January Minutes

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 25th January 2017


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Jane Coombs, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

The police report for the period 30/10/16 to 30/11/16 was presented at this meeting and is attached to the minutes.There was also a report regarding speeding through Quintrell Downs and the actions being taken to prevent this.Also attached.


  1.  Public Speaking:

Neil Woodward spoke on behalf of Roger Old whose planning application will be considered later in the meeting.  He stated that Mr Old has addressed the issues which caused concern on his previous application and has done more than requested.

Marty Polmounter also spoke in support of Mr Old stating that local people would be employed in this business.  He also pointed out that this parcel of land has been derelict for many years.

Bob Scott stated that there were a lot of dogs being exercised on the recreation field despite sings banning this.  It is vitally important that this stop immediately due to the harm dog excrement can cause to youngsters using the field.   A notice will be put in the Colan Companion.

Ulla Kennedy representing the Allotment Association, requested that the fencing around the allotments be reconsidered for funding as at present access to the allotments is too easy.

Steve Winter also stated that the pathway from the Railway line to Gypsy Corner is overgrown and also has dog excrement along its length. We need to establish who is responsible for this stretch of footpath -  Clerk to write to Duchy.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

The application for the conversion of a garage to a residential building at Codgat Cottage is to go to Committee.  The Parish Council originally objected to this and we should use these original comments as a basis for our objections.  The officer is of the opinion that this falls within the boundary of the hamlet and as such is not classed as “open countryside”.

Cornwall Council will be voting on this year’s rate increase in February – it’s possible that it could be as much as 4.97% with the adult care levy being increased by central government.

Boardmasters wanted to increase the permitted hours of music until 2am, but they have only been allowed to go to 1am on Friday and Saturday.  The MoD has agreed to allow the traffic to access and egress via RAF St Mawgan as last year.  Buses are provided to go into Newquay; however some people are still taking their cars in causing the roads to become too busy.  There is a suggestion that people may be charged £10.00 to bring their cars back in if they take them off site.  They also want to increase the number of allowed entry from 39,999 to 49,999.  John has objected to this because it was only two years ago that this limit was agreed and this was supposed to last for 5 years.

The proposed site opposite Morrisons has now resubmitted a planning application as Aldi have now pulled out.  They want to access this site via Gannel View Close to which John has expressed great concern.

Kier have submitted retrospective Planning Permission for the gate at The Village at Quintrell Downs into the farmer’s fields.  John is objecting there are other alternatives.

An application has been submitted by Fortdown who want to use the new estates for access to their development.  The residents of The Village do not want construction traffic through their estate.

The Allotment Association has requested money from John’s Community Fund to erect a noticeboard which John has agreed.

John thanked Jane for attending the site meeting at Highlanes and is hopeful that some improvements will be made.


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Apologies:

Maurice due to family commitments

Andy, Steve, Helen and Louis due to work commitments

Kath due to holiday

Roger – who has also handed in his resignation from the Parish Council


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors


  1. Matters Arising:

Derek has received quotes for the renovation of the bus shelter roof on East Road:

Two were received – Western Flat Roofing - £885.00 + VAT which also included renewing the decking and Aaron Flat Roofing - £290.00 + VAT.

All agreed to accept the quote from Aaron Flat Roofing – clerk to notify both companies.


  1. Accounts:

Abbey Maintenance - £442.00 for work carried out to the basketball wall which was approved by Kath and Roger as a health and safety measure.  All approved.

Ralph & Co – £ 436.62 inc VAT - final account for transferring the lease of the allotment field to the Parish Council.  All approved

Cormac – Grass cutting on the recreation field from Jan – Mar £392.07 + VAT.  All approved

Clerks Salary and expenses Oct, Nov, Dec - £561.20 – Approved by all.


Derek has obtained a quote for the hedge cutting along the wooden fence which is no currently part of the regime.  Quote is £276.00 to do this work.  Derek also said that then entrance may need some improvement and perhaps this could be added to the work required.  This would probably be done at the end of the season.  To be added to the next agenda for discussion.


  1. Planning Applications

PA17/02258 – Kitchen extension: Supported – we believe the site is large enough to accommodate this extension.Approved by all.


