Although the lockdown has been eased, the Thursday Computer Club. will not be able to get up and running for awhile yet. However, Simon from CRCC, rang to say that he is working from home, and if anyone needs assistance, please email or phone me and I will pass your contact details to him. He is very good at talking you through your difficulties and you will be able to get online to do what you want without having to wait until this crisis is over. 

As all of us have discovered, we can find out so much both in entertainment and news as well as contacting friends and family even though we can't get out and about.

Don't fall victim to rumours.....

Entertainment, whether tv, catch-up, films, books, puzzles of all kinds and games are there in Aladdin's knapsack.

You can also shop, learn about everything under the sun, garden tips and so on.

Best wishes to all, many thanks to Simon and Lynn (our helpers from Cornwall Council). Do keep in touch. 

For the time being leave a message on this website, or contact me on 078729590008  SIMON 07886629842

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