We are sorry to have to tell you that for the forseeable future we are discontinuing the Thursday Computer Club. If anyone needs assistance,, then please email or phone and we will try to help or  put you in touch with someone who can.  

More than every for the next months, the things on offer on line will become more and more important.  Not least, you can look online at the Government reports and notices to find out what EXACTLY you should expect. Don't fall victim to rumours.....

Entertainment, whether tv, catch-up, films, books, puzzles of all kinds and games are there in Aladdin's knapsack.

You can also shop, learn about everything under the sun, garden tips and so on.

Best wishes to all, many thanks to Simon and Lynn (our helpers from Cornwall Council)  and hope it won't be long before we are back. 

For the time being leave a message on this website, or contact me on 078729590008

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