Meeting Minutes April-June 2015

Colan Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 29th April 2015

Di Willett 12/5/15


The Parish Council met on 29th April 2015 – Mr D Luscombe was in the Chair.

Present:  Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback,  Helen Curgenven, Maurice O’Gara, Kathy Waters, Steve Lean, Di Willett - Clerk

1. Police Report: No report this month

2. Public Speaking: No members of the public attended the meeting

3. Cornwall Councillor’s Report: John is unable to attend tonight and sent his apologies.  The following points were raised in a report sent to the Chairman:

 The Persimmon application will not go to Committee until June, date re-arranged from May.

 Comments of Council’s reaction to the Kier presentation to be submitted to John by the Clerk.

 Dates in place for consultation meeting regarding Rialton Hill – copies of details handed out to Councillors.

 The 106 details for the reserved matters of the mixed quarters on the Duchy development have now been signed off so that they can now start building their road down to the stream.

 Cormac is undertaking drainage work on the top part of the bridle path by the Two Clomes, opposite the bungalows.

 There is a meeting in early May regarding Trevemper Roundabout – Cllr Fitter is not happy with the lack of consultation on the new road.

 No further news on the traffic calming measures at the Trencreek Crossing.

4. Kier Presentation: Lisa Solley gave a presentation n the next phase of the development at Quintrell Downs.  The retail units have not been filled, therefore they wish to build additional housing and reduce the retail units to three.  
They are hoping to have a Doctor’s surgery and Care facility instead of all housing.  Councillors expressed concerns over the plans particularly access issues, additional housing and the placement of a Care facility adjacent to the industrial units.

5. Persimmon Presentation: The developers want to have the condition lifted which prevents the commencement of building until improvements at Trencreek Crossing have been carried out.  They suggested that improvements have now been done and will therefore now be applying to have this removed. They also presented their amended plans for the site.

6. Declaration of interest: Brian and Steve declared an interest in the Walker development at Trevemper and will leave the meeting when this is discussed.

7. Apologies: Apologies received from:
Roger – On holiday
Andy  - Work commitments
Jane – Health problems

8. Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.

9. Matters Arising:
Memorial seat – This was to be sited on East Road prior to the dedication, however Derek and Bob agreed that it should have a concrete base. The Parish Council have to decide if they agree with this.  Proposed by Roger and seconded by Jane.  All were in favour.  All the Councillors agreed to ask Bob to carry out this work.
The manhole cover at Trevemper has now been repaired

10. Planning Applications: Planning Applications received from:
PA15/03319 – Outline planning permission for site at Trevemper.  (Steve and Brian left the room). The councillors had concerns about the new road layout and feel there has not been sufficient consultation. Object – More consultation required and request the Highways department to attend a meeting to explain and justify the new layout.  Agreed by all.

PA15/03167 – Change of conditions 5,6,7 – Support smaller units subject to further consultation and the provision of detailed maps and site layout, Proposed – Pat. Seconded by Maurice .  All agreed.

11. Accounts:
Cory Environmental - £20.34 + VAT for bin emptying at the Recreation Field – Approved by all.
Invoice received from Cory for the whole of the new financial year – Councillors want to keep paying monthly and are not prepared to pay for a year in advance.  Clerk to request a meeting between the Chairman and representative from Cory to check on the bins being emptied.
Quotation received from Cormac for the year’s recreation field maintenance – no increase from last year £1726.31 – Proposed acceptance – Kath, seconded Pat – all agreed.

Newquay Mowing Services – weedkilling at various areas: Trevemper, Kestle Mill, Recreation Field and footpath at Trethiggey – total cost £155.00. Approved by all.

12. Quintrell Downs Fete: No further new

13. Solar Farm Agreement: This is now with Solicitors to deal with St Mawgan Parish Payment

14. Recreation Field: Nothing to report this month

15. Allotments: Another new applicant – Andy Wilkins, Lilac Cottage. Clerk to write to Tim Grey asking for timescales as we now have 15 applicants.

16. Trees: Jane sent the following report to the meeting: The trees need spraying as bindweed, nettles etc are already trying to take over.  Councillors agreed to get a quote from Newquay Mowing Services to carry out this work – Derek agreed to contact them. The trees planted by the boundary walls have been rechecked and confirmed that they are all bushy types and are easily kept in check.  There may be a Rowan to move but this can be done within the next 3-4 years should it survive.
The Parish Council thanked Jane for all her hard work and all send their best wishes to her.