PA17/00402 – Retrospective application by Kier for a gate from the farm on to the residential estate:After discussion it was felt that there is no need for the access to the farmer’s field to be via this route – there are other options available.It was unanimously agreed that we object to this application on safety grounds that farming traffic should not be driving through a residential estate.


PA16/12024 – Sunnyside - three year permission for temporary caravan: This has been there since 2014 and after discussion it was decided by majority that we would approve this extension of time.


PA16/12161 – Lattice Tower at the aerohub – Supported by all.


PA16/11976 = Roger Old – Car Repair workshop: We have previously supported this application and Mr Old has now made several improvements to his application.Kath objected to this application in writing, but it was agreed by the rest of the council present that this should be supported.


  1. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting

As previously discussed.



  1. Play Park, Vyvan Drive

Having received an email from our solicitor regarding the ownership of this play park, the Clerk was instructed to ask Ralph & Co to investigate the possibility of taking ownership of this land.


  1. 106 Funding:

This is Community funding from new developments- mentioned at the meeting in November.  There is no open space money available at present and this will be discussed at the next meeting.  Rename as “Windfarm/Solar Power Money”


  1. Boardmasters Traffic:

Already discussed under our Cornwall Councillor’s report.


  1. Horse Riding at Highlanes:

A meeting was held on site at which Jane represented the council together with members of the horse riding community.  Rachel Tatlow from Cormac Solutions will chase the farmers to get their hedges cut and has agreed to see if some resurfacing work can be carried out.


  1. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Update to be given at the next meeting.  The clerk stated that there seems to be some water ingress – Derek agreed to investigate.


  1. Allotments

A letter has been received from the Chairman of the Allotment Committee requesting further consideration of a security fence.As there were only a few Councillors present at this meeting, Derek requested that this is discussed at the next meeting.In the meantime he requested that the association get a quote for the gate and the fencing so that these can be considered at the next meeting. The council would also like more detail of the type of fencing required.


  1. Website:

No update this time.


  1. Letter/Notices

Steve Double wrote regarding the update on local referendum principles and funding for Parish Councils.  It has now been agreed that Parish Councils can increase their precept payments, at least for this year, without having a referendum.

REG Windpower  - regarding allocating the money received and the appointing of Grantscape to manage this.  Pat stated that he is not happy with these arrangements – we should be allowed to spend it as we see fit. A meeting will be arranged by Grantscape to find out their proposals.

Following Roger’s resignation, we will need to have a new signatory for our cheques – Clerk to bring mandate to the next meeting.

  1. Any Other Business:

The footpath in front of the new allotment site, from the railway line to Gypsy corner, is becoming overgrown.  John was asked who is responsible for the upkeep of this footpath – he thinks it is a “permissive footpath” and is owned by the Duchy.  Clerk to write to the Duchy to establish who is responsible.


Brian asked if there is any work planned on the road from Morrisons to Trevemper – the grass needs cutting.  John agreed to investigate.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be 22nd February 2017 at 07.30pm


Di Willett 10/2/17

February 2017

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 22nd February 2017


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kathy Waters, Pat Lambshead, Jane Coombs, Maurice O’Gara, :uois Gardner,  John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

None received this month


  1.  Public Speaking:

Phil Richards spoke on behalf of the Allotment association stating that the road is now finished and the sheds have been erected.  The standpipes are also in place – we now await connection by SWW.  The biggest problem at present is security whereby people can climb over the fence.  He requested a six foot high gate be installed and the height of the fence be raised to the same level. Some Councillors agreed to meet at the allotments to discuss funding for the gate and fence.  The Allotment association were asked to provide quotes for both the gate and the fence.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

The planning application from “The Village” is currently under determination and highways have been consulted regarding the exit in to West Road.

Boardmasters have applied to allow an additional 10,000 people to attend the event, although the Traffic Management plan has been accepted taking traffic past Treloy, the MoD have not yet given permission for the use of their land for access and egress to the site.This could create a huge traffic problem.There are concerns over the extra amount of traffic created in Newquay when festival goers use their vehicles to travel from the camp site to Fistral beach.There is some discussion over charging participants when they return to the camp site if they use their vehicles which would encourage people to use the buses that are laid on by the organisers.John will be objecting to this increase.

