Minutes June

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 29th June 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Roger March, Andy Ormshaw, Jane Coombs, John Fitter,. Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

1. Police Report:
There was no Police Report this month – Clerk to try and get one for next month.

2. Public Speaking:

Bob Scott: Asked about bins for the new bus shelters – John stated that these will have to be funded by the Parish Council – agenda item for next month.
Bob was also concerned that the Quintrell Downs Fund Raising Committee are claiming that they are sanctioned by the Village Hall and Parish Council in their fundraising literature that has been displayed. Although their work is very much appreciated, they are not officially linked with either group. Derek asked Maurice to ensure that this is rectified.

Roger Old: Presented his case for the planning application for a new workshop at Quintrell Downs. He is a local man who has been trading for 7 years in his current location which is very run down. He has spent two years searching for an appropriate location to build a modern workshop. He will employ six local people initially and has worked hard with the p designers to create a modern workshop without destroying the environment.

3. Newquay & St Columb Community Network:

Esther Richmond and Dave Sleeman explained to the Council the work that they can do to help the Community. Esther stated that Cornwall Council has allocated 608K to the Network Panel to be distributed in their area – this equates to £34.6K for our specific area. It can be used for any Community Projects eg. improved access to communal areas, hearing loops installation. She asked that the Parish Council put forward recommendations which will then go forward with those from other Councils for a decision on where the funding should go.

4. Cornwall Councillors Report:

Newquay in Bloom have offered to take over maintenance of the new roundabout at Hendra – this is currently with Cornwall Council for a decision.
There have been complaints from Hendra regarding the noise from HGV’s delivering to the site of the new road. John is currently in dialogue with Cormac – this work is due to finish by 21st July, but originally was not supposed to have started until the season is over in October.

The application for 400 houses will be going back to Committee - John is adamant that no further development should be allowed until the NSR is complete.
Trencreek Railway Crossing – The signage for the crossing will be done in September; this will include road paint and general tidying up.

Traffic calming work in Quintrell Downs will be started in the autumn. The major work will be done first, and then the coloured stone will be completed once additional funding has been found.
The hedge along the cycle path from Gypsy Corner has been partially cut – John will check why this has not been completed.

Kier site – an unauthorised exit has been created into the field allowing farm traffic to use the estate – this was never included in the plans – the enforcement department is now involved to sort this out.
Another enforcement issue is currently being investigated at Melancoose where a permanent residential accommodation is gradually being established without permission.

Aerohub – Businesses are gradually showing interest in establishing themselves here. Page 1 of 3


Bins on Bus Shelters – these will have to be provided by the Parish Council – this will be discussed at our next meeting.

5. Declaration of Interest:


6. Apologies:

Steve Lean, Brian Killingback, Helen Curgenven

7. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors

8. Matters Arising:


8a) Accounts

Newquay Mowing Services: £50.00 for spraying footpaths – Proposed by Roger, seconded by Kath – all approved.
Clerks Salary and expenses - £567.85 – Proposed by Maurice, seconded by Kath – all approved.

9. Planning Applications:

PA/00688 - Lower Trevilley: Planning Committee hearing on 4th July – Kath to attend on behalf of the Council.

PA16/02487: Prow Park, Treloggan – Outline Planning Permission for B1 & B8 uses. Still an issue with the access road. Object – Not enough information provided, clarification required on the proposed usage. Proposed by Kath, seconded by Roger- all agreed.

PA16/05039: Proposed Changing Block – This is our own application on behalf of Newquay Community Football Club and therefore we declare an interest in this application and make no comment. All agreed.

PA16/04621: There was some concern about then access and egress to the site, but following discussion it was decided that if the Highway department were happy that this will not cause any problems Proposed acceptance by Roger, seconded by Jane. 4 councillors were in favour with this, 1 abstained.

PA16/03779: 5 Houses at Trencreek turning – Planning will not support our objection so all agreed to disagree with this decision.

10. Newquay Airport Committee:

After speaking with Andy it was agreed that Andy would continue to represent Colan Parish on this committee as there was no conflict of interest.

11. Recreation Field and Grass Cutting:

Play Area: the fence post has rotted and the mulch around the swings needs replacement – a quote has been received from Abbey Maintenance for £288.00. All agreed to accept this quote.
Basketball hoop: Quotations to be sought for a new basketball hoop – Derek agreed to investigate.
Grass cutting: There has only been one cut this month – Councillors are not happy with the frequency of cuts. The clerk is to write to Cormac and remind them of their assurance that the service would be much improved this year.

