Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 26th June 2019


Those present: Kath Waters, Pat Lambshead, Maurice O’Gara, Brian Killingback, Steve Lean, Jane Combs, Suzanne Featherstone, Marc Dummett, John Fitter

 Clerk – Di Willett.

Kath Waters was in the Chair.


  1. Police Report:

There were twenty seven crimes reported in the Parish for the period 24/5/19 to 24/6/19. There is an increase in theft from motor vehicles and we were asked to ensure that no valuables are left on show within the vehicle.The Police report is attached to these minutes.



  1. Public Speaking:


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John reported that there has been a joined up approach to the open space on the further development of the Fortdown site following concern by the residents of “The Village” who pay regular maintenance for the play area.There will be one management for both areas so all will contribute the same to the upkeep of both play areas.The proposed stone wall dividing the two estates has been removed from the plans so there are no physical barriers between the two sites. There is no way to take the exit through the industrial area, therefore access to the new site will be via The Village and South Way as per the original decision.

A meeting was held with Steve Double regarding the footpath at the Persimmon Site.A legal agreement has been put in place with the new resident – it seems that this was not entirely the fault of Persimmon as they did indeed apply for this diversion prior to developing the land.John is now working with Persimmon to get the footpath entry on to the layby – they have now agreed to block this up once the new entrance to the West of the Pub is created.It appears that Cornwall Streetworks have closed the file on this work which is why Persimmon have not been chased to carry out the agreed work.All parties have now agreed to meet and resolve this matter once and for all.

The speed limit along North Way is still under discussion – at present it has been agreed to extend the 30mph limit past the new school, then reduce the limit to 40mph to Gypsy Corner.The 30mph limit will remain through Quintrell Downs. Discussions are still ongoing as every other School in the area has a limit of 20mph in the vicinity – why not this one?

The “No Entry” sign is now in place preventing traffic from turning right off the new road to Nansledan on Rialton Hill.

John now has two offers of payment to install double yellow lines on West Road.He has also requested traffic calming measures on North Way, and double yellow lines at the junction with the Garden Centre.

Jane queried the entry to the SANG where there is no crossing facility at the Chapel turning.

Brian mentioned that the road at Trevemper is still overgrown – John agreed to chase this up again.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Any declarations of interest will be declared prior to discussion of any agenda item involved.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Derek Luscombe, Louis Gardner


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Kath.


  1. Matters Arising:



  1. Planning Applications:

PA19/04171 – South of Trethiggey Cottages – New dwelling – No planning reasons to reject this application. Supported by all

PA19/04333 – Hendra improvements – Supported by all.

PA19/05004 and PA19/05334 – Treloy Tourist Park – Change of conditions – Not sufficient information to make a decision.  Clerk to request more information.


  1. Action Group Against the Proposed Holiday Development at Bejowan:

No further information on this – to be kept on the minutes for the time being.  The Parish Council have submitted a formal request for devolution of the land at Gypsy corner from Cornwall Council.  We are waiting for a formal response.


  1. Accounts:

Clerk request signatures to transfer money from our savings account (Solar farm money) and our Nationwide account to cover the cost of the improvements to the entrance to the recreation field.  We already have a grant of £13,582.00 for Grantscape, but the price has increased by 5% since their quote two years ago.  All approved these transfers. 

T Julian & Son - £20,664.00 – Improvements to entrance to recreation field.  Approved by all

Newquay Mowing Service – Grass trimming and strimming in the fenced area - £120.00 – Approved by all.

Clerks Salary - £743.82 – Approved by all

Abbey Maintenance - £89.00 – Installation and provision of No Dog Fouling signs to the footpath in front of the allotments – Approved by all.

Complete Weed Control – Weedkilling through the Parish  £384.00 – approved by all.


  1. Recreation Field/Hedgecutting/Grass Cutting/Tennis Courts:

Maurice reported that the mound on the recreation field has not been strimmed – clerk to chase Cormac.

The tennis court has now been re-lined and is being used regularly.


  1. Village Green Status:

Kath stated that there are numerous grants available if we gain Village Green status.  She will look into this and report back at the next meeting.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

Suzanne outlined the requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan.  There is a lot of work to be undertaken and she requested help for this going forward.  The more people who volunteer, the less each person will be asked to do. There are some grants that we can access to help us pay for this and she will investigate this on the Council website.


