Minutes March

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 30th March 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback, Helen Curgenven, Roger March, John Fitter,.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.
In the absence of our clerk, Mrs Di Willett, Mrs K Waters (councillor) took the minutes

1. Police Report:
There was no Police Report this month

2. Public Speaking:

Mrs Janet Grundy asked the question how did they name the new development “The Village”? To which the answer is we don't know – it was a developer decision with no consultation .
There is a lot of litter can we arrange for a litter pick?

Bob Scott brought up the subject of the dog mess near the bus shelter which is awful. Also is there any chance of rubbish bins in the bus shelter?
A question directly to our CC J Fitter - Are the people of Colan getting priority of the new builds?
John said that Colan residents are top of list for the first 28 days after each phase of the 106 is released then it goes out to St Columb and Newquay. It was stated that the affordables were going to out of county people and as it was a condition of planning John to check.

There is also a street light out next to 27 Willow close.

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

Mr Fitter said that the name “The Village” was inappropriate and had not been the subject of any consultation. The Rialton link road will be closed for three weeks. Tim Grey says it is a private road and they need to carry out pre adoption work. A debate followed concerning the road being not up to specifiation for an A road, and if it remains a private road then we have funded it.

Trevithick plans are going to strategic planning and will probably be approved.
George Hautot is going to strategic planning on 6th May as there are serious traffic concerns, but it is supported by P Mason. John feels like enough is enough and all building should be halted until the strategic route is finished. The Duchy are now saying that the strategic route is now going to be only an Estate Road which is totally different to what we were expecting. John to establish exactly what specification we can expect.
The Dog Warden will be contacted quickly, as Newquay have one and we may be able to borrow her.
The development at the end of the bridleway has been withdrawn as exact plans are needed. There has been two complaints about the verges on West road.

4. Declaration of Interest:


5. Apologies:

Steve Lean, Andy Ormshaw, Jane Coombes, Di Willett

6. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek., with a small addition from Kath.


7. Matters Arising:

There was a quote for bin emptying 2015 £172.64 per bin p.a. 2016 £543.81 for all 3 bins up 2.8%

8. Planning Discussions:

There were none.
Treloggan Road had withdrawn all the variations requested. Fir Hill had the drainage plans granted.

9. Accounts

Cheques for Clerks Salary, Newquay Mowing, Abbey Maintenance and Village Hall rent all paid.

10. Solar Farm:

All in Pipeline.

11. Denzil Downs Community Committee:

Nothing to report at present.

12. Weedkilling

Cormac have quoted £772.80 + VAT which would include two sprays on 5.152 km of roads. Complete Weed Control quoted for £600.00
Roger proposed we accept CWC quote, seconded by Pat. All supported this motion.

13. Recreation Field:

Grass cutting – Maurice confirmed that the grass was cut on 10th March, however there is a swamp in the play area. The entrance sign is broken.

14. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Helen has researched many idea's including solar lights to attract people's attention as they are underused. For very little outlay they could be revamped and we have all to gain and nothing to lose. Maybe let the toddlers design them - we were all in favour of finding out what is on offer - Helen to organise.

15. Allotments

No further news

16. Website:

This is up and running with one contact made through it already.

17. Letter/Notices:

Commemorative plaques re the Queen's 90 th Birthday are available.
Chalets opposite Melancoose Mill are occupied without permission - an enforcement order is in progress but this takes time.

18. Any Other Business:

The Prow Park process is starting again.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 27th April 2016 at 7.30pm. Kath Waters 16/4/16 

Minutes February

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 24th February 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Jane Combes, Brian Killingback, Helen Curgenven, Roger March, John Fitter, Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

1. Police Report:
Emailed report received from the police – attached to these minutes. Only one crime reported in the period 24/1/16 to 24/2/16. The Xmas drink drive campaign resulted in the overall percentage of positive tests remained the same as last year.

2. Public Speaking:

Tom Bradshaw introduced himself as a resident in the village and offered his groundworks services to the Parish with no labour charges

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

John congratulated Colan Parish Council on managing to reduce their precept payments for next year.
A meeting was held with Tim Gray where it was confirmed that the NSR will not be designed as a bypass with speeds not in excess of 30mph. Hopefully Cornwall Council will put measures in place to route the traffic away from Quintrell Downs. The pinch points in Quintrell Downs will not now be done until after the summer season.
The signage will be in place at Halloon in time for the summer tourist season which will take incoming traffic past RAF St Mawgan instead of through Quintrell Downs.
The development at Trevithick has been amended again, which could have more effect on local businesses as the retail units appear to be smaller, at this stage John is not sure what can be done to reduce this effect.
The development on the opposite side to Persimmon will commence building first so we will need to ensure that there is not a doubling up of business opportunities.
The money is now with Cormac for the Trencreek crossing, so this work should begin shortly.
Our money is now available from the solar farm – John will advice the clerk of the contact to find out how much we will be receiving.
It has now been agreed on the signage at High Lanes to prevent traffic trying to go through the small lanes. Pete Cowling has agreed to help with the cost.
There are still problems at the bridleway to the downs – this is a separate issue to the planning application currently in progress. Colan supported the planning application at Sunnyside, John agrees with this but feels that there should be one proviso – which is that they should contribute to the affordable housing scheme. Highways have stated that the volume of traffic will not increase dramatically.
There is currently a new housing bill going through parliament which will change the criteria for affordable housing. The new houses will be called “Starter Homes” and will no longer just be available to local people. They can be sold after 5 years at the full market cost – this will encourage people who are not local to buy then sell after five years for a profit. All developers will want to do this rather the present scheme as mortgages will be easier to put in place. We need to be aware of this and voice our concerns. The enterprise zone is now fully open.
Treloggan Industrial Estate Road – the repairs are not good and will have to be redone. So far the development companies have made no contribution to the road and this will have to be sorted out.

