Meeting Minutes January-March 2015

Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 28th January 2015

Kath Waters 29/1/15

The Parish Council met on 28th January 2015 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.

In the absence of the Clerk, Mrs Diane Willett, Councillor Kath Waters took the minutes

Present:,  Bob Scott, Pat Lambshead, Roger March, Maurice O’Gara, Brian Killingback, HelenCurgenven, Kathy Waters, Steve Lean

1. Police Report: There was no Police Report available this month.

2. Public Speaking: Mrs Ruby O'Gara talked about the planned Village Fete, to be held on the Recreation field on 7th June 2015, She wants to hire the hall to do a big breakfast, however Bob Scott said there is a “No Cooking” clause on the Village Hall insurance, but he would look into the possibility of warming up etc.  Mrs O’Gara  also wanted to borrow the chairs and tables from the Village Hall - she was invited to go to the Village Hall Committee meeting with this request as their concern and not that of the Parish Council

3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: There was no Cornwall Councillors report this month – apologies from John Fitter who has to attend a meeting at Newquay Town Council

4. New Councillor: Helen Curgenven was formally welcomed to the Council and was asked to complete the registration forms.

5. Declarations of Interest:

6. Apologies Andy Ormshaw, John Fitter, Jane Combes, Di Willett

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

8. Matters Arising:
Precept – Andy and Di have produced a basic Business Plan to support our application for the Precept
Payment  - it was proposed that the same thing should be done next year prior to the application for the Precept Payment.

The list of Councillors contact details was handed out

9. Planning applications: Planning Applications received from:
PA15/00145 – Mr Dean – Loft Conversion Gannel View Close – Height of roof caused some discussion but supported by all.

Cory Environmental - £40.68 for bin emptying at the Recreation Field – Approve by all

Carole Luscombe for books  - Guide to being a Parish Councillor and Parish Clerk - £33.00 – Approved by all.

Kath Waters for engraving plaques for Russ Walkey – this was passed to the Village Hall Committee

Clerks Salary and expenses (Sept-Dec) - £473.06 – approved by all

11. Clerks Salary 2015/2016:
A discussion followed regarding the Parish  Clerk and how much she is valued, the amount of work done and how well it is done. Clerks salary for 2015/2016 is raised to £2000.00 – approved by all.

12. Solar Farm Agreement: No further information received .

13. Recreation Field: Quotes for Play Equipment should be submitted as soon as possible – We now have two quotes and are awaiting receipt of the third.  Clerk to send off the ones already received.

14. Allotments: The application for the buffer zone has been submitted and we have 8 people currently interested in having an allotment when they become available.  Clerk to place an advert in the Parish notice board.

Unfortunately Jane was unable to attend the meeting tonight however her report was read out -  more saplings expected in March.  More flailing required behind the play area.

A letter from Chacewater Parish Council “Council for Change” was read out.  The council reserved the right to remain impartial.

A letter of thanks was read out from Newquay in Bloom – the roundabout planting will commence during

17. Any Other Business

Mrs Clogg has requested that the Parish accept donation from Cornwall Council towards the fete, as they will not pay out to an individual.  Item to be added to next month’s agenda as we cannot approve this unless it is an agenda item.
It was suggested that we could use the Curgenven Room for our monthly meeting to free up the Village Hall for additional income – also to be added to next month’s agenda.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 25th February 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 25th February 2015

Di Willett 8/3/15


The Parish Council met on 25th February 2015 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.

Present:,  Bob Scott, Pat Lambshead, Roger March, Brian Killingback,  Helen Curgenven, Kathy Waters, Steve Lean, John Fitter

1. Police Report: There was no Police Report available this month.

2. Public Speaking:

3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: John apologised for his late arrival.  Report as follows:

There has been a request for a bus shelter to be provided at Mountjoy –John is trying to source this.

Rialton Link Road – There will be a consultation for all interested parties to discuss the redundant road by the cemetery.  Access will be required as the Duchy propose to develop further.

Phase 1 of the NSR will begin once the Duchy receives approval for mixed quarter development at Nansleddan.

Airport Solar Farm money – the holdup is due to St Mawgan Parish Council requesting a change in the articles of negotiation.  John is chasing the release of our share of the money.