The traffic calming measures in Quintrell Downs will probably not now happen until after the summer – John has found out that this project was outsourced to a private company and Cornwall Council now no longer use this company – he will keep us informed of the situation.

There are still concerns over the bridle path at Sunnyside – this matter is still ongoing.

There have been complaints from residents of Nansleddan about speeding traffic on William Hosking Way. This is an ongoing problem as is traffic on South Road.The strategic initiative should include Quintrell Downs, and not stop at Chapel.

There is one company interest in moving into the Aerohub, but no lease has been signed as yet.


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Apologies:

Andy and Steve due to work commitments


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

After amendment to a spelling mistake - “sings” should read “signs” in section 2 Public Speaking - the previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors


  1. Matters Arising:

Maurice asked which hedge was to be included in the cutting regime, this is the one to the left of the gate as you enter the recreation field.

The hedge by the footpath on North Way also needs attention.



  1. Accounts:

The clerk has received money from John’s Community Fund for Colan Allotments and Quintrell Downs fund raising   She asked if everyone was content for her to write two cheques – £410.00 for Colan Allotments  and £150.00 for the fund raising committee- and get a signed receipt from each.  All agreed that this is acceptable.


  1. New Signatory for Bank Accounts

As Roger has handed in his resignation we need an additional signatory on our Bank Account.  It was agreed by all to ask Andy Ormshaw.


  1. Insurance Proposal – Zurich:

We have received a proposal from Zurich offering a discount for three separate options:

  1. Price per year - £1443.61 pa

  2. Price per year for three years - £1357.50 pa

  3. Per year for five years - £1295.28 pa

It was agreed by all to accept the proposal for five years.


  1. Planning Applications

PA16/10193 – Boardmasters Festival – This is going to Strategic Planning Committee on 2nd March – Kath and John will attend.


PA17/01211 – Vyvyan Drive Garage Conversion:

Supported by all – other properties in this area have already made this conversion.


PA17/01367 – Variation of Conditions Trethiggey Cottages:

This was discussed at some length and it was felt that the request for UPVC was too generic.Louis stated that there are companies who will fit UPVC that looks like wood which would be acceptable.It was decided to object to the variation as it stands as we don’t want to create a precedent for listed buildings. The clerk was asked to write to the applicant with our suggestions – either de-listing the building or using a specialist company to provide suitable UPVC.


  1. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting.

A quote of £276.00 has been received for cutting the hedgerow along the wooden fence – there is however quite a lot of other work required to tidy up the hedges’  It was suggested that we could use some money from the solar farm to do this work and include everything that needs to be done.  To be discussed further when we talk about the entrance to the field.  All agreed.


  1. Hedge Cutting:

The footpath from the railway line to Gypsy Corner was discussed.  The Duchy maintains the footpath while Colan should maintain the hedge.  The cutting of this could be attached to the hedge cutting at the recreation field – flailing once a year.  We could look into using money from the solar/wind farm.


  1. Play Park, Vyvan Drive

No further information received from Ralph & Co – Clerk to chase for the next meeting.


  1. Wind farm/Solar Power Money:

The 106 money from the Solar Farm (£2500.00) has been put in a separate account to be spent on Community Projects.  There is a meeting next week arranged by Grantscape who will be managing the applications for grants from the Wind Farm money for both St Mawgan and Colan. The will not charge the Parish for their advice, but will administrate the fund for us.  Derek, Steve, Di and Kath will attend this meeting at St Mawgan. Currently the Council is not happy about a third party managing our funds – however we will find out more at the meeting.

  1. Weedkilling:

We have received a quote of £772.80 from Cormac for this work.  Clerk to contact Complete Weedkilling Services who did this for us last year and obtain a quote from them for comparison.


  1. Parish Council Noticeboard

Derek stated that we need different backing fitted which will be less susceptible to damp   possibly cork.  He will investigate – all agreed to allow Derek to do this work.


  1. Allotments

The Allotment Association have requested fencing and a gate be fitted at the new site.Every plot is now allocated and there is a waiting list.Derek and Kath agreed to meet with the Allotment Committee at the site to discuss this further.


  1. Website:

No update this time.