4. Declaration of Interest:

Councillors will declare their interest when appropriate.


5. Apologies:

Steve – due to work commitments Andy – due Reservist training

6. Minutes of previous meeting

There was one amendment to the previous minutes:
Page 2, Item no 8 – Shipping containers – delete “Pat proposed supporting this application” The remainder of the minutes were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

7. Matters Arising:

Brian stated that the street light is still not working at Trevemper – it is situated just after the road sign before the footpath that goes over the packhorse bridge – clerk to write to highways.

8. Planning Discussions:

Planning Applications received from:
PA16/00688 – Dwelling at Taylors Lane, Dr Ingle – Supported providing provision is made to dispose of storm and standing water. Supported by all.
PA14/09730/31/32/33/35 and 36 - Land East of Treloggan Road – Information and details of meeting to determine the appeal for variation of various conditions. To be held 9th March at Newquay Council Chamber.
Post Meeting Note : Application withdrawn as per email dated2/3/16.
PA15/08250 – Email from Paul Banks at Planning regarding the Kingsley development. Councillors all agreed to respond as follows: Colan Parish Council stands by their objection to this application on the grounds that the new plans differ from the originals in the type of units proposed, as described in the GVA report.
PA16/00885 – Persimmon Homes variation: The council objects to this application as it has now strayed so far from the original concept. There is an increased density of dwellings and reduction in the open space provided. All councillors supported this.

9. Accounts

Cormac – Grass cutting £250.20. This is the final payment for this year and the reduction has been applied, therefore it was proposed by Kath that we pay this invoice. Seconded by Roger and supported by all.

Zurich Insurance - £1718.60 – approx 1.5% increase. Proposed by Kath and seconded by Roger – all approved.
Bus Shelter - Derek has obtained three quoted for the redecoration of the bus shelter at Trencreek which is in a bad state of repair:

PDH Decorating £480.00 – with roof cladding £506.76
Nick Howard £595.00 for decoration only
Abbey Maintenance - £325.00 – with cladding £450.00
Basketball Wall in Recreation Field – The following prices have been obtained to rectify the wall; 2 galvanised chains with adjusting bolts supplied by Mid Cornwall Metal - £183.22 + VAT

Fitting of the chains with a protective sleeve – Abbey Maintenance - £100.00.
Roger proposed supporting these prices, seconded by Pat. All supported this decision – Derek to initiate.

10. Solar Farm:

Money should now be available – John will email a contact number to the clerk and she will chase it up.

11. Denzil Downs Community Committee:

Nothing to report at present.

12. Weedkilling

Cormac have quoted £772.80 + VAT which would include two sprays on 5.152 km of roads. Complete Weed Control quoted for 3km at a cost of £480.00
Clerk to ask CPC to requote for 5.152 km.

13. Recreation Field:

Grass cutting – Quotes received as follows:
Cormac - £1726.21 + VAT
Tony Philp Acer Tree Services - £2400.00 with an additional £135.00 for flailing - a total of £2535.00.

Brian proposed that we accept Cormac quote, seconded by Maurice. All agreed on the condition that we monitor each cut and the first cut is carried out at the appropriate time.
Clerk to decline the quite from Acer.
Tom Bradshaw asked to speak to Derek after the meeting.

Newquay Ladies Football Club wishes to change their name to Newquay Community Football Club. All agreed this in principle, clerk to inform Pete Butterly that the football club will be liable for any costs involved.

14. New Bus Shelter:

Not an option as it is too expensive

15. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Helen has some ideas for upgrading our noticeboard and will bring some designs to the next meeting.

16. Allotments

The lease of the allotments is currently with both solicitors – both have been chased, but we are still awaiting a response.
Derek asked councillors to consider how the allotments are to be managed – perhaps an allotment committee with representatives from the Parish Council and Recreation committee. Discussions to be held next month.

17. Local Devolution Fund:

Derek has read through the documents received and considers that this is for larger councils who have “one stop shops” etc. John Fitter agreed.

18. Website:

There is an email address which the Clerk would like to use in future, so that others can access the emails if she is away. Di and Helen to liaise to get this set up.

19. Letter/Notices:

A feedback letter has been received from Newquay Cornwall Airport following the questionnaire which we completed.

Newquay in Bloom –a letter has been received regarding a cups awarded by Parish Councils in the Garden competition . There were no entries in this section and we now have two options:
1) return the cup to the Parish Council
2) NIB to award the cup in a different category.

All supported option 2.

20. Any Other Business:

Maurice reported a loose drain cover near Gypsy Corner which needs attention, then Pat also mentioned that there was another one on A392 at the back of 30/32 Willow Close. Clerk to report both of these to Highways.
Brian mentioned that the light is still not working at Trevemper – Clerk to report this as well.

Derek stated that we are still one Councillor short and asked Mr Bradshaw if he would be interested. To be discussed further between Derek and Tom.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 30th March 2016 at 7.30pm. The Clerk informed the Council that she will not be able to attend this one as she will be on holiday. Kath Waters agreed to take the minutes on her behalf.

Meeting closed at 20.50pm Di Willett 07/03/16 



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