  1. Governance Review:

A public meeting was held in the Curgenven Room.  All who attend agreed that they are not happy with the proposals that Newquay Town Council has submitted.  An email has come to our attention from a Newquay Town Councillor implying that Colan has not contributed to the upkeep of the roundabouts – in fact Colan provided Newquay in Bloom with money to purchase plants for Quintrell Downs roundabout.  The Morrisons roundabout was sponsored by various local businesses and Hendra supplied the funding for the new roundabout.  Marc wondered if the residents of The Goldings realised that they are actually in Colan Parish   Colan Parish Council are resolute in their opposition to the new boundaries.

Kath, Derek and Di to meet and compose an official response to Newquay’s submission.



  1. Colan Parish Seats:

To be discussed further next month.


  1. Milestone Replacement:

To be discussed further next month


  1. Vyvyan Drive Play Area :

No further news.  Clerk to chase Ralph & Co for next month


  1. Website:

Jane has now put our accounts on the website.  She will add something about the Neighbourhood Plan.. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible.


  1. Communication with Parishioners

It was suggested that we get a facebook group set up – to try and encourage younger people to get involved.Kerry O’Shea agreed to look into this for us.


  1. Letters/Notices:

Invite from St Columb Town Council for our Chairman to attend their Civic Ceremony.Clerk to liaise with Derek on his return.

Newquay SDA – letter regarding affordable housing – passed to Suzanne for the NDP.

Anna Druce re Climate change.Clerk to respond to the questions asked.We have not declared a climate emergency.


  1. Any Other Business

Maurice asked about the NDP and getting parishioners involved – Suzanne is taking this forward and will report to the next meeting.

Mavis Warman asked how she could get the Colan Companion as it is not currently delivered to her.It was suggested that she contact Carole Luscombe - the Editor – to resolve this.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 31st July at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 30/6/19

Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council

Wednesday 29th May 2019


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Kath Waters, Pat Lambshead, Maurice O’Gara, Brian Killingback, Louis Gardner, Suzanne Featherstobe, Marc Dummett, John Fitter

 Clerk – Di Willett.

The Annual General Meeting of Colan Parish Council was held on 29th May 2018

  1. Nominations for Chairman:

Pat Lambshead proposed that Derek Luscombe should be appointed Chairman – this was seconded by Kath Waters and unanimously agreed. Derek agreed to accept the position.


Derek Luscombe was now in the chair for the AGM.


  1. Nominations for Vice Chairman:

It was proposed by Pat Lambshead that Kath Waters be appointed as Vice Chairman – seconded by Brian Killingback.Agreed by all Councillors – Kath accepted the position.


  1. Nominations for Committees:


  1. Planning Sub Committee:   The nominated members are Derek Luscombe; Kath Waters; Steve Lean, Jane Combes and Maurice O’Gara.  Louis Gardner and Gareth Wright agreed to be on call should they be required.

Agreed by all


  1. Recreation Field Committee: Kath Waters; Derek Luscombe; Brian Killingback, Maurice O’Gara, Louis Gardner and Marc Dummett

Agreed by all


  1. Village Hall Committee: Maurice O’Gara, Derek Luscombe.

Agreed by all


  1. Trees, Countryside and Footpaths:

Kath Waters and Jane Combes

All agreed


  1. Police Liaison: Louis Gardner

All agreed


  1. Cornwall Association of Local Councils: Derek Luscombe

All agreed


  1. Newquay Airport Committee:  Suzanne Featherstone.

All Agreed


  1. NDP Presentation – Chacewater Parish Council:

Cllrs R Knill and S leach gave a short presentation on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan – the brief is attached to these minutes.

They stated that deadlines should always be set otherwise the plan can get out of hand

5 free maps can be obtained from Cornwall Council



  1. Police Report:

There were twenty one crimes reported in the Parish for the period 25/4/18 to 25/05/18. We were warned of a fraudulent caller claiming to be from the Inland Revenue who persuaded a householder to part with a lot of money. The police report is attached to these minutes.


  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman stated that the Denzil Downs windfarm funding has this year been allocated to the Allotment association for a community shed and some funding to Treloggan Green Community Project.The remaining money will be carried over to next year when more projects are likely to apply. The Parish Council has to take on more and more work and Derek thanked all the Councillors for all their hard work.Without their efforts the Parish Council would not be able to function.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John congratulated Derek and Kath on their re-election as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.He also congratulated Louis on his appointment as Deputy Mayor of Newquay.