The Shackleton aircraft at RAF St Mawgan is now surplus to requirements and was put out to tender for removal and disposal.  However a Heritage group has now been formed to preserve it and move it to the new Aerohub.  It will now be retendered to reflect this – John is trying to get some funding for this project.

Denzil Downs Solar Farm – Colan Parish Council is not being informed of meetings concerning this project.  

John has arranged that in future we get the chance to attend as this could mean about £8K a year for the Cormac Safety Evaluation team have produced a report on the safety of Trencreek Crossing.  John is not happy that there is no pavement from the new houses to the railway line.  A site meeting has been arranged to discuss further.  The railway line is also in need of repair.

New drainage work by Kier is ongoing to resolve the flooding problem with the leat near Trethiggey

Our two quotes for the improvements to the recreation field have been submitted – the third quote is required as soon as possible- Derek should have this by 12/13th March.

Two comments from Cllr Jane Combes were passed to John:
Requesting a pull in for buses on East Road

Speeding traffic approaching Gypsy corner – a police matter

John will approach the appropriate authorities on our behalf.

4. Trevithick Manor Development: There was a presentation by representatives from Persimmon Homes who have taken over the development from Kingsley. The plans have been amended and will be submitted for approval on 2nd

5. Declarations of Interest:

6. Apologies: Andy Ormshaw – due to work commitments
Jane Combes due to family commitments
Maurice O’Gara due to sickness

7. Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

8. Matters Arising

9. Planning applications: Planning Applications received from:

PA15/00876 – Walkey – Construction of two dwellings with access vie Quintrell Gardens – Approved by all.

PA15/01217 – Lawrence – Subdivision of existing dwelling to form two self contained dwellings. –After discussion regarding access this application was approved by all.

Notification of  - PA14/09730 – Chelverton Deely Freed Ltd – change of use of 4 units – reported to strategic planning committee.

10. Accounts:
Cory Environmental - £20.34 + VAT for bin emptying at the Recreation Field – Approved by all
Cormac Solutions  - £431.58 + VAT for recreation field maintenance – Approved by all
CALC - £60.00 + VAT for a training course for Jane Combes – Approved by all

11. Quintrell Downs Fete: The Parish Councillors agreed to accept a payment from Cornwall Council on behalf of the organisers.  Approved by all.

12. Solar Farm Agreement: Discussed within Cllr Fitter’s report.

13. Recreation Field: Derek has arranged a site meeting with a third company supplying play equipment on 10th March – Kath and Roger will also attend.

14. Allotments: These should be available later this year – car parking problem is still to be resolved.

Jane has developed a planting plan which was shown to the Parish Council. The trees are due to arrive atthe beginning of March.  Some trees are to be planted around the new football field – this will not affect the construction work.

16. Curgenven Room: Councillors discussed the possibility of using the smaller room for future meetings.  It was decided that there was insufficient space should members of the public wish to attend.  It was proposed by Roger that the meetings continue to be held in the main hall, seconded by Brian.  All councillors agreed.

The minutes of the Newquay and St Columb Network were made available for Councillors to read.

18. Any Other Business:
Kathy has received complaints from the new residents at Figgy Road that the play equipment is not available to use.  Cllr Fitter agreed to investigate.
Brian pointed out that several bollards have been knocked down on the road from Lane to the roundabout at Trevemper.  Cllr Fitter agreed to raise this with the highways department.
Bob asked when we are likely to get another Police report – last time the police were represented we were told that they would not be able to attend for several months.
Russ Walkey’s memorial bench and clock will be unveiled at the coffee morning on March 14th at 11.30.  
Bob will set the bench in concrete early on that morning – he asked for confirmation of the position of the bench – Kath will advise.  Derek will unveil the clock.
Pat has been asked when the construction of Gover Chapel will commence.  This is part of the development by Hautot Land.  Clerk to invite the developers to a future meeting to give a presentation on this development.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 25th March 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 20.45


Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 25th March 2015

Di Willett 26/3/15


The Parish Council met on 25th March 2015 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.


