Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 27th November 2019


Those present:, Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Jane Combes,  Marc Dummett, Maurice O’Gara, Alistair McKenna,  Cllr John Fitter

 Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the Chair.


  1. Police Report:

There were 17 crimes reported in Colan Parish during the period 21-10-19 to 21-11-19.We were given advice on keeping our Christmas purchases safe from burglars. The report is attached to these minutes.


  1. Public Speaking:

Bob Scott reported that he has fixed the cable on the tennis court net.He also stated that the pot holes on the lane leading up to the recreation field are really bad.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

The devolution of the land at Gypsy corner is progressing – highways have confirmed that they have no use for it.

Persimmon has now resubmitted their plans for the footpath at the Goldings which now includes a slope instead of steps.Unfortunately John was unable to attend the hearing at the Atlantic Hotel.Alistair and several residents from the Goldings Estate attended this meeting – apparently there were some very unkind words about Colan Parish Council from Persimmon stating that they are unable to contact us in spite of the fact that our details are available on the Cornwall Council website.Alistair stated that the Council was being painted in a very bad light by Persimmon.

The Parish Boundary review has moved on to the next stage - it will be debated on Dec 10th by Cornwall Council. Colan can submit amendments if they so wish. Cllr Kenny has withdrawn the proposal by Newquay Town Council to exchange the green gap area for the Goldings.The residents of the Goldings have requested to remain within Colan Parish. There have been some maps produced, but John has not has sight of them yet, although he has requested copies –he will chase this up tomorrow as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where the new boundaries have been proposed. After the decision by Cornwall Council the propositions will go forward into formal discussions, so if there are any further amendments we wish to make we can submit them at this time. Pat stated that he believes the following three points: 1) we should fight to hang on to the land at Treloggan which is currently within our boundary. 2)When the Country Park is designated, this will be handed over to Newquay TC. 3) Newquay TC have been asked to provide street names for the new development at Quintrell Downs – he doesn’t understand why as this is part of Colan and not Newquay.

John requested that Derek or Kath contact him if Colan wished to make any amendments to their submission for the boundary review.Derek proposed that we should ratify our decision to keep the boundary as it is – all agreed with this proposal.John will email and copy in the Parish Council to ensure our position is clear on this to the Boundary Review Committee.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Any declarations of interest will be declared prior to discussion of any agenda item involved.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Steve Lean, Suzanne Featherstone and Louis Gardner



  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct and signed by Derek.


  1. Matters Arising:



  1. Planning Applications:

PA19/07850 – Extension to bungalow at Trethiggey Crescent.  Cornwall Planning are minded to approve this application.  Colan Parish Council felt that this was an overdevelopment of the site and still feel this way.  All Councillors voted to “agree to disagree” with the planning departments’ decision.


  1. Action Group Against the Proposed Holiday Development at Bejowan:

Kath has observed several people walking around the proposed site.  It is possible that they are looking to submit new plans for the area.


  1. Devolution of Playing Field to Colan Parish Council:

The Parish Council would like to apply to for the devolution of this land to them, however it was discussed and decided to wait until the lease has been ratified before making an application.  The second phase has not started yet, so we have plenty of time to submit this application.

The lease for the car park is now being ratified.


  1. Accounts:

The Recreation Field Committee account is in the process of being unlocked.  The bank requested a copy of the Charity Commissioners report and the constitution, which have now been sent to them.  Hopefully we will be able to get the money transferred by the next meeting.

Cormac Solutions - £492.93+ VAT for grass cutting at the recreation field. Proposed by Kath and seconded by Jane – supported by all.  The Clerk informed the Parish Council that Cormac will be flailing the hedges as soon as the weather permits – the ground is currently too wet to get the equipment in.

Abbey Maintenance - £23.94 for repairing the tennis court net cable.  Proposed by Brian, seconded by Maurice and supported by all.


