Meeting Minutes July-September 2014

Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 27th August 2014

Di Willett  6/8/14

The Parish Council met on 27th August 2014 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.

Present: Derek Luscombe,  Steve Lean,  Bob Scott, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Andy Ormshaw, Roger March,  Jane Combes, Kath Waters, Brian Killingback, Di Willett – Clerk.

1. Police Report: There was no Police Report available this month.

2. Public Speaking: Ruby O’Gara enquired if it would be possible to hold a fete on the recreation field.  The Parish Council would fully support this and Mrs O’Gara was given the name of Carole Clogg who organised the recent street party in Vyvyan Drive.  A request for help in organising this will be put in the new Village Hall notice board.

3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: None this month

4. Declarations of Interest: There were two declarations of interest which will be minuted in the appropriate sections.

5. Apologies  -  John Fitter

6. Parish Councillor Vacancies: We have two people who have expressed an interest – Kath and Bob respectively to invite them to attend the next meeting.

7. The minutes of the last meeting were approved by all and signed by the Chairman.

8. Matters Arising:


9. Planning Applications: Planning Applications received from:

79 Vyvyan Drive – Single storey extension and garage – Supported

Codgate Cottage – Steve declared an interest – Confirmation of position of building: Council agreed that this is not a planning matter – originally supported but we now believe this is a legal matter.

25 East Road – New garage – Supported

Bejowan Barns – change of use: The councillors need guidance on this type of application – Clerk to request further information from Cornwall Council.

Solar Panels at Treloy Tourist Park – Andy declared an interest in this application. Supported – Proposed by Roger, Seconded by Pat.   2 abstentions – remaining Councillors agreed to support this.

Horticultural tunnel – Steve declared an interest – This is going to Committee on 1st September – Parish Council remains with their original decision to support this if it is situated at least 30 metres from the neighbour’s property.

i. Cormac Solutions – 2 invoices for £431.58 + VAT – Payment proposed by Pat – all

ii. Quintrell Downs Village Hall – Rent payment of £36.00 – proposed by Jane and agreed by all.

iii. Abbey Maintenance – As per approved quotation no 6544 - £820.00 for Recreation Ground refurbishment.  Proposed by Roger and agreed by all.

iv. T Julian - £6250.00 + VAT for construction of new footpath as per quotation supplied – Proposed by Brian and supported by all.

v. Quotation received from Abbey Maintenance for refurbishment of Parish Council Notice board £95.00 – Proposed approval by Roger and agreed by all.

11 . Recreation Field Funds: Following a meeting of the Recreation Field Committee the following work now needs to be Trees to be cut down and clipped all around the field and old concrete base to be removed.
Quotes received as follows:
Acer Tree Services - £1000.00 – no VAT
Abbey Maintenance - £2100.00 – no VAT.
Proposed by Pat that the work be done and carried out by Acer Tree Services – seconded by Kath.  All agreed.  Steve to confirm with Acer.
Old concrete base to be removed.
Quotes received:
T Julian £1800.00 + VAT
Abbey Maintenance £1950.00 – No VAT
Proposed by Pat that the work is done and carried out by T Julian, seconded by Roger.  All agreed.  Steve to confirm with T Julian.
The recreation committee are trying to get some grants to carry out further work at the recreation field.
Recreation Field Bins – Clerk to investigate the cost to empty the bins situated within the boundary of the recreation field and set in motion.

12. Allotments: Duchy of Cornwall – Tim Grey – is happy to meet up with the Parishioners to discuss allotments on Duchy land.  Clerk to invite him to the next meeting or arrange another. There is an issue with the hedge bordering the new footpath which needs to be cut.  The Parish council have no recollection of agreeing to do this regularly.  Clerk to contact John Fitter and email Chris Haines of Quintrell Action Group that we are looking into it.

i Letter from Cormac Solutions that the cutting of the mound is included in the cutting contract – it has now been cut and will be done when the recreation field is cut in the

ii Invitation from Cornwall Council to attend Planning Workshops – Jane expressed aninterest – expenditure of £10.00 per delegate to be paid by Parish Council.

iii Road closure – Kestle Mill  to Trerice October 13th – 24th.

