quint should there be a maximum footprint of build property per plot, that is to say a minimum amount of garden/outside space per house. E.g. minimum of 30% outside space per plot 70% build. (PD rules state not more than 50% of plot land may be built on as extensions of living space) – This is National Policy

6.       Property density. Could point 3 be extended to development-sized level – we do try and influence this and gave had some success in the past- we will continue to consider this when we submit our comments.

7.       Car parking. Each property must have off-road parking for one car as a minimum. This includes flats. Ideally, it should be 2 cars. We agree that two parking spaces should be allowed with each property – however the strategy is for 1½ spaces.

8.    At present permission has been granted for 1200 properties in or near our Parish – can we continue to support this kind of development as the infrastructure is lagging behind.  Although there is due to be a new junior school built in the new Duchy development, and Tretherras School is planning further extension, these are not yet being built, while houses continue to be constructed.  Further large applications will have to be considered as they are submitted as we cannot form a general policy.  Councillors are of the opinion that we are in danger of transforming the whole character of the area and could start to lose the holiday trade.  Councillors feel that our Parish is carrying more than its fair share of development and there are Brownfield sites within the locality that could be utilised for development.


Although we can’t influence a lot of the above decisions, we will continue to press for additional parking spaces and less densely developed sites.


  • Planning Applications

Planning Applications received from:

PA15/06595 – 81 Caravan Bases at Whitecross – Supported by all.


PA15/06008 – Garage at Coswarth – Councillors felt that this is overdevelopment of the site and were not comfortable with the design which includes windows in the roof.   Object to this application on the above ground – all agreed.


With effect from January 2016 there will be no paper copies of planning application sent out – responses will also have to be made on line.   It was decided that the Clerk will download relevant documents and print out for the meetings.  She will also email councillors the letters received to enable them to go on line and view the applications on the Cornwall Council website.


  • Accounts

Cormac Solutions – Grass cutting at the recreation field- £431.58 + VAT – Approved by all.

Councillors met with a representative of Cormac to discuss the grass cutting and the sporadic cutting.  He apologised profusely and explained that they have had staffing problems and agreed to refund money for any cuts not carried out.  Maurice will monitor the situation.


Grant Thornton – Audit charge - £100.00 + VAT – All approved


NMS – Weedkilling - £85.00 – all agreed.


We have received a quote from Newquay Mowing Services for strimming around the new trees - £120.00 per cut, two cuts a year £240.00.  All councillors agreed that this was good value and the Clerk was advised to accept the quote.


  • Solar Farm Agreement:

Already covered during John’s report.



  • Weedkilling:

Cornwall Council used to keep the weeds down on the estate roads in our Parish, however John has found out that this is no longer carried out due to budget cuts.  As it is too late to do anything this year it was decided to leave this for the time being to see what money we have coming in - there is also a problem with what weed killers can be used in public places.


We also need to understand what the money from the Solar farm etc can be used for and ensure that what we are doing is legal.


When John is next at the meeting we need to ask him what money is available to help us keep the weeds down.


  • Recreation Field:

On inspecting the play equipment it was found that the logs that the ropes are secured to is going rotten and bolts appear to have been pulled out.  The rest of the equipment is ok.  The tennis court signs are loose and flapping in the wind.  Roger will contact Bob Scott and request his assistance – all agreed.

  • Allotments

Following the confusion over the meeting place in July, Tim Gray will meet with the councillors at the Curgenven Room on 11th August at 4.15 pm



  • Website:

Helen sent a message requesting that Councillors get their picture taken for the website.


  • Letters

Denzil Downs -  a meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th August at 2pm at St Columb Town Council Offices. Unfortunately due to other commitments no-one from the council is able to attend at this time.


We have a notice of temporary closure of a footpath in the parish – the clerk will put this on the notice board.


Esther Richmond- the new Community Support Officer sent a letter requesting the chance to attend one of our meetings to introduce herself.  The clerk will invite her to attend one of our future meetings.