John stated that the Public enquiry into the footpath at the Goldings Development will take place in the Autumn – the pressure is mounting on the developers as the purchaser wishes to move into their new property.Our local MP is now very much involved due to this Public Enquiry.Persimmon have agreed that once the footpath entrance is moved to the west side of the pub, they will rebuild the stone wall which was removed to create the current entrance into the layby.There are not prepared to close the current entrance until the new one is in place. It seems that people are moving into the houses on this site despite the embargo.

The promised signage at Halloon to direct traffic into Newquay via theA3059 will not now be put in place until the NSR is complete.

The Rialton link road past Fairpark Cemetery will be closed off at the end of July – there will be no entry from the NSR.

Rebecca Lyle has been looking into extending the 40 mph speed limit form Gypsy Corner to the Nansledan Development. She has stated that there is currently not enough residential development to warrant this.The 30mph limit will be extended once the School is opened and the extension of the average speed cameras is being investigated.John will continue to press for this limit especially once the school has opened and there will be more footfalls along this road.

The application for the funding of the painting of yellow lines on West Road has been submitted.Once these are in place, perhaps some of the wind farm/solar farm money could be used to replant the verges.John has tried to contact Fortdown with a view to contributing towards this.


  1. Public Speaking:

Carla Whiting stated that there is a problem with a utilities lane next to her property.A neighbour has blocked the lane in two places and is intending to apply for possession.She is concerned that it is a right of access for the utility companies.John Fitter spoke to Carla on this matter after the meeting.

Mavis Warman wondered why Colan Parish Council does not have a Neighbourhood plan and would this have prevented the PRE App for the holiday park.Derek said that we have Chacewater PC attending our meeting to give us an idea of the work involved in a Neighbourhood Plan; however a Neighbourhood Plan is about progress moving forward and not necessarily about restrictions.

Sheena Fisher lives at the Village development and is concerned that now that phase two of the development has been approved that the Play Area, which the current residents contribute to the upkeep, will be used by those who do not contribute.She is also concerned about extra vehicular traffic once the development starts.There could be a “rat run” between South Way and West Road.John agreed to take this forward to get these matters resolved.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Any declarations of interest will be declared prior to discussion of any agenda item involved.


  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Gareth Wright, Jane Combes


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  1. Approval of Governance Statement – Audit Return:

All Councillors agreed that the governance statement was a true statement of fact, so this was signed by the Chairman.


  1. Matters Arising:



  1. Planning Applications:

PA19/03743 – Huckleberry Cottage development – Pat stated that although the design of the bungalow is good, the 3 storey houses look like 1950’s style council houses. Louis said that it is difficult to object as these properties will not overlook any other and they have their own identity as they are not part of any other new development.  All councillors agreed in principle to the development, however Pat proposed that the properties should not be more that two storeys, although these could be classed as two storeys as the rooms are in the roof with velux windows.  Brian seconded this proposal.  All councillors agreed to support this application but we are unhappy with 3 floors.

PA19/03817 – Antenna at junction with RAF St Mawgan – Supported by all

PA19/04223 –Listed consent for additional parking at Codgat Cottage – after discussions regarding fence height and access on to the road, all councillors agreed to approve this application subject to actions and remarks by highways department.

PA19/03963 – Listed building consent to replace sash windows with UPVC look alike.  Pat declared an interest in this application and will take no part in the vote or discussion.  The remaining councillors unanimously supported this application.

PA19/04067 – Change of use from garage to flat – Bosoughan Farm.  All supported this application


  1. Action Group Against the Proposed Holiday Development at Bejowan:

The PRE APP for this development has been withdrawn; however there could still be a full application submitted and we must be aware of this. 


  1. Verge Land at Gypsy Corner:

Despite the withdrawal of the Pre APP, John will still push for the devolution of the land at Gypsy Corner to the Parish Council.  Kath thanked John for his hard work in pushing for this and all councillors voted to formally request that he moves this forward.


  1. Accounts:

Newquay Mowing Service – Grass trimming and strimming in the fenced area - £120.00 – Approved by all.

