April 2018

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 25th April 2018


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kathy Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead, Brian Killingback,   Jane Coombs, Louis Gardner, Gareth Wright, John Fitter

Clerk – Di Willett

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.


  1. Police Report:

There were a total of 15 crimes committed in the Parish during the period 20/03/18 to 19/04/18 – the report is attached to these minutes.There was also a reminder to secure vans as there are still thefts of tools in the area.Patrick also reported a drugs raid on Vyvyan Drive – this will probably fall into next month’s report.


  1. Public Speaking:



  1. Bus Shelters:

Leyton Allen-Scholey and Lee Quinney gave a presentation on the “One Public Transport” initiative for Cornwall.  This involves improvements to bus services, new buses with free wifi etc. to make bus services more attractive and to improve rail services and connections between the two modes of transport.  An agreement is now in place with a maintenance company which will be subsidised by advertising on the bus shelters.  Currently at some stations there is no provision for picking up tickets booked on line – this is still to be reviewed along with Apps to show bus timetables.  In the long term they are looking at one ticket for all transport.  A steering group is in place to discuss the way forward- if councillors have any feedback, please send to the clerk and she will forward on to Leyton and Lee.


  1. Cornwall Councillors Report:

John introduced Esther Richmond who spoke to us about the funding which has been made available to support highways improvements e.g cycle paths, installing double yellow lines.There are four parishes locally that could have a share of £50K per annum for four years.An expression of interest form will be sent to each Parish which should be completed and returned for further discussion – any highway improvement schemes will be considered for example signage, width restrictions, disabled parking or speed limits.If there is any additional funding required above the limit, then Parishes could add their own money towards the project.

Derek asked that Councillors bring any schemes to our meetings and we can consider taking them forward.

John then continued his report – various side roads are currently being resurfaced from the highways budget to sustain the rural network.

Duchy should be installing the water supply for the allotments before the summer embargo – currently their supply is intermittent.

A complaint has been received from residents of Trethiggey Drive, where a cornish stone wall has been demolished to make a new vehicle exit. There was no planning permission given for this or for the double garage that has been built.This has been passed to enforcements to manage.

Jane stated that the rubbish has now been cleared from the verges at Highlanes so they can now be cut. Cath Robinson was particularly helpful offering to liaise with getting the passing places done.

The pavement work outside the Quintrell Inn is planned in before the summer embargo in June, however the refuge scheme on West Road will not be carried out until after the summer.

Rialton link road is currently closed while the Duchy carry out remedial work – then the adoption scheme by Cornwall Council can go ahead.

There has been a delay in setting up the one way scheme from the link road to Henver Road.

New signage at Halloon Roundabout cannot be put in place until the funding is in place to deliver the remainder of the NSR.If this is approved on May 2nd John will push for this.

Nothing further has been heard about the Euro bid for traffic improvements at Kestle Mill - this should have been decided 2 months ago.

Enforcements are pursuing the missing pavement at Morrisons roundabout.

Once the nesting season is over the hedges by Trevemper can be cut – John will bring the obscuring of the signs at Trevemper to the highways department in the hope that they can take action


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Apologies:

Andy Ormshaw, Steve Lean – both due to work commitments.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The previous minutes were signed as a true record of events by Derek, following approval by all Councillors.


  1. Matters Arising:


  1. Planning Applications:

PA18/03224 – 3 Dwellings at West Point – supported by all.

PA18/03038 – 39 East Road, Erection of bungalow – No objection to the proposed amendment.

PA18/03616 – Coffee Shop Extension Newquay Garden Centre – Supported by all


  1. Parish Councillor Vacancy:

Derek formally introduced our new Councillor – Gareth Wright - to the Council.

We still have a vacancy, so will continue to advertise.


  1. Data Protection Laws:

The new data protection laws come into force in May this year – We have to make sure that we comply.  IN a new correspondence from CALC it seems that we no longer have to appoint a data protection office – we await further correspondence from Sarah Mason.