  • Any Other Business



Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 26th August 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 20.20

Di Willett 10/8/15


Minutes August

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 26th August 2015


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Kath Waters, Andy Ormshaw,  Roger March,  Helen Curgenven, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett.


  • Police Report:

No Police report this month


  • Public Speaking:

Bob Scott raised concerns about the excessive flooding by the new bus shelter at the entrance to the Kier Estate.  His family were soaked when a car drove through the water at speed.   Kath answered that the developers did not do the work they said they were going to do as far as the drainage was concerned.  This is not acceptable and will be referred to our Councillor John Fitter.

Bob also wondered if we would be able to have average speed cameras in the village as vehicles seem to be passing through at even greater speeds than previously.

Malcolm Green spoke to agree with the two issues raised by Bob.

  • Cornwall Councillors Report:

John apologised for arriving slightly late.

He has this afternoon attended a discussion with highways as to the future of the road between Henver road and Rialton road now the new route is open.  Several options were suggested and the final choice is yet to be made.  Pat asked if there had been mention of signs stating “Local traffic only” – John confirmed that this had been discussed.  The enhancement of the route from Halloon/Trekenning roundabout was discussed – a risk assessment is to be undertaken before decision is made – this would draw traffic away from Quintrell Downs.

Boardmasters – This year the pre and post construction traffic was directed through Quintrell Downs – it should have been directed past RAF St Mawgan.  John has assured us that this will not happen again.

Kingsley Development – if this goes ahead, the residents of Gannel Close will not have traffic through their estate as further land has been released for development.  A meeting is to be held tonight to discuss this matter.

Funds for play equipment – John will be speaking to Phil Mason tomorrow to get this money released.

Solar Farm – St Mawgan Parish have still not signed their part of the agreement – John still pushing this with Virginia Meldrum.

Denzil Downs – the turbine is due to be erected in September and it should be generating by January 2016.

Aerohub – Construction work by Cornwall Council will be complete by October – the road will be called “Great Parkin Way”

Pedestrian Crossing at Quintrell Downs – plans have been received and the money is in place – a meeting will be held next week to finalise the project.  John will pass on any information as soon as possible.

Referring to Bob Scott’s comments on the average speed cameras John agreed to ask if there is any money available, however he is not very hopeful.  John will supply the data from the speeding traffic to the clerk who will pass it on to the Councillors.

Kier have agreed to sort out the leat at Trethiggey Crescent and will be visiting the other affected property shortly.

Codgat Cottage planning has been refused as it was said to be an unsuitable location for the proposed development.



  • Newquay and Community Link Officer

Ester Richmond attended the meeting and introduced herself to the Council.  Her role is to work with Parishes, Councillors etc for the good of the Community.  She encouraged the Councillors to attend the Community Network panels, which are chaired by Pat Lambshead, as these bring to light common problems in the local area. She also administers the Community Grant fund and can supply application forms for this.  She talked about the Parish Plan which can influence supplementary planning development.  The council can apply for a grant to establish a Parish Plan – up to £8000.00 and it can take up to two years to put in place.  Evidence of what we would like to do will be required eg footpaths or cycle routes.  Esther is also involved in Community Emergency Planning – which does not detract from the emergency services – these could contribute to flooding, snow and ice plans and uses local people as focal points.  She also asked if there were any duties that the Parish Council would be prepared to take on since Cornwall Council has had its funding cut.

To contact Esther , there is link on the Cornwall Council website which also shown a list of services that can be provided to Parish Councils.  Her contact number is 07528 983366 and further contact details are available on the Community Network Page.

  • Declaration of Interest:



  • Apologies:

Jane – due to ill health

Brian – following an operation

Steve – due to work commitments


  • Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  • Matters Arising:

No matters arising from the previous minutes.