John Murrell – Tidying of entrance to recreation field -  £75.00 – all approved

Quintrell Downs Village Hall – Broadband services £ 109.98 – all approved

Quintrell Downs Village Hall – Rent 9 sessions - £81.00 – all approved

 Abbey Maintenance quote received for Dog Fouling notices – two to be fixed to the fence - £89.00 – approved by all – clerk to contact Bob Scott

Abbey Maintenance quote for tennis court remarking – this has been funded by Kings College and is now completed – clerk to notify Bob.

The litter bins on the recreation field are emptied weekly on a Monday




  1. Village Green Status:

Kath stated that there are numerous grants available if we gain Village Green status.  She will look into this and report back at the next meeting.


  1. Approval of Accounts 2018/2019:

The Clerk submitted the 2018/2019 accounts to the Council for approval – all agreed that these were correct and they were signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as a true record.

  1. Recreation Field and Village Seats:

Derek and Kath have now identified the seats that need replacing around the recreation field and the Parish.  There are six in total, some are replacements and two are new seats.  It was suggested that we use renewable plastic which is slightly more expensive but does not need ongoing maintenance.  We could perhaps use our windfarm money for this, some bases will be required.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.  Clerk to email photo of seats to all councillors.


  1. Communications with Parishioners:

Maurice stated that the residents have raised queries on the Quintrell Downs Residents facebook page, his wife has responded pointing out when the Parish Meetings are held.  He wondered if we need to have some additional form of communication for the parishioners.  To be put on the agenda next meeting.


  1. Speeding in Quintrell Downs:

The speeding appears to be getting worse coming into and going out of Quintrell Downs by Gypsy Corner.  Police check to be requested.


  1. Website:

No report this month.


  1. Letters/Notices:

Newquay Hornets Youth enquiring about the field by the recreation field.Clerk to respond that Newquay Football Club currently has a thirty year lease on this land.

Model Standing Orders: Derek has made some minor amendments to our standing orders.These were all approved by the Parish Council and the Council agreed to adopt the modern standing orders.

Community Governance Review – Newquay wish to change the borders between themselves and Colan Parish Council and have requested a meeting to discuss this.Clerk to arrange a meeting for 3rd June at 5pm in Curgenven Room.Derek, Kathy, Brian, Marc and Suzanne to attend.


  1. Any Other Business

Louis – Stated how good it is to see so many people at our Parish Council meeting.

Brian – Asked about the milestone – the clerk has found out that this is not covered by our insurance policy.  To be added to the agenda next time for discussion.

Maurice – asked if the memorial bench on William Hosking Way will be moved once the Duchy have completed their work to the footpath.  The Chairman has already spoken with the site manager and agreed that they will re-site it once their work is complete.


Next Meeting:

Next meeting will be held on 26th June at 19.30 hours.


Di Willett 4/6/19

APRIL 2019

Colan Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 24th April 2019


Those present: Derek Luscombe, Pat Lambshead, Jane Combes , Maurice O’Gara, Kathy Waters, Brian Killingback,  Suzanne Featherstone, Gareth Wright, Louis Gardner, Cllr John Fitter. Clerk – Di Willett.

Derek Luscombe was in the chair.

  1. Police Report:

A total of 15 crimes were reported in the Parish from 16/3/19 to 16/4/19.There are still reports of thefts from vehicles in Quintrell Downs and we were asked to continue to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of vehicles parked in the area.There was another burglary in which entry was gained through an unlocked porch door.Many burglaries are what the police refer to as “walk ins” and we were asked to be careful to lock all doors while away from our properties.

The report is attached to these minutes.


  1. Treloggan Doorstep Green – Oliver Monk:

Cllr Monk introduced Emma Warburton who is chair of the Treloggan Residents Association.  They wish to build a play park at the Treloggan Doorstep Green project but a section of this land falls into Colan Parish.  They are therefore requesting a letter from Colan Parish Council confirming that they are happy for this land to be used for this purpose.  This area has been granted Village Green status and there is already a pond and a wildflower meadow in place.  This will be discussed by the Councillors at item 20 in the agenda.


  1. Nansledan Project Manager:

Peter James introduced himself as the Project Manager for the Nansledan Project.  He is now living locally, as is his boss Ben Murphy, so will be on site more regularly than previously.  He explained that the footpath to the new school will link up with the footpath by the allotments with kissing gates in place each side of the allotment entrance.  The orchard has not been started yet – there is a soil disposal strategy in place and the first are where this will be used is on the sports pitches behind the school.  Midas is currently working on the school and Peter stated that it a well run site which is being monitored regularly. The traffic calming measures are currently with Cornwall Council for approval.  The 30 mph sign will be moved prior to the opening of the school in September.  Peter then provided his contact details should anyone have any queries.