17. Website: This was discussed and it was decided that we need to set a website up.  Helen and Di to liaise and try and get on up and running.

18. Letters: Invites to Mayors Parade and evening celebration.  No councillors wished to attend.

19. Any Other Business:
Litter Bin – Kath has been asked if a rubbish bin can be provided at the new bus shelter by the Kier development.  Clerk to email John Fitter.
Fairpark Cemetary – Brian has noticed that some of the new roof slates on the chapel have come off. Although this is not in our Parish, Di will mention it to John Fitter.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be the AGM and will be held on 27th May 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 21.15.


Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council

Wednesday 27th May 2015


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Steve Lean,  Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Kath Waters, Helen Curgenven, Brian Killingack, Clerk – Di Willett.

The Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council was held on 27th May 2015

  • Nominations for Chairman:

Pat Lambshead proposed that Derek Luscombe should be appointed Chairman – this was seconded by Brian Killingback.  This was unanimously agreed and Derek agreed to take on the position.


Derek Luscombe was now in the chair for the AGM.


  • Nominations for Vice Chairman:

It was proposed by Brian Killingback that Kath Waters be appointed as Vice Chairman – seconded by Helen Curgenven.  Agreed by all Councillors – Kath accepted the position.


Bob Scott has tendered his resignation from the Council.



  • Nominations for Committees:

  • Planning Sub Committee:   Derek proposed that this committee should be increased to six members in case anyone is not available..  However it was felt that an odd number was better than even.  Pat proposed that there should be two reserves who could be called on to make up the five should anyone be unable to attend.   This was seconded by Helen and agreed by all.  The nominated members are Derek Luscombe; Roger March; Kath Waters; Steve Lean and Jane Combes.  Helen Curgenven and Maurice O’Gara agreed to be on call should they be required.

Agreed by all


  • Recreation Field Committee: Kath Waters; Roger March; Derek Luscombe; Brian Killingback and Maurice O’Gara

Agreed by all


  • Village Hall Committee: Steve Lean, Roger March

Agreed by all



  • Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinatorAsk Police if this is still required.

  • Trees, Countryside and Footpaths:

Kath Waters and Jane Combes

All agreed


  • Police Liaison: Andy Ormshaw

All agreed


  • Cornwall Association of Local Councils: Derek Luscombe

All agreed


  • Newquay Airport Committee:  Andy Ormshaw

All agreed


  • Police Report:

The police reported that crime was significantly down during the last month.  There have been a total of six crimes in the Parish;  1 harassment, 1 theft from a motor vehicle, 1 no payment for fuel and 2 thefts from caravans.  During the RTTS there were only two arrests which is a great improvement on last year possibly due to the fact that there is no “Show’n’Shine” event now.  

Our policeman reported that the Neighbourhood watch scheme is still running, but the Police are now pushing for the new “Streetnet” scheme.  This will inform local residents, via their co-ordinator, of crime trends in their area which will come from Officers working in community. It will run alongside the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


  • Chairman’s Report

We have several new Councillors who have joined us this year and we are now all getting to know each other – this should encourage good debate on a variety of subjects.

There have been many planning applications for housing estates in our Parish and many Councillors feel that we have now done our bit for development in this area.

In future we should have agenda items to discuss policy on larger developments relating to Doctors surgeries, schools etc..

Thanks to Kath who submits a summary of the Councils actions to the Parish newsletter each month.


  • Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John is unable to attend tonight.


  • Public Speaking:

Ruby and Carol reported that the grass was growing long in the recreation field again and requested that it was cut before the Village Fete on 7th June.  Clerk to contact Cormac.

  • Declaration of interest:

Brian and Steve declared an interest in the Walker development at Trevemper and will leave the meeting when this is discussed.


  • Apologies:

Apologies received from:

Roger March  – On holiday

Jane Combes – Health problems


  • Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.



  • Matters Arising:

Memorial seat – Clerk to contact Bob and confirm that he is still willing to put the memorial seat in place.


Litter bin at the bus shelter – Clerk to chase

Chapel roof at Fairpark – Clerk to chase.

  • Planning Applications

Planning Applications received from:

PA15/04463 – Taylors Lane – originally wanted a three bedroom bungalow, now amended to a two bedroom bungalow.  Supported by all.