14. Any Other Business:
Footpaths: Jane has noticed that the footpaths around the village are no longer visible – she has been requested to obtain maps of the routes if possible.

Football Club rent -  The clerk has now sorted this out and full payment will be made shortly, the rent will be collected quarterly for now on.

Concrete base under the basketball is to be repaired.

Meeting closed at 20.40 hours.

Next meeting will be held on 24th September at 19.30 hours.


Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 24th September 2014

Di Willett  1/10/14


The Parish Council met on 24th September 2014 – Mrs K Waters was in the Chair.

Present:,  Bob Scott, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Roger March,  Jane Combes,  Di Willett – Clerk.

1. Police Report: There was no Police Report available this month.

2. Public Speaking: Mavis Warman from Newquay in Bloom spoke to ensure that the Parish Council still wants to go ahead with the replanting of the roundabout at Quintrell Downs.  £500.00 would have to be donated by the Parish Council in addition to the money already set aside by John Fitter.  The council requested a formal letter from Newquay in Bloom which will be added to the agenda and be discussed at the next meeting.

3. Newquay Town Council Boundary Review: John Rainbow and Darren Daniels distributed some maps and gave a brief overview of the proposed changes that Newquay Town Council want to make to the Parish Boundary.  It was agreed to add this to the agenda for next month’s meeting so that it can be fully discussed by the Parish Council.

4. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: The bridle way next to the Two Clomes is prone to flooding – it would seem that the properties along that road have extended their driveways and filled in the drainage ditch. It was suggested that Roger Rundle would know where the drainage pipes run – Cornwall Council to pursue this. The polytunnel at Codgat cottages was rejected when the decision was taken to Committee. The garage at Codgat was originally granted residential permission, but this has now become a legal matter between the parties involved.

The plans for Fir Hill have now been approved following negotiation and several assurances from the developers.

Phase 4 of the Rialton link road started today. Phase 1 is also started down to the railway line.  This will open up more land for development.  At present the only egress from this development land is via Quintrell Downs – this should not be approved until NSR is completed to find alternative access arrangements.

Letter has been sent to the Clerk regarding payments from the solar farm - Parish council to get £2500 pa for the next twenty five years plus inflation.  Letter has not been received yet -John will chase this up.  Colan will also get a share of the Denzil Downs site once it comes on line.

5. Declarations of Interest: None

6. Apologies Derek Luscombe,  Steve Lean, Andy Ormshaw, Brian Killingback

7. Parish Councillor Vacancies: Unfortunately neither of the prospective applicants could attend the meeting tonight, so they will be invited to attend next month – Bob and Kath to speak to them.

8. Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct and signed by Kath.

9. Matters Arising: None

10. Planning applications: Planning Applications received from:

PA14/01824 – Peninsular Properties – Conversion of water treatment works to dwellings – Rialton Corn Mill – supported.

Hendra Paul Cottages – change of condition – not for permanent residential occupation.

11. Clerks Salary: Clerks salary of £462.50 plus £25.03 expenses – proposed by Roger March, seconded by Bob Scott – approved by all.

12. Accounts:

Tony Philp – Acer tree services - £1000.00 as per quote.  Proposed by Maurice, seconded by Roger – approved by all.

Abby Maintenance – Refurbishment of notice board - £95.00.  Proposed by Roger, seconded by Pat – approved by all.

13. Recreation Field: The path and tree cutting is now complete – the base will be removed shortly.  The proposal is to enlarge the kiddies area and improve the equipment and move the picnic area outside the play area.

The football club will be building a changing room etc, which can be used by the residents of Colan – a gate should be considered to allow access to the new building.