  1. Public Speaking:

John Hyatt of Hendra Holiday Park commented on the new Pre App by Kingsley Developers for a large holiday park near Quintrell Downs.  He stated that this will be 3 times the size of Hendra and he feels that this is a massive overdevelopment of the land.  It has taken Hendra 47 years to get to the size they are now.  He said that he is happy to discuss this with any residents

Fiona House said that this proposed development would completely surround her house and the farm and it will have a major impact on Quintrell Downs which will be damaged completely by this plan.  We are also loosing valuable farmland and she feels that this is the wrong development in the wrong place.

Sinead Martin form Bejowan Farm stated the land for this proposed development is in use all year round.  In summer roads to Newquay and through Quintrell Downs already become gridlocked.  Her property and the other two properties in the hamlet will also be completely surrounded by the proposed development.

Bob Hyatt said that there were many issues to this application even excluding the access and highways problems.  The applicants are claiming to be the owners of the land, but currently they are not – the plan extends into Duchy land in the corner and the other side belongs to Cornwall Council.  Access will be a key development issue and he feels that this is an overdevelopment of the land led by land available rather than required for accommodation.

Bob Harris stated that he has worked for Kingsley in the past and that they have used any means available to get the results they want.

All the public present at the meeting were against this development, however the Chairman stated that the Parish Council are unable to make any comments at this stage, but the Public canand it was suggested that everyone should make their own individual objections rather than one petition.Lesley Woodhouse said that comments should be sent to both Cornwall Council and the Newquay Voice.

The Parish Council have concerns regarding the proximity of the development to the play area on the recreation field.

Pat Lambshead suggested that the residents form an action group and invite the press to any meetings to get maximum coverage for their objections.

Bob Harris pointed out that if the plans are not passed by Cornwall Council then Kingsley are able to appeal to the Secretary of State.

The Parish Council will discuss this later in the meeting.


  1. Cornwall Councillor’s Report:

John stated that he was not aware of this proposed development until last week and he shares the concerns of the residents about the application. If the Pre App is negative then they will still put in a full application, then go to appeal if necessary.All consultees will be included in the full application including highways, at this stage all objections can be emailed to Cornwall Council.John said he will support the residents in their objections as he feels that this is the wrong location and could spell the demise of the village of Quintrell Downs.

A meeting was held with Persimmon and they have now agreed to close up the footpath entrance to the lay-by once the entrance on the west side of the pub is opened. They are currently waiting for street works to sign off the access statement.

John made an observation that the Parish Council be aware of the boundary changes which are currently in review when discussing the Treloggan Green project.

Mountjoy tarmac has now been done.

Verges at the Aerohub have been cut.

John has applied for yellow lines to be painted on West Road as discussed at the last meeting.

A new road sign has been ordered for William Hosking Way.

No order has yet been published regarding the speed limit on West Road – John stated that going from 30mph to 40 mph is a better option than the current one of 30mph to 60mph.


New development proposals for a holiday park:

Kath stated that we are being invaded on all sides and are losing our identity as a village.The traffic through the village is currently very heavy and any more would be unacceptable.

Louis said that he is also the Newquay Town Councillor for Nansledan and he is completely against this proposed development.When Nanlsedan was built we were promised a green belt of land so that Quintrell Downs did not join up with Newquay – this will not be possible if this proposed development goes ahead.He suggested that one of the main reasons that they have chosen this site is because there is no further room for construction in Newquay, therefore it has to be outside the Newquay development zone.Newquay also has a Neighbourhood Plan so it is imperative that this development does not gain approval, otherwise other developers may try to build in Colan Parish.

Pat stated that having a Neighbourhood Plan does not stop building.


No Parish Councillors disagreed with any of the objections raised at the meeting today.


  1. Parish Councillor Vacancy:

Marc Dummett has come forward to offer his services as a Parish Councillor.   Kathy propsed that we accept his nomination, seconded by Jane.  All councillors supported this proposal and Marc was welcomed to the Parish Council.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

If there are any conflicts of interest they will be declared when the agenda item is discussed.

  1. Apologies

Apologies received from:

Steve Lean


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by all as true and correct then signed by Derek.