PA15/03319 – Hautot Development – There was much debate regarding this application.  In general Councillors felt that there is too much development in our Parish at present.  There is a shortage of schools, surgeries etc – although there are plans to include these in two of the current developments.  However in future this will happen – 4500 properties have already been granted permission.  Pat stated that houses will only be built if they can be sold on – at present there is a shortage of housing in the area.

Pat proposed that we support the development as outline subject to the new road being built.  There were no seconders to this proposal.

Andy proposed that we object to this development on the grounds of overdevelopment of the whole area and the infrastructure is lagging too far behind.  Seconded by Helen.  One abstention – the remaining councillors approved this response.


Trevemper Development – This was discussed by the subcommittee, however the felt that it should come to the full council.

Brian and Steve left the meeting.

The council still has many concerns about the new road layout and all agreed to object to this on these grounds.  The council again requested that highways attend a meeting.


  • Audit return

The clerk presented the annual account to the meeting.  Steve proposed that these were accepted as correct.  Unanimously agreed by all.


  • Accounts

Quotation received from Newquay Mowing Services for weed killing around the new trees and treating 4 patches of Japanese knotweed.  They are registered to do this work and the council agreed to accept their quote of £50.00 per year for two sprayings.  Proposed by Kath Waters and agreed by all.  Clerk to contact NMS and accept the quote.

Quintrell Downs fete – Carol presented receipts for moneys spent so far, this will be paid out from the £200.00 grant received from John – Total agreed so far £152.99.  Proposed by Pat and agreed by all.


Cory Environmental -  Bins do not appear to have been emptied again – it was suggested that we move all our bins closer together to ensure that Cory know which ones should be emptied.  Council still not happy to pay for the whole year in one go – Clerk to get new invoice for 6 months only and pay this – all agreed.


  • Quintrell Downs Fete:

As reported above - receipts presented for costs so far.  


  • Solar Farm Agreement:

Still no further communication – clerk to contact John Fitter again.

  • Recreation Field:

Nothing to report this month

  • Allotments

Email received from Tin Grey requesting a meeting on 21st July – Councillors agreed that they would be able to attend this date.


  • Trees

No further news this month.


  • Website:

Helen has made a really good start in getting lots of information about setting up a website.  The cost to set one up could be as little as £3.85 and then an annual cost of £8.06 per year to host it. Derek stated that this was an excellent start and authorised Helen to h go ahead and set this up.  All councillors agreed.


  • Letters



  • Any Other Business

Kath said that the roundabout is not looking tidy at the moment- a lot of weeds have grown through.  Clerk to contact NIB regarding maintenance


The cemetery at Colan Church is looking very untidy at present– it is thought that this should be maintained by the PCC using monies donated by Mary Stafford.  Clerk to contact PCC via Chris McQuillen-Wright.


Maurice stated that there used to be railings by the Bus Shelter at the new estate – these are not there anymore so there is nothing to stop children running straight out of the estate and on to the main road.

Clerk to contact John Fitter.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 24th June 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 21.00.

Di Willett 9/6/15

Colan Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 24th June 2015

Those present: Derek Luscombe, Steve Lean, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Kath Waters, Helen Curgenven, Brian Killingack, Andy Ormshaw, Jane Combes, Roger March, Clerk – Di Willett.


  • Police Report:

No Police report this month


  • Public Speaking:

Malcolm Green attended the meeting and asked about the road crossing from Quintrell Gardens across East Road that was promised two years ago.  Councillor Fitter replied that the design specification has been drawn up and the money will come from the transport contribution by the Premier Inn.  This will now go out to contract as soon as possible.

Malcolm also asked about the weed growth along Quintrell Gardens – the weeds are now growing out of the drains which will eventually prevent the rain water from running away.  Cllr fitter will investigate Cornwall Council’s weed killing policy.

  • Chapel Gover Development – Martin Mortimer:

Martin presented the plans for the development of land on the Hautot property.  Principal access will be via the Newquay Strategic Route so this is fundamental to the development.  It is proposed that this will be a mixture of houses/apartments with parking, 2 local centres plus additional parking.

  • Cornwall Councillors Report:

John reported that the Irish travellers have been moved on from Treloggan.

Duchy Update – Planning permission has been submitted for the development on the right of William Hosking Way – this has been deferred by Strategic Planning because there was no viability report and the affordable housing content was too low at 33%.  This will have a knock on effect on the Newquay Strategic Route.

Solar Farm – Still no news, John will get an update, however this will be back paid once it is finally agreed.