12. Highways:

The grass is encroaching on to the footpath approaching Gypsy Corner making it difficult for those with pushchairs to walk along. John Fitter will take this forward for us.

13. Play Park, Vyvyan Drive

This is definitely owned by Cornwall Council - we would like to write to Cornwall Council explaining what we would like to do with this area. John/Esther to contact Di with details of contacts.

14. Right of Way:
The lane from Quintrell Gardens to East Road is not owned by anyone, but there is an official right of way from Bejowan Farm to the main road so no one else can claim this land. No further action.

15. Trewarne Lane:

We received an email from a resident regarding installing speed bumps and signs on Trewarne Lane . Clerk was asked to reply that there are a lot of changes going to happen shortly, so we can do nothing at this time.

16. Open Evening:

This was suggested by a Parishioner last month. On discussion it was decided that as we write a report in the Colan Companion each month and notices are displayed on our notice board it was probably not viable to do this. We will amend our Public Speaking time to 20 minutes and the Clerk will put a notice up to reflect this.

17. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Helen is now ready to refurbish our noticeboard – Clerk to get an extra key cut for Helen and liaise regarding notices. She will update us fully at the next meeting.

18. Allotments

A meeting has been held with Tim Grey. The Duchy are arranging to install the water supply and plough the field in preparation for marking out the allotments. We now need to consider how we are going to run the allotments, how much we should charge etc. To be discussed more fully at the next meeting.

19. Website:

Helen has added the last set of minutes to the website and will try and take some photos of the village to add to the site.

20. Letter/Notices:

Steve Double – regarding business rates for Public Toilets – not applicable to us.
Cornwall Council – re Access road to Treloggan Industrial Estate – awaiting completion of trenching works by Western Power Distribution and they are currently working on a long term solution.
Camborne Town Council – requesting us to write to Cornwall Council regarding 8 open spaces they wish to adopt. As we know noting further about this we would prefer not to get involved.
Public Services in Cornwall – inviting attendance at a meeting to discuss this.
Vacancy on Parish Council – anyone interested please contact the Parish Clerk.

21. Any Other Business:


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 27th July 2016 at 7.30pm. Di Willett 15/7/16 

Minutes May

Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council Wednesday 25th May 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Kath Waters, Brian Killingack, Clerk – Di Willett.

The Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council was held on 25th May 2016

1. Nominations for Chairman:
Pat Lambshead proposed that Derek Luscombe should be appointed Chairman – this was seconded by Maurice O’Gara and unanimously agreed. Derek agreed to take on the position.

Derek Luscombe was now in the chair for the AGM.

2. Nominations for Vice Chairman:
It was proposed by Brian Killingback that Kath Waters be appointed as Vice Chairman – seconded by Pat Lambshead. Agreed by all Councillors – Kath accepted the position.


3. Nominations for Committees:

  1. Planning Sub Committee: The nominated members are Derek Luscombe; Roger March; Kath Waters; Steve Lean and Jane Combes. Helen Curgenven and Maurice O’Gara agreed to be on call should they be required.
    Agreed by all

  2. Recreation Field Committee: Kath Waters; Roger March; Derek Luscombe; Brian Killingback and Maurice O’Gara
    Agreed by all

  3. Village Hall Committee: Steve Lean, Roger March, Maurice O’Gara Agreed by all

  4. Trees, Countryside and Footpaths: Kath Waters and Jane Combes

    All agreed

  5. Police Liaison: Andy Ormshaw All agreed

  6. Cornwall Association of Local Councils: Derek Luscombe All agreed

  7. Newquay Airport Committee: To be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Email Andy to find out more details.


4. There were twelve crimes reported in the Parish for the period 25/4/16 to 23/5/16. The police report is attached to these minutes.

Police Report:

5. Chairman’s Report


Our resistance to new building projects finally seems to be gaining momentum as there is now more emphasis on the infrastructure rather than continuing to develop area without roads etc in place. We will press on with improvements to our Recreation Field. Newquay Football Club is now ready to submit plans for the changing facilities.

I hope that we can continue to serve the community with our best efforts.

6. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:
John is unable to attend tonight but sent the following report via Kath:
I wish you all continued success with your commitment to Colan Parish.
The new railing outside the Quintrell Inn will be put up as soon as possible. John is currently looking into the maintenance of the verge at Gypsy Corner.
Prow Park have made 4 further planning applications which have not been received by Colan Parish Council – it appears the Parish Boundary has been moved – John will try to find out what is going on and get clarification of the Parish boundary line.
The road into Treloggan Industrial Estate remains in a bad condition – Cornwall Council owns this road and is responsible for adopting it. John is chasing for a solution. Clerk to email our concerns to highways department voicing our concerns,
There is no pedestrian crossing for the new Persimmon Development beside the Kings Head – highways stated it was not required.

7. Public Speaking:

Janet from Trethiggey Crescent suggested that an open evening could be held to encourage people to join the Parish Council. Derek thought this could be a good idea and asked for it to be put on the agenda for discussion next month. She also raised the state of the wooden bus shelters owned by Cornwall Council – they are not being maintained. Clerk to ask John to investigate this for us.

Bob Scott – lives in “The Village” and stated that there is a play area there, but no signs to warn of children playing. Clerk to email John to find out who is responsible.
There was concern about the footpath leading from Quintrell Gardens down to East Road – it appears that the residents are encroaching on to this and there is fear that they will try and fence it off. When the homes were built on Quintrell Gardens the developer was unable to find out who owned this land – although we do know that the residents of Bejowan Farm have a right of way. Clerk to email CALC and try and find out where we stand.

8. Declaration of Interest:


9. Apologies

Apologies received from:
Roger March, Jane Combes, Steve Lean, Andy Ormshaw, John Fitter, Helen Curgenven

10. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

11. Matters Arising:

Weedkilling – Treatment has now started throughout the Parish.

12. Planning Applications

Planning Applications received from:

PA16/03779 – 5 dwellings SW of Westways Lane – This permission has previously been refused due to access. The Parish Council still wishes to object to this application due to safety, overdevelopment of the site and danger from the highways. Proposed by Pat, seconded by Kathy and agreed by all.

PA16/03701 – New signage at Morrisons All supported

PA16/03568 and PA16/03562 – Extension to Rialton Mill and listed building consent: All agreed to object on the grounds that it is out if scale and incompatible with the current building.

13. Audit return

The clerk presented the annual account to the meeting. All agreed that these are a correct report on the Parish Council accounts.

14. Accounts

Abbey Maintenance – £60.00 - Erection of Welcome sign to the Recreation Field – All approved of this payment.
Cormac – £431.58 + VAT - Grass cutting at the Recreation Field – Approved by all.

15. Recreation Field:

All enabling work is now done at the recreation field, so Kath will now email Outdoor Play to let them know that we are ready for the new equipment to be installed. All agreed that this is the way forward.

Newquay Football Club – Derek has agreed with the football club architect that the Parish Council will submit the plans for the changing block. Once the clerk has received the money, she will send the fee to the Council.

The posts on the fencing are now rotting and there are also a few more things to be checked. All agreed that Derek should attend site with some contractors and get some quotes for this work.

16. Noticeboards

Helen was not able to attend tonight so hopefully we will get an update next month.

17. Allotments

The lease has now been signed and returned to our solicitors. Clerk to contact Tim Grey to arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward regarding water supplies, secure building etc.

18. Website

Helen to report next month

19. Hedgecutting at Trewarne Lane

We have received an email regarding the hedge on Trewarne Lane which is scratching cars as they go past. Derek agreed to trim this back this time and then arrange for our contractor to cut his later in the year.

20. Letters

Coastal Community Fund requesting application for funding – nothing in Colan at this time. Centenary Fields – Not at this time
Briefing Statement on “Urban Gulls”
Information on Bills passed at the opening of Parliament.

21. Any Other Business

Kathy asked if there was any progress on the Play Park at Vyvan Drive, Clerk to email our Councillor and add to the agenda for next month

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 29th June at 19.30 hours. Meeting closed at 20.30 hours.
Di Willett 8/6/16 

Minutes April

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 27th April 2016

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Roger March, Andy Ormshaw, John Fitter,. Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

1. Police Report:
There was no Police Report this month – Clerk to try and get one for next month.

2. Public Speaking:

Steve Winter from Little Trethiggey commented on the speed of the traffic travelling out of the village. He asked if the signage could be improved as the current signs are quite small. John will look into this for us.