  1. Clerks Salary Review/Precept for 2020:

The Clerk left the room while the council discussed her salary payment for 2020.

Clerks salary for 2020/2021 will be £3500. We will have some extra expense next year due to our broadband rental and also the additional use of the Curgenven Room for the computer club. We have also allowed for a slight increase in our general expenses and the council all agreed to set our precept at £12,000 for the year.


  1. Freedom of Information request:

This has now been withdrawn by the applicant.


  1. Recreation Field/Hedgecutting/Grass Cutting/Tennis Courts:

Derek and Marc inspected the fir trees in the NW corner of the recreation field.  They appear to be stable, however there are some branches overhanging which need removing. It was agreed by all to ask Tony Philp for a quote to do this work.

The quadrant corner of the field needs tidying up – there are lots of weeds and overgrown shrubs, the new car park is covered in leaves.  All agreed to ask Bob Scott to give us a quote for carrying out this work.


  1. Village Green Status:

Kath has received a form to be completed to enable us to apply for this Village Green status. We need to have proof of ownership, which will be with our legal forms.  To be carried over to the next meeting.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

No report this month as Suzanne is unable to attend tonight- however the work is ongoing.


  1. Governance Review:

This was covered in our Cornwall Councillor’s report.


  1. Quintrell Downs Roundabout

We have received a response to our letter to NIB.  They have suggested we contact Bob Ollier and speak to him about this.. Pat is concerned that we do not upset the volunteers who currently maintain this of us.  Derek will meet up with Bob to discuss further.  Marc has offered to provide any materials required for maintenance.


  1. Grantscape funding:

The clerk is continuing to monitor the site for the new application forms.


  1. Parish Notice board:

Bob has provided a quote for purchasing the notice board – aluminium would seem to be the best option, the cost of the notice board is £925 + VAT, with labour being £200.00.  It was suggested we order this direct from the manufacturers so that we can reclaim the VAT.  Pat proposed we accept this quote and it was seconded by Maurice – the remaining Councillors agreed with this decision.  The clerk will order it direct from the manufacturers to be delivered direct to Bob.


  1. Website/Wifi/Website Accessibilty:

Jane has received one enquiry regarding a planning application, but we have not yet received the one in question.  Jane contacted BT/Openreach, however all communication should be going through Bob.  Meanwhile we are still struggling with the service provided.

Bob stated that the Village Hall secretary deals with BT, but problems arose when another person contacted them about the same problem.  The playgroup pays for any calls they make on the landline.  Several BT engineers have been involved and they say that when adjustments are made it takes a period of time for them to settle.  BT are sending a specialist out to try and solve the problem.  In the meantime a partial refund of charges has been requested.  As much as possible is being done to sort the problem out.

Derek stated that the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council should work together for the good of the Community.

Website Accessibilty – Jane will have a look at this and see if we can deal with this ourselves.


  1. Quintrell Downs Bus Stops:

No further news – clerk to chase for the next meeting.


  1. Road Names – land off West Road:

The Councillors all agreed to leave the choice of street names to the contractor.


  1. Letters/Notices:

LM Partnership – asking if the Parish Council would like to take over the maintenance of the footpaths.All agreed to continue as we are at present and not to take over this function.

We now have a full complement of Councillors, however Louis has now missed 6 consecutive meetings. Should he not return next time we will have to consider his position on the Council.


  1. Any Other Business

Jane is currently awaiting an update on footpath 11, which is supposed to be a gold standard path.  The sign is no longer in place – John will take this up with Cornwall Council.

Kath stated that there is a lot of water running down the East Road through Quintrell Downs – John was asked to take this further to try and sort it out.

Alistair asked who owns Morrisons Roundabout – this is Cornwall Council. The first accident has happened due to the lack of road markings.  John agreed to take this up with Cornwall Council.


Next Meeting:

Due to Christmas, the next meeting will be held on 29th January 2020 at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 7/12/19

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