John has spoken to Gemma Halstead regarding the next phase of the Kier development, but they are in no hurry to push it any further forward.

Trevithick Manor – currently trying to get effective measures in place following lifting of the rail track objections.  There are plans in place to reduce the amount of traffic passing through Quintrell Downs – the route from Halloon via RAF St Mawgan will be re-instated hopefully in time for this summer.

Southern Access road – New boundary stone has been unveiled.

John has passed on our queries regarding the slates at Fairpark cemetery, grass cutting and the railings at the Kier site – responses are awaited.

The leat at Trethiggey Close – Kier have now agreed to pipe it as the water is still running even when the weather is dry.  One resident has requested that the embankment be re-instated, but this probably won’t happen.

Codgat Cottage – polytunnel and garage – both appeals have now been approved.


Phase 1 of the NSR will be started in the autumn, whilst Phase 3 – William Hosking Way to the Church will complete in September/October.

Trevithick Manor reserved matters are now approved and work will start shortly.

The Shackleton at RAF St Mawgan has been bought by Gary Perkins and he hopes to re-site it at the entrance to the Aerohub.

The Duchy has notified a closure of the footpath – John will investigate and respond.

  • Declaration of Interests:



  • Apologies:

Andy apologised for being late.


  • Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  • Matters Arising:

  • Churchyard – Chris McQuillin-Wright replied that this is currently going out to tender.  Clive Thorley has confirmed that this is the responsibility of the Church.

  • NIB- Maintenance of the roundabout – This should be done by Cormac and NIB are currently monitoring this.  They have now tidied the roundabout


  • Planning Discussions:

Derek considers that we should have a policy for approving planning applications as there are so many being submitted.  This could include things like infrastructure stretched, defer with points to consider.  Councillors were asked to think about the sort of points that should be included and email to Di by 10th July – these will then be discussed at the next meeting.


  • Planning Applications

Planning Applications received from:


2nd wind turbine at Trebelsue – consultation letter received – no response required.


PA15/02184 and PA15/02185 – Trevithick Manor – Reserved matters – Councillors are still very concerned that the infrastructure is lagging behind this development. All agreed.


PA15/02994 –  Trevithick Manor - Councillors object to the variation in conditions as they believe that the existing conditions are appropriate and should be adhered to.  All agreed.


PA15/04931 – West Road – Two dwellings instead of one.  Councillors feel that two dwellings would be overdevelopment of the site – All Agreed.


  • Accounts

Clerks Salary end expenses - £531.31 – Approved by all

Abbey Maintenance - £180.00 for siting the memorial seat – Approved by all


  • Solar Farm Agreement:

Already covered during John’s report.


  • Weedkilling:

Newquay Mowing Services have sent a letter regarding the weedkilling on the recreation field – the Clerk was asked to respond that we will be in contact with them later in the year.  They also pointed out that the strimming is not up to standard.  The council agreed that they were not happy with the quality of Cormac’s work – Derek suggested that we stick with them this year, then consider a change of contractor next year and asked the Councillors to come up with suggestions.  All agreed.

Clerk to write to Cormac expressing the Councils concern


There have also been several complaints from residents of Vyvyan Drive and Quintrell Gardens about the weed growth along the kerbs. John will find out why they have not been done and reply to the clerk.


  • Recreation Field:

The application for the grant for play equipment was submitted a while ago – John will check how this is progressing.

The bin in the recreation field by the tennis court does not seem to have been emptied – Maurice will monitor the situation.

  • Allotments

Nothing to report this month – Councillors were reminded of the meeting with Tim Grey on 21st July.


  • Website:

The website is now ready – Helen requested Councillors to write a few lines about themselves for inclusion on the website.  She also requested that we visit Drury’s at Chester Road where Steve will take a photo to be put on the site.  There will also be a list of sub committees and minutes of all the meetings.


It was noted the old website was still visible – Helen will look into removing this one.


New email address for the council –

Web address –


  • Letters

Network Rail want to close Bejowan Level crossing.  This will be discussed at the next meeting after discussion with Dave House regarding ownership of the lane.

Cornwall Council – Validation list was presented to the meeting.


  • Any Other Business

Jane stated that many of the footpaths in our Parish are not signposted or cleared making them difficult to actually find out where they are.  Further communication with Cornwall Council required.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 29th July 2015 at 19.30 hours.

Meeting closed at 21.15.

Di Willett 10/7/15

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