Jane stated that people are walking their dogs on the recreation field – Roger to put a notice in the Colan Companion asking people to refrain from this practice.

The recreation field committee will meet prior to the next Parish Council Meeting to discuss proposals

14. Allotments: Tim Gray from Duchy of Cornwall will meet Parish Councillors at 5.30 in the Viiage Hall on Wednesday 1st October to discuss proposed allotments and buffer zone between Quintrell Downs and the new development.

15. Letters/Notices
i) Issues with Chacewater Parish Council,  Councillors loathe to get involved with
ii) Footpath – to be discussed with Tim Gray on Wednesday
iii) Chris Haines – various issues with litter and footpath – Clerk to reply contents this.have been noted.

16. Any Other Business:
Jane raised concerns about the uneven levels of the track by the A3058.  Matter to be raised with Tim Gray next week.

Roger mentioned the new charges for using Trevenson Road tip which started on 1st September – John informed us that this was for disposing of specialist waste only and not for garden waste.

Bob stated that the bus shelter by Morrisons was again in a bad state of repair – there are now four panels missing.  He will look into the cost of replacing these with metal panels and report to the next meeting.

Bob also suggested that we should have a permanent memorial for Russ Walkey  - perhaps a clock in the village hall.  Clerk to put this on the agenda for next month.

Maurice mentioned the Neighbourhood Plan leaflet that he was asked to present to the Councillors– previously discussed in a parish council meeting.

Meeting closed at 20.40 hours.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 29th October at 19.30 hours.


Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 29th October 2014

Di Willett  7/11/14

The Parish Council met on 29th October 2014 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.

Present:,  Bob Scott, Pat Lambshead, Roger March, Kathy Waters, Jane Combes, John Fitter, Di Willett –

1. Police Report: There was no Police Report available this month.

2. Public Speaking: No speakers this month

3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: Walker Application at Trevemper – John has requested a deferral as he is unhappy with the proposed new road.  No consultation has taken place and there are several concerns over the proposed new roundabout and access to the new development.

Highways – John also has concerns over the phase 4 link road from Rialton to William Hosking Way- again there has been no consultation.  John has been unable to find out what will happen to the current stretch of road to the junction with Henver Road.  John is continuing to oppose this until consultation has taken Aerohub Enterprise is moving forward – those who have signed up for a place will build their own units.

No further news on the NSR.  A new application has been submitted for land behind Trevenson Road currently owned by George Hautot and Jenny Gough.  Colan Parish Council should be aware that in order to facilitate this development, they are looking to build Phase 2 of the NSR which would bring traffic out by Hendra and then through Quintrell Downs.  John will object to this at the strategic planning meeting at the end of November.

Some good news – there has been agreement with the Hoblyn Estate and these plans will now  go to Strategic Planning, although the footpath is still to be finalised.

Sunnyside flooding- Chris Monk is now dealing with this which involves five houses behind Two Clomes.  

There are also some complaints about pub users parking on the road.

Nansleddan Primary School is due to pen by April 2018.

4. Declarations of Interest: Steve Lean, Andy Ormshaw, Brian Killingback, Maurice O’Gara

6. Parish Councillor Vacancies: Neither of the two applicants now wish to be considered for this position. Councillors were asked to try and generate some interest from people in the Parish.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

8. Matters Arising:
Bus shelter – Bob supplied a quote of £430.00 to carry out a refurbishment of the bus shelter, replacing glass panels with metal sheeting.  Pat asked it graffiti proof paint could be used.  It was agreed that Bob would find out the additional cost and advise Derek who will decide if it is acceptable – this will enable the work to be completed as quickly as possible.

9. Planning applications

Planning Applications received from:

PA14/09731, PA14/09732 and PA14/09733 – for mezzanine floors in industrial units at Treloggan Road mixed use development east of Treloggan Road.  These were all supported – proposed by Pat and Post meeting note:  Upon receipt[t of further applications for this new development, the Planning sub committee met and raised concerns about the infrastructure, Clerk responded following these comments.