Bob Scott reported that the roots of the trees in front of the Treffry Inn are now pushing up the pavement. He also stated that the Council have previously cut down some of these trees without any discussion with the Parish Council and wondered if they were under any obligation to replace them. Apparently there is nothing to force the replacement of these, however John will find out the position of Cornwall Council and see if any pressure can be applied to get these done.

Bob also reported that the Spar shop have offered to paint the bus shelter free of charge, for which we are very grateful.

Steve also mentioned the railings outside the Quintrell Inn – John replied that this is currently in hand and there will be some sort of barrier put back there.

3. Cornwall Councillors Report:

We have finally received the money from the Solar Farm – this should now come in regularly on the same day for25 years and should be index linked. Clerk to check annually.
On Thursday week the Planning application form Hautot will go before the strategic planning committee. John’s view will reflect those of Colan parishioners – that we don’t want any further development at this time.

John has asked highways to cut the grass from the Railway line down to Gypsy Corner. The requested litter pick has been completed.
The Rialton link road is now open again – white lines have now been painted and cats eyes installed as part of the “living road” structure.

The Planning Application submitted by John Ingle will be presented at committee on 9th May – Kathy agreed to attend with John to speak on behalf of the Parish Council.

John has received an email stating that Prow Park is no longer considered to be part of Colan Parish – it now falls within Newquay Town Council boundary.

4. Declaration of Interest:


5. Apologies:

Steve Lean, Brian Killingback, Jane Combes

6. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors.


Matters Arising:


7. Planning Discussions:

Notice of Strategic planning meeting received for the Hautot Development – 1000hours on 5th May.

Walker Development – notice of intention to reduce the number of affordable houses within this development. This was supported by Pat, but 4 councillors objected to this. Clerk requested to respond as follows:
A company who is dealing in millions should be able to assess the viability of the project at the outset, and not have to amend the application so shortly after

8. Accounts

Mid Cornwall Metals - £183.22 + VAT – all approved
Abbey Maintenance - £318.00 slightly higher than quote due to additional purchase of large angle brackets – all approved
Cory Environmental – six months bin emptying - £271.90 + VAT - all approved.

CALC - £415.00 + VAT – following discussions there was one abstention, but all others approved.

9. Solar Farm:

First payment received 11th April - £2500.00.

We have been requested to improve the play park at Vyvyan Drive – Clerk to email John Fitter to see if we can take this over from Cornwall Council, we would then be happy to make some improvements.

10. Denzil Downs Community Committee:

Questionnaire sent to Council regarding how the money will be spent – this will be decided once the money is received.

11. Weedkilling

Clerk has accepted the quote from CWC – first spraying should be carried out during May.

12. Recreation Field:

Clerk has received several site visit tickets which Maurice agreed apart from one – but he could have been out when they attended.
Outdoor Playpeople are ready to fit our new play equipment – with the weather drying up we are hoping to get this under way very shortly.

Pete Butterly from the football club has asked if Colan can submit the plans for the development on their behalf as it will reduce the cost. Clerk to ring Sarah Mason from CALC to ensure we are legally ok to do this.
The recreation field sign has now been found and Bob agreed to erect it at the entrance to the field.

13. Parish Council Noticeboard:

Helen to follow up at the next meeting.

14. Allotments

The field has now been fenced off – the solicitor has sent off our comments and the agreement should be with us soon.

Derek requested that Councillors consider how we intend to administer the allotments. Various suggestions – sub committee, tenancy agreement, setting up various rules so that one allotment owner doesn’t ruin all of them. We need to have rules in place straight away to avoid any misunderstandings. Derek requested that all suggestions are bought to next months meeting.

15. Website:

This is up and running with one contact made through it already.

16. Letter/Notices:

Commemorative plaques re the Queen's 90 th Birthday are available.
Chalets opposite Melancoose Mill are occupied without permission - an enforcement order is in progress but this takes time.

17. Any Other Business:

Scam – at present doing the rounds there is a company asking if you would like your property re-rated. Be aware – this is not genuine.
CALC – New facility available with regard to flooding which may be useful for residents of Trethiggey Crescent.

Gypsy Sites – none in Colan Parish.
Street Trading – Following the review, new regulations are now in place. Invitation to meeting of Cornwall AONB

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 25th May 2016 at 7.30pm. This will be the AGM.

Di Willett 9/5/16 

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