  1. Matters Arising:



  1. Planning Applications:

PA19/023538 – All weather sand school north east of Colan Church – It was thought that this development was appropriate for this area and it was supported by all Councillors.

PA19/11990 – Amendment to approved plan for 5 buildings behind Trevithick Lodge.  Amendments approved by all Councillors.


  1. Accounts:

BIFFA – 6 moths bin emptying at recreation field - £317.46 + VAT – approved by all

CALC – Membership fee for 2019/2020 - £507.54+ VAT – approved by all


Quote for Tennis Court re-lining - £300.00 for hand painted lines.  It was agreed to hold this quote until next month as Gareth suggested he may be able to get a contribution from Kings College towards this work.

Quote for clearing the vegetation to the left of the entrance to the recreation field – Initial clearance £75.00, then suggested further maintenance every four weeks at a cost of £45.00 per visit.  Councillors agreed to have the initial clearance work done, but no further maintenance at this stage.  Clerk to accept quote for maintenance.


  1. Recreation Field and Hedge Cutting

The bins at the recreation field are overflowing – clerk to find out frequency of bin emptying.

The log that was by the slide has been moved over to the tennis court and left in the middle.  Derek agreed to investigate and re-secure or remove the log as necessary.

The change of lease is with our solicitor at present – the chairman has approved the draft documents and we await the formal lease.


  1. Bus Shelters

No further news this month


  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

Some of the Councillors are very keen to go ahead with this; others felt that there is very little financial reward once it is done.  If we decided to go ahead with this a group of Councillors will need to take this on. Pat stated that it seems like a lot of hard work, but he would support anyone that wished to take this forward.  Louis said the having just completed the Newquay plan, it is a nightmare to deal with, but the way things are going we will be the only Parish in the area not to have a Neighbourhood Plan.

Derek said that Colan Parish Council has a policy to object to all major development requesting planning permission as we have suffered enormous developments in this area.  If we do have a Neighbourhood Plan it must be permissive reached than restrictive.  It is a huge project to take on and it is a decision the Parish Council will have to make at the next meeting.  Suzanne suggested that she would be happy to take this on if the Parish Council wish to go forward.


  1. Governance Review;

No further action.


  1. Mountjoy Lane:

This lane at Mountjoy leads to the Ocean Housing properties and is an unadopted road.  As such Highways will not contribute to the work.  When people buy housing on an unadopted road, they are informed that they must contribute to the upkeep of the road.  A resident has obtained a quote for resurfacing the road – at present Gareth has filled in the potholes – but this will not be sustainable.  Pat suggested the residents write to Ocean Housing as they will be responsible for the maintenance of the road and the residents of Colan Parish are not liable to maintain this lane.


  1. Quintrell Downs Seats

Derek has made a list of the seats that he feels need replacing, Kath agreed to make sure there are no more. It was agreed that Derek and Kath investigate the cost and report back to the next meeting.


  1. Vyvyan Drive Play Area

Our solicitor has had no further response from Persimmon Homes and will chase them again.


  1. Treloggan Green:

Following the presentation earlier in the meeting, the Councillors agreed to send a letter to the representatives of Treloggan Green agreeing to the development of a play area without any liability to themselves.


  1. Dog Fouling:

There seems to be a few irresponsible dog owners who persist in not cleaning up after their animals.  Clerk to investigate cost of a sign at the footpath “No Dog Fouling”.


  1. Website

Jane has inserted a link to the Pre App from Kingsley developers.

There was a complaint about the footpath from Trencreek Road to Nor Manor.  A fence has been erected and there is glass on the path.  Jane has passed this to County Hall with the grid reference.

No further issues this month.



  1. Letters

None this month


  1. Any Other Business

Pat stated that Bob Scott provided the bench by the bus shelter and it may be worthwhile to ask him about new benches.

Brian said that the milestone is damaged beyond repair.  Clerk to investigate if we have any insurance cover to replace this.

Derek said that some of the money in the Recreation Field Committee account should be used to fund the extra required on top of the grant we have received to resurface the car park. New paperwork has been signed as previous signatories are no longer available.  Some money will be left in the account in case we

need to access any grants which are not available to the Parish Council.

Derek also said that it is the AGM next month and if anyone would like to take on the role of Chairman please get someone to nominate them.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on 29th May at 7.30pm and this will be the AGM.

Di Willett 26/04/19

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