Present:,  Bob Scott, Pat Lambshead, Roger March, Brian Killingback,  Helen Curgenven, Jane Coombs, Maurice O’Gara, Andy Ormshaw, Di Willett - Clerk

  1. Police Report: The Police sent through two reports – for February and March.  Crimes reported as follows: February – total of 11 crimes reported- figures have risen slightly during half term March – 7 crimes reported. Both reports are attached to the master copy of the minutes.

  2. Public Speaking: Ruby O’Gara and Carol Clogg reported on the progress for the village fete to be held on 7th June.  They requested to book the Village Hall on various dates for fund raising events.  These will be discussed by the members of the Village Hall committee present after the meeting.

  3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: John is unable to attend tonight and sent his apologies – he has been called to an urgent meeting elsewhere.

  4. Declarations of Interest: None

  5. Apologies: Retrospective apologies received from Kath Waters and Steve Lean.

  6. Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

  7. Matters Arising:
    Memorial seat – This was to be sited on East Road prior to the dedication, however Derek and Bob agreed that it should have a concrete base. The Parish Council have to decide if they agree with this.  Proposed by Roger and seconded by Jane.  All were in favour.  All the Councillors agreed to ask Bob to carry out this work.

  8. Planning applications: Planning Applications received from:
    PA15/02102 – Bicknell Construction of 5 dwellings – All agreed to support this but expressed concerns regarding access/egress to the site in relation to the A392 junction.  Request that highways department carry out an “in depth” assessment.
    PA15/01983 – Lowertown barn conversions – Supported  - Porposed by Roger , seconded by Helen – and agreed by all.
    PA15/02435 – Antenna and Dish – Supported by all – will be less intrusive than the current mast.
    PA15/02185 – Persimmon Homes Develpoment. – There was some discussion over these plans as they have increased the number of houses since the presentation was made to the Parish Council.  All agreed to object to this application on the grounds that the density has increased from the original presentation, overdevelopment of the original concept and not in keeping with the surroundings.
    Presentation at Treffry regarding phase two development of the Kier site.  Not many councillors had been aware that this was taking place.  There are concerns about the exit on to the main road.  Clerk to invite the developers to attend the next PC meeting to give a presentation.

  9. Accounts:
    Cory Environmental - £20.34 + VAT for bin emptying at the Recreation Field – Approved by all
    Jane Coombs - £23.67 for tree labels – Approved by all
    CPALC  Membership £397.13 + VAT  – Approved by all
    Clerks Salary and expenses – Jan, Feb, Mar - £486.02 – Approved by all

  10. Quintrell Downs Fete: Discussed previously during public speaking.

  11. Solar Farm Agreement: No further development – Clerk to request John Fitter to chase this again.

  12. Recreation Field: Mike Dearling has written regarding concerns over the tree planting.  Jane has been assured that the trees will not grow big enough to cause any problems.  Jane will advise the Clerk the range of trees planted so that a reply can be sent to Mr Dearling.
    Maurice suggested that in future the PC displays a notice of their proposed plan to give residents a chance to raise concerns before they are planted.
    There are another 300 trees to be planted around the Football Field which will not affect any properties.

  13. Quotes have now been submitted for the new play equipment – we await a response from our application for a grant.

  14. Allotments: There is now a list of 12 people interested – still no response from Duchy.

  15. Trees: Already discussed under item 12.

  16. Letters: Cornwall Council offering training to Councillors on “Code of Conduct”.  Training sessions listed if anyone is interested.

  17. Any Other Business:
    Jane – Mr Butterley of the Football Club has volunteered help for any further community projects.  There was a good turnout for the tree planting.
    Maurice – The new footpath on North Way is full of weeds and brambles are growing over.  Clerk to contact John Fitter to request action.
    Brian – Manhole outside Trevemper cottages has still not been repaired. Log number 151828000 - Clerk to email John Fitter to see if he can hasten repairs.
    Bob – Good to see Newquay in Bloom working on the roundabout – should look good once it is complete.
    Jane – Walked footpath no 1  - there is no signage and the gates are tied.  Agenda item for next month.
    Derek – footpath 80 metres north of Trethiggey Caravan Park entrance is muddy and full of weed.  Clerk to request Newquay Mowing Services to clear this next time they are in the village working.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 29th April 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 20.35


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