  1. Defribrillator:

No further news on the defibrillator.  We are still looking into WiFi for the Village Hall see item 13.


  1. Village Hall Wifi:

Jane has attended various meetings to do with the Digital Community – it was suggested that we get a phone line to the village hall, and hopefully also be able to get broadband from that.  Bob Scott from the Village Hall Committee stated that the Village Hall were in full support of our proposal to join the digital community.  Carol Aldridge from the Pre School said the she already has a landline for the playgroup which could be transferred to the Parish Council.  At the moment it seems that this has to be in an individual’s name – but Kath and Jane will liaise to see if it can be put in the Parish Council name.  The Council agreed to pick up any costs involved and asked Kath and Jane to move this forward.


  1. Accounts

CALC membership - £456.16 + VAT – supported by all.

John Fitter has donated £100.00 to Quintrell Downs Fund Raising Group – this has been paid into the Parish Council bank account.  Clerk to issue a cheque for this amount to Carol Clogg – all approved.


  1. Recreation Field/Hedge cutting/ Grass Cutting

The shrubs donated by the Garden Centre have now been planted – Clerk to write a letter of thanks to the Garden Centre for supplying them.

No response as yet from CALC regarding the creation of gardens extending on to the recreation field.  Clerk to chase.

Maurice reported a concrete block in the tennis court and a broken box with screws sticking out from it.  Derek will investigate and remove.


  1. Allotments

Nothing this month


  1. Action Group for Community Funds:

Louis mentioned the Treloggan Residents Association who is currently restoring and setting up the Treloggan Doorstep Green area – the pond is on our Parish Boundary.They are looking for funding to install previously purchased equipment for disabled access.John has contributed from his community fund, Newquay Town Council have contributed towards CCTV equipment.

Although this is a worthwhile scheme – funding may not be available this year.The Parish Council asked for a formal request for help – Louis will take this forward.Agenda item to be added for next month.


  1. Website

Nothing this month.


  1. Letters/Notices

Letter received from Mrs Murphy regarding the flooding on the Bridle Way.Clerk to respond that as far as we know SWW have rectified this problem.


  1. Any Other Business:

Following a question regarding the running of the Village Hall – Pat stated that the hall has charity status administered by Trustees.  The trustees are the organisations that use the Village Hall.


Maurice – stated that there are several large potholes by the railway line- John will investigate and take forward if necessary.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be the AGM and will be held on Wednesday, 30th May 2018. 


Di Willett 05/05/18

Minutes 30.5.2018

Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council

Wednesday 30th May 2018


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Pat Lambshead, Louis Gardner, Jane Combes, Gareth Wright, John Fitter

 Clerk – Di Willett.

The Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council was held on 30th  May 2018

  1. Nominations for Chairman:

Kath Waters proposed that Derek Luscombe should be appointed Chairman – this was seconded by Louis Gardner and unanimously agreed. Derek agreed to accept the position.


Derek Luscombe was now in the chair for the AGM.


2. Nominations for Vice Chairman:

It was proposed by Pat Lambshead that Kath Waters be appointed as Vice Chairman – seconded by Andy Ormshaw.Agreed by all Councillors – Kath accepted the position.


3.Nominations for Committees:


  1. Planning Sub Committee:   The nominated members are Derek Luscombe; Kath Waters; Steve Lean, Jane Combes and Maurice O’Gara.  Louis Gardner and Gareth Wright agreed to be on call should they be required.

Agreed by all


ii. Recreation Field Committee: Kath Waters; Derek Luscombe; Brian Killingback, Maurice O’Gara and Louis Gardner

Agreed by all


iii. Village Hall Committee: Maurice O’Gara, Derek Luscombe.

Agreed by all


iv. Trees, Countryside and Footpaths:

Kath Waters and Jane Combes

All agreed


v. Police Liaison: Andy Ormshaw

All agreed


vi. Cornwall Association of Local Councils: Derek Luscombe

All agreed


vii. Newquay Airport Committee:  Pat Lambshead.