  1. Letter/Notices

Re-elections:  Councillors have to be re-elected this year as it is four years since the last election.  Derek stated that it is getting harder to persuade people to serve on the Parish Council and encouraged members to stand for re-election.  There is unlikely to be sufficient interest to force a vote, so Councillors will automatically be re-elected.  The Clerk will collect the packs when they are available and deliver them to all current Councillors.

Lane Theatre would like to put up a sign on the main road as visitors may not know that the theatre is there.  The clerk was asked to respond in support of this when the theatre applies to highways for a brown information sign.

Bulletin from the Communities and Devolution department regarding various road improvements throughout the county which will include renewing white and yellow lines, surfacing and surface treatment and a targeted programme to clean and renew drainage features along the rural road network.

Homes for locals forever – Jane reported on the meeting held in Truro and stated that it had been very encouraging.  Several good ideas were proposed to allow this project to become a reality.

  1. Any Other Business:

Jane has measured the path from Quintrell Downs to Nansledan – it is currently 1m wide and she wondered if 106 money could be used to widen it further.


Maurice  - the bus stop along North Way is surrounded by mud and grass and the sign is obscured by the railway sign. John will investigate this – usually it is the responsibility of the bus company.

Maurice also commented on the speed of the traffic along North Way.  John has suggested that the30 mph limit be extended from Nansledan to Quintrell Downs especially as the school; is due to open in September.

The white lining has not been redone since the A392 was resurfaced – John will look into this.


Louis stated that the new Bus shelters are very green and need power washing. The one on the Village side has also had symbols scratched into it. This is detrimental to the appearance of our Parish and is an issue for the Parish Council.  Item to be added to the next agenda to look at maintenance.

The bus shelter on East Road has now been re-roofed by Phil Henwood.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be 29th March 2017 at 07.30pm


Di Willett 14/3/17

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 29th March 2017


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kathy Waters, Pat Lambshead, Jane Coombs, Maurice O’Gara, Andy Ormshaw, Brian Killingback,  John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

Attached to these minutes.

A total of 12 crimes recorded in the Parish between 27/02/17 and 27/03/17.

Also included is an introduction to the new “ALERT” community messaging service


  1.  Public Speaking:

Steve Winter spoke on behalf of the Allotment association and gave a quote from John Richards Fencing to the Council for a fence along the footpath side of the allotments.  He stated that they have been unable to get any further quotes – to be discussed under the agenda item no 14 – Allotments.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

Traffic Calming measures in Quintrell Downs – it has been stated that the current way forward is not fit for purpose and a further feasibility study will be undertaken between 30/3/17 and 8/5/17 – it will probably be September before this work is carried out and swill take 8 weeks to complete.The new Councillor will take this up following the Council Elections and brief Colan Parish Council on progress.

Boardmasters – The organisers have put in another application to increase the numbers by 5000 instead of 10000 – they are stating that it is vital for the economy of Cornwall. The residents of Treloy have requested that traffic enters via Treloy and leaves via Watergate Bay.John will only meet with the organisers if the Planning Officer is present.Derek stated that the Parish Council has received emails from the organisers requesting a meeting with the council – we have declined as we could be blamed if anything goes wrong.Pat stated that the majority of the money is spent on the site – so how can it make such a difference to the Cornish economy. We await further information.

Speeding along North Way and William Hosking Way - John is to attend a meeting with highways, the Police and Tim Gray to address this issue.John will forward emails received on this matter – it will probably come to a head once the school opens.

The centre line at Whitecross is not to be reinstated at present – they are looking to resurface again in May and this will be investigate again after this – highways say the road is too narrow for a centre line.


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Apologies:

Louis and Steve due to work commitments.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors.


  1. Matters Arising:


  1. Town and Parish Council Elections

Andy will not stand for election as he feels that his work commitments are encroaching on his ability to serve on the Parish Council.  He has agreed to be co-opted should there still be a vacancy following the elections.

  1. Accounts:

Newquay Mowing Service - £120.00 for toddler play area, total of four cuts.Proposed by Pat and seconded by Kath – all approved.

Clerks Salary and expenses – Jan- Mar 2017 - £562.00 – Proposed by Pat, seconded by Maurice – all approved.