  • Bejowan Level Crossing

No further news


  • Planning Discussions:

Planning Applications received from:


PA15/06413 – Riverside Holiday Park Bungalow Extensions:

Pat raised two points – there seems to be a lot of flat roofing on the new extension – Derek stated that flat roofs nowadays are much improved and have a lifespan equal to that of tiles.  Secondly the building appears to be twice the size of the original building.  It was generally felt that there is sufficient space to cope with this extension and that it fits in with the surrounding campsite.  This was supported with one abstention.  Proposed by Roger, seconded by Kath - Pat abstained.


PA15/07410 – Conservatory, 51 Quintrell Gardens  - Supported by all


  • Accounts

Cormac Solutions – Grass cutting at the recreation field (July – September)- £431.58 + VAT – Proposed by Roger and seconded by Kath - Approved by all.  Maurice reported that the last cut was on 10th August, and the field was strimmed a couple of days later.  We are expecting a rebate from Cormac in the final payment for the year which will be the next one. We will then go out to tender for the following year.


Abbey Maintenance - £181.00 for remedials to the play equipment.  Proposed by Roger, seconded by Helen and approved by all.


Village Hall rent – March to August - £59.00.  All approved.


  • Solar Farm Agreement:

Already covered during John’s report.


  • Weedkilling:

We have asked Newquay Mowing Services for a quote for this work around the village and await their response.


  • Recreation Field:

Awaiting receipt of funding.

  • Allotments

Some Councillors met with Tim Grey earlier this month.  There will be a site meeting in Autumn to discuss parking area, water supply, size of allotments etc.


  • Website:

The website is now ready to go live – it will be edited as we go forward.


  • Letters

Another letter received regarding paperless planning applications, absolute deadline for moving over to paperless applications is 1st April 2016.  The council will continue as we are at present with the Clerk forwarding application to councillors and printing relevant information for meetings.


  • Any Other Business

Helen suggested that the two noticeboards need livening up- they don’t look particularly inviting.  This will be an agenda item next month.


Kath is concerned about the traffic going through the village which was discussed with John earlier.


Maurice asked why there were counting strips across North Way – John replied that they were put there by Railtrack to gather traffic data.


Pat has concerns about the Church noticeboard- also mentioned earlier – hopefully this will be removed by the next meeting.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 30th September at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 20.30

Di Willett 3/9/15


Minutes September

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 30th September 2015

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Steve Lean, Jane Combes, Andy Ormshaw, Roger March, Helen Curgenven, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett.

1. Police Report:
No Police report this month.
Clerk to email Police to see if we can have a report sent to us for future meetings.


2. Public Speaking:

Sue Walters from Situ8 spoke to determine the reaction of the Parish Council to the siting of a garage at land in Quintrell Downs. Her client wishes to move his business from the current location to enable him to expand his business. The Council’s main concern was the access to the proposed site and suggested maybe one of the units at Quintdown Business Park may be appropriate. Any further comments will be made officially once the application has been formally submitted for approval.


3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

Cllr Fitter has been advised by Vicky Frazer that a solution to the excess traffic through Quintrell Downs is being sought – traffic coming into Newquay should be directed via Halloon to pass by the airfield and not through Quintrell Downs. This should take a good percentage of the traffic away from East Road. John has also attended a “Wash up” meeting following Boardmasters this year and made the point that the traffic management plan must be changed for next year so that the heavy transport does not pass through Quintrell Downs.

Consultation is in progress on the future of the current link road from Newquay to the Strategic route, past the cemetery. The final decision has not yet been made.
The further development of the Newquay Strategic Route has been held up through lack of funding. John does not feel able to support any further development on the Duchy land or the Hautot development until this route has been constructed. John is to have a meeting with Phil Mason next week to discuss this further.

At present the school buses are using the route through Trencreek to get to Tretherras School – this is being addressed at present after concerns over the safety of pedestrians.
The improvement work to the railway crossing at Trencreek has still not been carried out.
The road crossing at Quintrell Downs is still under formal consultation although the money is now in place to install this.

Should we have any further problems with the Solar Farm money then John needs to be informed.