All Agreed


4. Police Report:

There were twelve crimes reported in the Parish for the period 30/4/18 to 30/5/18. We were notified of the eight most popular scams to watch out for in 2018.The police report is attached to these minutes.




5. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman stated that as his report usually covers items that are generally discussed in Parish Meetings, this year he would just like to say that he recognises the extra workload that is currently being allocated to Parish Councils.He thanked all the Councillors who have given up their time to take on extra duties with no recompense. The Parish Council would not be able to continue without their combined efforts.


 6. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John congratulated Derek and Kath on their re-election as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.He agreed with Derek’s statement regarding the increased workload imposed on Parish Councils and hopes that the Community appreciates all their efforts.He also requested that Colan is represented at the Community Network Meetings every three months as Cornwall Council give £50K per year to be divided between the Parish Councils in each Community Area. Each Council has a vote on how this should be spent but there should be a representative present to put the Council’s vote.Phil Mason and Geoff Brown also attend to answer any questions.

The funding for the NSR has now been approved and the route should be open by Spring 2021.The Duchy has also given position for the haul route along the bottom of the NSR.The properties on the Hautot development cannot be sold until the whole of the NSR is open, although initial works could be started.

Trevithick Site – pavement and crossing – this is now being handled by Gemma Jasper (enforcement officer) who will continue to press for action.

Nick Pollack from Duchy has stated that the school at Nansledan is still on course to open in September 2019.

There has been an urgent request to get the grass cut on North Way – Louis stated that he has logged a request on line and has had a response from Cornwall Council that it is indeed too tall and will be cut asap.It seems to have now been partially cut.

John has delivered 140 letters to Kath from the one stop shop advising parishioners of the work that is going to be done at Quintrell Downs eg the refuge on East Road.There will be delivered by Councillors by hand around the Parish.

The Boundary report is due shortly following objections from certain Councillors.

Trewollack Farm is to be opened up for public access providing a “right to roam” area – Nansledan will then be provided with an open space.


   7.Public Speaking:


  8. Declaration of Interest:


   9. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Maurice O’Gara


 10. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


 11. Approval of Governance Statement – Audit Return:

All Councillors agreed that the governance statement was a true statement of fact, so this was signed by the Chairman.


 12. Matters Arising:



  13. Planning Applications:

PA18/03145 – St Austell Brewery: Erection of 10 Eco pods – Supported by all.


  14. Parish Councillor Vacancy:

We still have once vacancy so will continue to advertise in the Colan Companion.


  15. Data Protection Laws:

Di has found statements about the new Data Protection laws, but cannot find any signature forms.  She will contact CALC to find out what is needed.


  16.Defibrillator/Village Hall Wifi

Kath has spoken with Carol from the playgroup – but it seems that Bob Scott is now looking at the Village Hall taking this on.  Jane has a meeting tomorrow to try and take Digital Cornwall forward.  Gareth has offered to work with everyone to try and resolve the issue – he will contact Norman Trebilcock from FLEET to see if the defibrillator can be run without Wifi.  Clerk to send Norman’s contact details to Gareth .


  17. Treloggan Doorstep Green:

This is a project set up at Treloggan – half of which falls within our Parish Boundary.  They have installed a pond, but in order for disabled people to access the pond they need to install a previously purchased pontoon.  Currently they do not have the funding to do this and wondered if we could help.  Kath suggested that once the defibrillator is installed, we could see what 106 funds remain and perhaps offer some assistance.  This was agreed by all.


  18. Accounts:

NMS – Grass trimming and strimming in the fenced area - £120.00 – Approved by all

Biffa – Litter bin emptying – 3  bins for 6 months - £308.10 – Approved by all.

The clerk explained that she has had to stop a cheque previously issued to Biffa in January as it has been lost in the post.  There is no charge for this – but she has had to issue another cheque to cover this payment.  This was in fact less than the original as we have received a credit note from Biffa.  New cheque was for £444.36.