Zurich Insurance - £1250.98 Proposed by Jane, seconded by Kath – all approved

Aaron Flat Roofing – reroof of bus shelter – proposed by Jane, seconded by Pat – all approved.


  1. New Signatory for Bank Accounts

As Andy has decided not to stand for re-election, Maurice agreed to become the additional signatory


  1. Planning Applications

Prow Park – Their appeal against refusal of planning application has been rejected.


PA17/01976 – Burrow Lane, The Village – Erection of conservatory – All supported


PA17/01362 – Trethiggey Cottages – Pictures and description of the proposed windows.The council do not object to the specification supplied, but need to ensure the planning officer is aware that this will be a listed building as it is within the curtilage of an existing listed building.


  1. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting.

A quote has been received from Cormac of £1726.31 for grass cutting in 17/18 – the same as last year.  As we have been unable to get any further quotes, the Council agreed to accept this one from Cormac.  Clerk to accept stating that it is to include all boundary hedges – the south boundary was not done last year.


  1. Hedge Cutting:

Clerk to request a quote for the cutting of the hedge along the A3058 from the railway line to Gypsy Corner along the new footpath.


  1. Allotments:

The allotment association presented a quote for £8498.00 + VAT from John Richards fencing which seems excessive for the type of fence required.  Derek agreed to look at further alternatives and try and get further prices.


  1. Play Park, Vyvan Drive

No further information received from Ralph & Co – Clerk to chase for the next meeting.  In spite of further correspondence with our solicitor we still have had no response.


  1. Wind farm/Solar Power Money:

Derek, Kath, Steve, Jane and Di met with Grantscape to discuss the way forward for this funding. They will take on the management of these funds at no cost to the Parish Council.

Derek and Kath have suggested that we could improve the entrance to the recreation field which would include clearing the area, extending the path out to the current footpath and planting some shrubs.  Rough quote to be sought for this work

Maurice suggested we could look at installing a defibrillator in the village.  He was asked to look into the cost of this.

Councillors were asked to provide further ideas for funding community projects in the Parish.


  1. Weedkilling:

We have received a quote of £772.80 + VAT from Cormac for this work. 

Complete Weedkilling Services have returned a quote of £600.00 + VAT.  The Parish Councillors voted unanimously to accept the quote from CWC – clerk to notify Alun Jones and reject Cormac quote.


  1. Bus Shelters:

In response to the Clerk’s question, the cleaning contract for Bus Shelters is not yet in place.  It was agreed that we would await further correspondence from Lee Quinney when the new contract is in place.


  1. Footpath from Quintrell Downs to Nansleddan:

This footpath is currently too narrow and is causing difficulty for those with push chairs.  It was decided to approach this once the school has opened - we could then put some pressure on the Duchy to widen this path.

Email received from Quintrell Downs Action group regarding the footpath adjacent to the allotments – Clerk was asked thank him for his letter and stat that this job is now in hand.

The footpath by the new Persimmon Development at Morrison’s Roundabout is still not complete – John will chase this for us.


  1. Sunnyside Walking Area:

The owners of the land at Sunnyside have offered to provide 3 acres of their land to create a walking area on the common land.  They will do all the work involved and maintain it once it is in place.  They wish to know if the Parish Council would have any interest in the proposal.  The Council agreed that they are interested in the proposals so far and look forward to further updates as the idea progresses.


  1. Parish Council Notice board

Derek has a quote of £70.00 for the new backing in the notice board – all agreed to this quote and asked Derek to progress with the work.


  1. Website:

No update this time.


  1. Letter/Notices

  1. Letter from Cornwall Council regarding the customer promise – “Have your say”

  2. Boardmasters organisers sent email stating that they are unhappy that we would not meet with them – this was discussed earlier.

  3. Canon Thorold requested that we lobby BT over that lack of broadband speed – we have no influence over this company.  Clerk to welcome him to the village and respond to his request.

  4. Malcolm Harris - regarding planning applications – Clerk to respond that we deal with this in house.


  1. Any Other Business:

Dog bins on the footpath – currently no access to empty them.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be 26th April 2017 at 07.30pm


Di Willett 10/4/17

March 2017

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