Outline Planning for development on Duchy land east of Quintrell Road – Supported as set out.  Proposed by Pat and agreed by all.

Newquay Mowing Services for
i) hedge cutting  and weedkilling at Trevemper - £50.00
ii) weedkilling around the recreation field - £35.00
iii) weedkilling at Kestle Mill - £20.00
Total cost £105.00 – Proposed by Roger and seconded by Bob – All agreed
Cory invoice for bin emptying for £33.05 + VAT – this doesn’t match our agreement of £3.39 per bin per empty.  Clerk to query this with Cory.

11. Newquay Town Council Boundary Review
Following the visit from representatives of Newquay Town Council the Parish Councillors agreed that the presentation was poor and ill prepared – at this stage no further action to be taken by Colan.

12. Solar Farm Agreement: No further information received – the terms of the agreement are acceptable.  Clerk to write to Virginia Meldrum requesting final copy for signature.

13. Commendation for Chris McQuillen-Wright: Alan Harris wishes to nominate Chris McQ-W for a New Year Honour from the Queen and has requested a citation from the Parish Council.  The council believes that this award is inappropriate, but suggest that he approaches Bishop Tim for the Cross of St Piran award which would be more appropriate, Clerk to write to Alan with the above response.

14. Memorial to Russ Walkey: Bob supplied costs for various clocks and also for benches. The Village Hall Committee have agreed to contribute £200 towards the cost and asked if the Parish Council could match this. Roger proposed that the Parish Council agree to contribute £200.00 towards the cost of these memorials. Seconded by Kath and agreed by all.
All agreed on the design of the clock which included a plaque in remembrance of Mr Walkey and a bench for the recreation field.  Bob will order these and submit invoices to the clerk for payment.

15. Quintrell Downs Roundabout – planting by Newquay in Bloom Newquay in Bloom have requested an additional £500.00 from the Parish Council for the planting and care of the roundabout.  This was agreed in principle by all – proposed by Roger and seconded by Kath.  Clerk to write to Newquay in Bloom informing them of our decision and requesting a response as soon as possible.

16. Recreation Field: Roger reported that the path is now complete and the base removed.  Now need to look at additional play equipment – at present quotes are being sought for this.  Some maintenance is required on the path, as the falling leaves are making it slippery.  It was agreed to sweep them once a month.  Proposed by Roger and seconded by Kath. Pat stated that the there has been £500k set aside from 106 funding for play equipment.  It was suggested that we apply for some of this.  John was asked to approach the officer to find out much would be available - he agreed to do this and inform the Council.

A very positive meeting was held in October to discuss the provision of allotments. Peter Jones, Project Manager for the Duchy attended and stated that they were considering two separate allotments - one by the railway and one by the school.  Hopefully there will also by a cycle path around the allotments and through Chapel.  He will let us know by the next meeting.

Jane said that these should be delivered between 8th and 10th of November – we a site visit to plan where they are going.  There will be 105 trees in total – Jane will contact the recreation field committee when the Woodland Trust deliver the trees – volunteers will be required to help to plant them

19. Planning Workshop: Jane gave a summary of the workshop that she attended – a copy of her notes was sent to all Councillors and is attached to these minutes.

Letter received from North Coast Cluster Group with an invitation for Colan to join this group.  They meet every two months informally.  Pat suggested that it would be better to join the Newquay and St Columb Community Network as this group has some influence on decisions made.  All agreed that this would be a better solution  Clerk to write to NCCG with our response.

21. Any Other Business: Kath asked if some of the trees could be put around the allotments, however these will be provided by the

Bob has received two cheques from local organisations towards the cost of children’s play equipment.  £70.00 from the Spar shop and £100 from the line dancing group,  with an offer of further donations when they have fund raising events.  Clerk to write to both expressing our gratitude.

Meeting closed at 21.00 hours

Next meeting will be held on 26th November at 19.30 hours.


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