  19. Approval of Accounts 2017/2018:

The Clerk submitted the 2017/2018 accounts to the Council for approval – all agreed that these were correct and they were signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as a true record.


  20. Action Group for Community Funds:

Derek suggested that this will not apply until next year and therefore can be taken off the agenda for the time being.


   21. Recreation Field and Hedge Cutting

Maurice has stated that the grass needs cutting beneath the play equipment.  The tennis court sign has fallen off and is currently in his garden.  The basketball hoops have been vandalised with the hoops being folded in.  Also the big play equipment is starting to rot and will need replacing shortly.  Derek agreed to take a look at these problems and repair where possible.  He will examine the play equipment and report back to the next meeting.



Concerns have been raised about the appearance of the two roundabouts, one at Hendra and the other by Morrisons.  Hendra belongs to the Duchy and Jane will speak to Peter James about this one.  The Morrison’s roundabout is the responsibility of Cornwall Council and we understand that they are now going to carry out work to tidy this up.  Clerk to respond to the email received.


  22. Allotments

Nothing this month


  23. Website

Up to date at present – Jane will add this year’s accounts to the website.


  24. Letters

Dates of CALC training received – anyone wishing to attend should inform the Clerk.

Extension of gardens into the recreation field – some people have created foot access to the fields- we have no problem with this.However some residents have extended their gardens into the field which could cause all sorts of problems in the future.It was decided that the Clerk will compose a letter to be sent to these residents that they are using our property illegally and the recreation field should be available for all the residents to use.


  25. Any Other Business

Kath – has been asked what is happening at Prow Park as there seems to be some new building work going on.  John stated that they have received planning approval for this work and as such we are unable to take this further.

Jane – Stated that she has attended the Community Network meeting and doesn’t feel that anything is achieved by it.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 27th June at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 1/6/18

June 2018

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 27th June 2018


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Maurice O’Gara, Pat Lambshead,  Jane Combes, Brian Killingback, Andy Ormshaw, John Fitter

Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

There were seventeen crimes reported in the Parish for the period 27/5/18 to 22/6/18. We were notified of a drugs investigation in Quintrell Downs after the discovery of drugs in a local property. There is an ongoing problem with thefts of tools from work vans. Finally there was a speed operation carried out recently in which there were 193 activations for excess speed. The police report is attached to these minutes.


  1. Public Speaking:

Concerns were raised by David Sullivan regarding the flying of a model plane in the football field.This will be discussed later in the agenda as an email has been sent to the Parish Council


  1. Council Prayer:

The Chairman asked if the Parish Councillors would like to continue with the prayer at the beginning of the meeting.  All were in favour of continuing.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

The planning has been signed off at Gover, but as the NSR is still not complete, any new builds cannot be occupied.

The money is now approved for the reminder of the NSR so building can commence as soon as practicable.

There will be 28.5 affordable housing on the new Hautot development.Some of the 106 money is earmarked for Nansledan School, however there will be about £480K to come to Treviglas, Tretherras or Quintrell Downs to be spent on sports ground..John suggested we watch out for this as Quintrell Downs would have a good case to claim some of this money.John will notify us when it is available.

The enforcements at the Goldings development cannot be carried out at present due to the new data protection laws.A resolution is currently being sought.

Due to the hostility over the proposed road works at Quintrell Downs roundabout, this project has been pulled until after the summer season – it will definitely happen this year.

The council has tidied the roundabout outside Hendra and it is also going to do the Morrisons roundabout.

The verges have been cut, but really need doing again – John will try and get this done, although the contract is only for one cut a year.

An appeal is being mounted by Newquay Councillors regarding the boundary changes.Colan are happy with the proposed changes and the Clerk will write to the Boundary Commission stating this on behalf of Colan Parish Council.