4. Declaration of Interest:



5. Apologies:

Brian – following an operation – Brian is doing well and hopes to be able to attend next month. Kathy – on holiday


6. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


7. Matters Arising:

No matters arising from the previous minutes.


8. Bejowan Level Crossing

No further news


9. Planning Discussions:

Planning Applications received from:

PA14/09346 – went to the Strategic Planning Committee on 24th September and the application has now been granted.
PA14/09730 – has been appealed – the date for the informal hearing is still to be decided.
PA15/08097 – Fence at Garden Way – supported by all

PA15/08451 – Restaurant extension at Newquay Holiday Park – supported by all.
PA15/07621 – Application for additional property at 22 West Road – Residents of adjoining property were not informed of these plans – their garden wraps around the development. The concerns of Mr & Mrs Metherall are being addressed by a Senior Manager’s Meeting.


10. Accounts

Clerks Salary and expenses ‐ £538.35 – agreed by all
Newquay Mowing Services ‐ £165.00 for weedkilling around the village – agreed by all.


11. Solar Farm Agreement:

Draft copy of the agreement now received – to be read and checked by the Clerk and Chairman. The Council agreed to allow them to act and deal with this.
Once the money has been received, Pat suggested that we advertise in the Colan Companion for any Community projects which would like some help with funding. All agreed that this is a good idea.


12. Weedkilling:

Clerk to write to Andy Curtis to find out how Newquay Town council fund this.


13. Recreation Field:

Maurice gave us a list of cuts that have been carried out at the recreation field. He also reported that one of the signs warning of children has rotted through and is now lying in the road. All agreed to Roger contacting Bob Scott and asking him to repair this. There were also concerns about the increase in traffic along Trewarne Lane and the speed they were travelling. This is not an adopted road; therefore it is difficult for us to do anything. It is hoped that once the football club is up and running they will contribute towards the cost of improving this road.

The money for the play equipment should be with us shortly.


14. Noticeboards:

The old Church noticeboard has now gone, however it was felt that the others need some improvement – add to the agenda for next month.


15. Allotments

Some Councillors met with Tim Grey earlier this month. We now need to decide how many allotments we require and what size they should be. Kath has a contact for the allotments by Tretherras School – clerk to liaise with her and see if contact has been made. Hopefully they will be laid out this winter ready for spring.

We have to decide which solicitor to use – Clerk to take forward.


16. Website:

The website is now ready to go live – Helen requested any old photographs of the Parish to add to the website.


17. Letters

Steve Double: Concerning business rates, mainly with regard to Public Toilets – not relevant to Colan Parish.

Cruise Bereavement care – 2015 appeal: The Parish Council does not donate to charity as they do not wish to show preference for any one charity.

Cornwall Street Trading – Survey to be completed – Clerk to obtain a better copy and send to Chairman for completion.

Tuesday Club raised various concerns:
Proposed pedestrian crossing – discussed earlier under Cornwall Councillor’s Report.
Barrier outside Quintrell Inn – Cllr Fitter will contact Highways Department requesting that they visit site and re‐instate the barrier.
Fly Tipping – The culprit has now been fined, but the rubbish is still there. It is the landowners responsibility to remove this – Derek will arrange to take it away.

Councillors have received an invitation to a Community Christmas Party at the village hall on 12th December noon ‐4pm.

Bus shelter improvements outside Newquay Holiday Park – Councillors approved the design – Clerk to respond.

The Bus stop for Truro is no longer outside the Treffry Tavern – it is now on East Road. There has been no notice about a change in route – John Fitter will investigate and report back.

Waste Incentive Neighbourhood Scheme – Derek will complete the survey and report back to the Council. Wreath for Remembrance Sunday – Clerk to purchase wreath from British Legion.

18. Any Other Business

Maurice raised some concerns about the recreation ground – a mattress has been dumped – and wondered if we could arrange to have a clean up. Derek will have a look at how much work is involved and report back to the meeting next month.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 28th October at 19.30 hours. Meeting closed at 20.45
Di Willett 7/10/15



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