Clerk to write to Cornwall Planning Department stating that the Parish Council are disappointed to note that acquisition is being made by Newquay Council for the Kingsley Development land.

John will arrange to have the verge cut at Trevemper before the next meeting.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Kathy has declared in interest in a planning application and will leave the room while this is discussed.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Steve Lean and Gareth Wright



  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  1. Matters Arising:



  1. Planning Applications:

PA18/05116 – Antennae at Lane Theatre – Supported by all


PA18/05167 – Barlendew extension – Kathy left the room while this application was discussed.

All the remaining Councillors agreed to support this application.

Kathy rejoined the meeting.


PA18/05362 – Trevilley Barton, Lane.  Supported by all.


PA18/05097 – Lower Bosoughan extensions – After much discussion, the majority of Councillors supported this application – Pat objected on the grounds that he thought it was an overdevelopment of the site.  Clerk to advise support by majority.


PA18/04147 – 22A Trethiggey Crescent – The Parish Council further investigated this application due to complaints from neighbouring residents.  Derek and Kath visited the site and there was further discussion in the meeting.  Following this the Council felt although they had every sympathy with the neighbours, that there were no planning reasons why this application should be refused


  1. Parish Councillor Vacancy:

We still have once vacancy so will continue to advertise in the Colan Companion.


  1. Data Protection Laws:

Di handed out Data protection forms for the Parish Councillors to sign and return at the next meeting.  She also has to register the Council with the Information Commissioners Office at a cost of up to £50.00.  The council agreed that she should do this and claim the money back through her expenses.


  1. Defibrillator/Village Hall Wifi

Gareth is progressing well in liaising with Norman to get the defibrillator up and running.  He is also helping with the installation of broadband to the Village Hall.  The Parish Council has agreed to undertake any funding required in getting the telephone line transferred from the playgroup.


  1. Accounts:

NMS – Grass trimming and strimming in the fenced area - £120.00 – Approved by all

Clerks Salary and expenses- £675.46 – Approved by all.

The Clerk also asked to transfer our solar farm money from the current account to a deposit account until such time as it is required for community projects.  All agreed to transfer £2950.00 from Current account to deposit account.


  1. Recreation Field and Hedge Cutting

The insurance report has been received on the play equipment – there are minor repairs which need to be carried out.  It was agreed that we ask Bob Scott to carry out these repairs, as long as the cost is no more than £300.00.  Derek will arrange to meet him on site and agree a cost.

A letter has been drafted to send to the residents who have encroached on to the recreation field.  Clerk to send these out.




  1. Vyvyan Drive Play Area

Ralph Law have received a letter from Persimmon regarding this play area asking about the terms of the transfer.  It was agreed that we suggest that the area is transferred free of charge with each party paying their own legal expenses.  Clerk will notify Ralph Law of our decision.


  1. Surveys:

Boundary Commission:

Upon discussion of the new suggested boundaries – Colan Parish council agree that they were happy to be combined with St Columb Minor, rather than be joined with Newquay as this would not be compatible with our parish.  Clerk to inform Boundaries Commission of our preference.

CALC survey:

Kath agreed to complete this on behalf of the Parish Council.


  1. Website

Up to date at present.


  1. Letters

Newsletter regarding new Data protection Laws and planning enforcement – details of planning enforcement cases will no longer be available on line.

The Standards Committee Annual report has been received and is available for all to view.

In November it is 100 years to the end of WW2 – should anyone wish to hold public celebrations then they need to complete the appropriate permission forms – the clerk will send these out if required.

Mr Sullivan emailed the council regarding the use of a model aircraft in the football field.He has concerns regarding the safety of this within the public area.

Clerk to write to Cornwall Council to find out what rules apply to this hobby and bring ths information to the next meeting.

Training Course for Councillor Skills - no interest at this time.

Invitation to attend St Columb Major Civic Service – No one able to attend – clerk to respond.


  1. Any Other Business


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 25th July at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 10/7/18

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